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A convenient way to make land development more environmentally friendly.

Green Raleigh Review is a plan review process specifically for adding ‘green’ stormwater and energy efficient practices to a developed site. Green Raleigh Review works with three existing plan review processes: site review, bundled site review, and building plans express commercial review.

If you opt to include green features in your site plan, then you will benefit from the following:

  • Be assigned to a City plan reviewer who will work directly with you on your site plans;
  • Get feedback and support from the “Green Team”, which is made up of stormwater, transportation, urban forestry, public utilities, and development services experts; and,
  • Receive reimbursement for sketch plan and express review fees.

Site Review

There are two site review options through Green Raleigh Review:

Both options require:

1. A prerequisite sketch plan review

2. Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) practices included in plans that capture and absorb stormwater runoff, like:

  • Bioretention/rain gardens
  • Green roofs
  • Permeable pavement
  • GSI in the right-of-way
  • Credits for planting existing and proposed trees
  • Directing stormwater runoff from the sidewalk to natural or permeable area

3. Calculations that show the volume of stormwater runoff leaving a site after development is less than or equal to the volume of runoff before development for the 90th percentile storm event. This is collected in the preliminary site plan phase and the level of detail required may vary depending on your site and the GSI practices that you use.

Use the Storm EZ Permitting Tool to Get Volume Matching Calculations (Soil and infiltration data may also be submitted)

4. All site review documents should be submitted electronically by either disc or flash drive (preferred) and delivered to the Development Services Customer Service Center on the 4th floor of One Exchange Plaza.

5. Fees for this site review will be reimbursed after your concurrent review and final plat mylars have been approved and signed. You will need to submit a reimbursement request along with proof of project approval and payment of review fees to

Bundled Site Review Process (Only)

This site review process includes a preliminary site plan, concurrent review, and plat/recorded map review. The preliminary, concurrent plans, and permitting are handled in one continuous process , which may reduce overall review cycles compared to the standard site review processes.

The time it takes for these site review processes to be completed may vary based on the project details (i.e., the complexity of the project and applicant engagement, in addition to the number of corrections, comments, and permitting requirements).

Building Plans Express Commercial Review

Site plans must be approved to qualify for this express commercial review.

This express commercial review process allows you to use GSI practices and green building energy practices, like geothermal systems, photovoltaic panels, and/or solar thermal panels on your site. While this commercial review is voluntary, it allows you to get building plans approved more quickly and encourages you to include environmentally friendly elements in new and re-development.  

Prior to submitting plans through this express review, major projects must go through one of the following:

  • One standard commercial review cycle; or,
  • A building comments-only review.


  1. A pre-submittal conference is required.
  2. Stormwater volume matching for your site plan and energy efficient elements, such as green roof or solar panels, are required for your building plans.

Need More Information?

Please contact:

Development Services
Bradley Kimbrell, PE
(919) 996-2233

Stormwater Management
Ben Brown, PE, CFM
(919) 996-3515

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