Development Inquiries & Code Interpretations

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The Development Management Team (DMT) will address questions or issues related to development review, and provide interpretations of the Raleigh Development Code or N.C. Building Code. The DMT is a multi-departmental management group that meets weekly to discuss process improvements and solve problems.

To request a Code Interpretation:

To request a Field Interpretation:

  • Contact the appropriate trade group supervisor (below) to request a Field Interpretation.
  • Field Interpretations will be resolved by the next business day.
Contact Title Office Phone Mobile Phone
Steve Berry Fire New Construction Supervisor 919-996-5972 919-796-9731
Development Services
Alysia Bailey-Taylor Land Development Division Manager 919-996-2631 n/a
Kenneth RitchieEngineering & Infrastructure Manager919-996-2409n/a
Leon Skinner
Chief Building Official
919-996-2455 n/a
Bryan Robinson
Chief Building Inspector
919-996-2445 984-789-1173
Jay Daunoy Chief Electrical Inspector
919-996-2447 919-524-2178
Jerry Fraker Chief Plumbing Inspector
919-996-2448 919-268-0118
Dick Flowers
Chief Mechanical Inspector
919-996-2449 919-278-6187
Travis Crane
Assistant Director, Planning + Zoning 919-996-2656 n/a

List of Technical Bulletins:

Building Trade
Code Summary n/a Energy Requirements
R302.1; R302.2 42 Location on Lot - Zero Lot Lines and Separation
101 1 Minimum Size of Building for Commercial Permitting
101.3.6 2 Change of Occupancy (NC Administrative Code)
1021.1-5 221 Exit Passageway Special Requirements
310.1 28 Application of Condo to R-3
310.1 28 Student Housing
1004.12172012 NCBC Occupant Loads
R31246Guard Rails at Walking Surfaces

Mechanical Trade
304.11 17 Equipment Location
403.3 26 Carbon Filter Exhaust Fans for Toilet Rooms
507.2 38 Panini Grills and Light-Duty Electric Food Heat Processing Appliances
304.12192012 NCMC Equipment Location

Plumbing Trade
8-2113 n/a Protective Structures for Outside Drains (Municipal Code)
403.4 22 Minimum Facilities Coffee Kiosks
701.9512012 NCPC Food Service Areas

Fire Trade
TB-1 Ordinary Hazard Room
TB-2 Pressure Regulating Hose Valves
TB-3 Zone Maps for Fire Alarms
TB-4 Backflow Retrofit
TB-5 Signage
TB-6 Duct Detector
TB-7 Record Drawings
TB-8 Fire Alarm Repair and Replacement
TB-9 Pressure Regulating Valves
TB-10 Key Box Requirements (Knox Box)
TB-11 Communication Phones
TB-12 Alternate Access
TB-13 Multi-Story Building Signage
n/a Pine Straw Mulch
IB-1 Fire Alarm Information Bulletin IB -1
IB-2 Fire Sprinkler Information Bulletin IB-2
n/a Insulated Heat Enclosures
n/a Technical Bulletin AEP (7)
n/a Above Ground Tank Requirements
n/a Under Ground Tank Requirements
n/a Tent

Zoning Trade
Section 10-2101 (b)(2) Cluster Unit Development
UI-1-13Site Access/Grace's Landing
UI-1-14Non-conformity Determination/Hanson Quarry
UI-2-14Height & Neighborhood Transitions
UI-3-14Zoning Nonconformities/Manufactured Homes
UI-4-14Oberlin Village NCOD Height
UI-5-14Off-Premise Signage
UI-6-14Cluster Unit Development Regulations
UI-7-14Street Facing Entrance
UI-8-14200 E. Six Forks Road Parking Structure
UI-9-14Infill Regulation Setbacks
UI-10-142021 Prescott Pl/S-5-14
UI-11-143500 Horton Street Lot Creation
UI-12-14Definition of Story
UI-13-14DX District
UI-1-15Tree Conservation
UI-2-15MP-1-12 Master Plan
UI-3-15Vehicular Surface Area Landscaping
UI-2-16Student Housing as an Accessory Use to a School in an R-1 Zoning District
UI-4-16OX Zoning 15% Retail Limitation
UI-6-16Preliminary Site Plan
UI-7-161522 Jones Franklin Road Hand of Hope Operation
UI-9-16Build-to Requirements
UI-1-17Multi-unit Housing
UI-2-17Stormwater Tree Conservation Areas
UI-3-17Building Wall Height
UI-4-17Amenity Area
UI-5-17Section 9.1.4.B Typos
UI-6-17Gable Height
UI-7-17CX3-PK Zoning Amenity Area
UI-9-17Tree Conservation Area
UI-10-17Building Massing & Step Backs
UI-11-17NCOD Regulations

TCA, Frontages and Subdivision Design

UI-13-173014 Churchill Side Gables
UI-14-171604 Jarvis St.
UI-15-17Setback Encroachment
UI-1-18TCA and Frontages Subdivisions
UI-2-18TCA and Easements

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