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Last updated Jul. 12, 2018 - 9:17 am

The Transportation Field Services Division provides maintenance for City and State highway and infrastructure systems.  We strive to ensure the safety of the infrastructure system through diligent review and thorough inspections of proposed streets and street improvements as well as cost effective maintenance of existing system components.

Effective July 1, 2016, Infrastructure Engineering and Right of Way Services have moved to Development Services.

Streets Maintenance

Pothole crew in action

Streets Maintenance provides maintenance for 2,350 lane miles of city streets and rights-of-way within the city limits. We strive to insure safe travel for motorist, bicyclist and pedestrians through cost effective maintenance. Services include patching and resurfacing asphalt pavements, repairs to concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter, snow and ice control, Downtown Raleigh cleanliness and landscaping maintenance, emergency response to natural disasters, graffiti removal and nuisance abatement.

To determine if a street or right or way is maintained by the City, visit the Interactive Street Maintenance Map or call 919-996-6446.

Citizens can report potholes at and graffiti at or by calling 919-996-6446.

Damaged Sidewalks can be reported by using the Online Sidewalk Repair Form or by calling 919-996-6446.

Report Downtown Raleigh cleanliness or appearance issues to

The Housing and Neighborhoods Department serves as the clearinghouse for coordinating the cleanup of nuisance properties. Citizens can report nuisance properties by using the Online Code Enforcement Request Form or by contacting the Code Enforcement Division.

Stormwater Maintenance

Catch basin maintenance

Stormwater Maintenance provides inspections and maintenance of catch basins, culverts and storm sewer within the city limits. We strive to maintain a stormwater conveyance system in such a manner as to prevent or minimize flooding of streets and structures. Services also include street sweeping, bridge maintenance and seasonal loose leaf collection during the late fall and early winter.

Citizens can report clogged storm drains and catch basins at or by calling 919-996-6446.

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