Raleigh Firearm Violence Reduction Strategy

News posted Jul. 03, 2018 - 2:30 pm
Firearm in hand

The Raleigh Police Department’s 2018 Firearm Violence Reduction Strategy is a focused approach to reducing the numbers of deaths and injuries resulting from gun violence.

The development of this Strategy included a multi-year analysis of firearm violence trends, research of nationally recognized best practices, and an in-depth review of resource allocation. The Strategy incorporates principles and actions that are now implemented by leading law enforcement organizations across the country to reduce gun violence.

The Raleigh Police Department 2018 Firearm Reduction Strategy is built upon three pillars: Training to Ensure Safe and Engaged Officers; Engaging and Partnering with the Community; and RPD Intelligence-Led Policing. Each of these pillars aligns with the RPD Business Plan and at least one City of Raleigh Strategic Plan goal.

Raleigh Firearm Violence Reduction Strategy

2018 Firearm Violence Report

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