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Effective February 14, 2016, the City of Raleigh has nearly completed full implementation of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) by adoption of the majority of UDO Rezoning Remapping, Z-27-14. This rezoning impacted one-third of the City’s jurisdiction, updating the official zoning map to reflect new zoning districts adopted in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The UDO is a complete rewrite of the zoning code, which governs land use.

There are approximately 65 parcels throughout the City that remain in the rezoning process to remove old zoning districts and apply new UDO districts. More information about these parcels can be found under the zoning case Z-27D-14. These final items are currently being reviewed by Planning Commission and will be referred to the City Council soon for final decisions, with a Public Hearing expected late spring 2016. Additional information relevant to Z-27D-14 will be posted here as the case progresses through City Council.

Text Changes Adopted on Sept. 16, 2014 and After

Ordinance #Text Change #Adoption Date
Supplement 49
2014 – 345 TC 361TC-4-14 Planning Com Notice9/16/14
2015 – 393 TC 362TC-5-15 City Code Covenant2/3/15
2015 – 407 TC 363TC-1-15 Notice Requirements3/3/15
2015 – 423 TC 364TC-1A-14 Vehicular Signage4/7/15
2015 – 424 TC 365TC-1B-14 Window Signage4/7/15
2015 – 425 TC 366TC-1C-14 Change Copy/Common4/7/15
2015 – 432 TC 367TC-3-15 Fence/Walls in Easement4/21/15
2015 – 435 TC 368TC-5-15 Pub Safety/Vested Rights5/5/15
2015 – 461 TC 369TC-2A-15 Use Regulations6/16/15
Supplement 50
2015 – 473 TC 370TC-2B-15 Fuel8/4/15
2015 – 483 TC 371TC-6-15 Exempt-S/W Controls9/1/15
2015 – 497 TC 372TC-9-15 Food Trucks10/7/15
2015 – 508 TC 373TC-4-15 Dev Stand/NonConform.11/3/15
2015 – 513 TC 374TC-10-15 Alley Trans.11/3/15
2015 – 518 TC 375TC-8-15 St. Connectivity11/17/15
2015 – 529 TC 376TC-11-15 Height in MU12/1/15
2016 – 546 TC 377TC-1-16 Story Height Meas.2/2/16
Supplement 51
2016 – 573 TC 37TC-3-16 General/Streetside HOD4/5/16
2016 – 591 TC 379TC-4-16 Overnight Lodging/Parking5/17/16
2016 – 618 TC 380TC-9-16 North Ridge NCOD7/5/16
2016 – 619 TC 381TC-10-16 Oberlin NCOD Max Height7/5/16
2016 – 625 TC 382TC-8-16 Const. Surety/Accept/Warr.8/2/16

Adopted Rezoning Comparison Map

Adopted Rezoning Map

NOTE: The approved zoning map became effective February 14, 2016. That zoning is now available on iMAPS and will continue to be updated there as other rezoning cases are approved. The zoning information in the linked viewer is locked prior to that time and maintained for research purposes and will not be further updated.

Use the map viewer to research any property of interest. The legacy zoning is shown on the left; the adopted zoning is on the right. You can search properties by entering the address or Parcel Identification Number (PIN) or you can pan and zoom the map to simply select properties of interest. The viewer provides brief descriptions of the old and new districts. You can view comments received during the initial comment period by selecting the “Feedback” checkbox. To see the checkbox, hover your mouse over the “Layers” icon in the upper right corner of the map. The green pins on the map show parcels for which a comment was received and include both the comment received and the staff response. Note that the map is now frozen and no new comments can be pinned to the map.

View the Adopted Rezoning Map

Adopted Zoning Maps

Adopted Zoning Tile Map

Here you will find downloadable PDF versions of the newly adopted Zoning Map. Available are 3 citywide maps showing the three main components of the city's new zoning; Base Zoning, Heights, and Frontages. As well, more detailed maps are available breaking the city into 32 areas, or tiles. Please reference the map shown above to see which tile number you may be interested in downloading. These maps are as of the adopted date of the new Zoning Map, February 14, 2016, and are available here for reference. For the latest zoning for any particular property, please refer to the city's online map portal, iMAPS. You can also create your own custom PDF maps there for any property.

How to Contact Us

Staff can respond to general questions and provide clarification regarding the new UDO zoning districts and the zoning remapping process.

By Email: You can email your questions or requests for clarification to

For Rezoning: 919-996-2626

For Plan Processing: 919-996-2495

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