Mass Grading Only

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The mass grading process allows an applicant to obtain a permit for the purposes of land disturbance, including changes in grade onsite. City Code Part 10A Chapter 9.4 requires a land disturbance permit when an area of 12,000 square feet or more is disturbed.

Review of a mass grading only plan includes the following trades: stormwater, tree conservation, fire protection, transportation services and zoning. Approvals from state or federal agencies, such FEMA, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the NC Division of Water Quality, may be are required prior to issuance of a land disturbance permit.

Applicants intending to install stormwater pipes or detention devices, utility lines, building footprints, street improvements, driveways, parking lots or retaining walls cannot submit plans through the mass grading only process. Where any of these activities are occuring, the applicant must apply for Concurrent Site Review. The mass grading review process would then be included within the concurrent review and land disturbance permit issued with approval of concurrent plans. Please see the Concurrent Site Review Process for more information.



Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Land Disturbance
  • Tree Conservation
  • Flood, when the property is located within a flood hazard area
  • Neuse River Buffer, for property within the Neuse River buffer

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal

Expected Processing Time

Each review cycle is seven business days.


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