Supportive Housing Residence

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The City requires supportive housing residences to register and renew their registration annually. The annual registration deadline is March 31.

Supportive housing residences are dwelling units for more than four unrelated people who are battered individuals, abused children, pregnant women and their children, runaway children, persons with temporary or permanent disabilities (mental, emotional or physical) or individuals recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. This includes anyone with a disability protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 USC 12101 or G.S. Article 3, Chapter 168, as they may be amended, along with family members and support and supervisory personnel.

Supportive housing residences must be at least 375 yards apart to ensure that they are not concentrated in individual neighborhoods. Before the City Council adopted this regulation in 1994, there was no minimum spacing requirement. Consequently, some areas of the City have a greater concentration of supportive housing residences than the City Code currently allows.

Supportive housing residences must comply with the following:

  • No supportive housing residence may be established, constructed, expanded, altered, changed, occupied, or increased in the number of occupants except in accordance with the Housing Code, Article H, Chapter 6 Part 10
  • The number of individuals occupying a supportive housing residence must not exceed 12
  • No supportive housing residence may be established or maintained without a responsible person on site
  • A supportive housing residence must provide off-street parking in accordance with §10-2081 of the City Code
  • No supportive housing residence may locate within 375 yards, determined by straight line from property line to property line, of any other supportive housing residence or any group care facility, family care home or family group home established prior to June 1, 1994

A supportive housing residence must:

  • Be licensed by the federal or state government; or
  • Be funded in part by government grants or loans; or
  • Provide room and board, personal care and habilitation services in a family environment in accordance with any applicable state or federal laws that apply.

Registration and other requirements do not apply to four or fewer people with disabilities who are unrelated by blood, marriage or adoption as set forth in the definition of family in §10-2002 of the City Code and are occupying any lawful dwelling as a family.



Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Approval of supportive housing residence registration
  • Approval of supportive housing residence renewal

Key Steps in the Process


Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal

Required for
Some Projects
  • Scaled drawing
  • Photo of parking spaces showing vehicles
  • Length and width of all parking spaces

Expected Processing Time

Approximately 48 business hours.


  • $390 for inspections if initial application is approved
  • No fee for annual renewal
  • Payment types include cash, MasterCard, Visa or check made payable to the City of Raleigh

Next Steps

The City building inspector will contact the applicant to schedule the inspections after permits are issued.

Contact the Fire Marshal's office to schedule a fire inspection.

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