Raleigh’s Director of Transportation to Take Post in Dallas

News posted Oct. 24, 2017 - 11:00 am

Michael Rogers, director of the City of Raleigh Department of Transportation since the summer 2016, has accepted an opportunity to become the Transportation director in Dallas, Texas. His resignation is effective Nov. 1st.

Mr. Rogers served as the first director of the newly-formed Department of Transportation. The department was created in the Fiscal Year 2016 budget to better meet the needs of Raleigh. During his tenure, Mr. Rogers worked to better define the structure of the Department of Transportation; assist in the planning and implementation of the Wake Transit Plan; and prioritize investments for the Raleigh Transportation Bond that was approved by Raleigh voters this month.

“I have really appreciated the staff of the City of Raleigh and the great people here in Raleigh,” Mr. Rogers said. “Raleigh has powerful momentum going forward with the strength of the organization, the support of the City Council and the investments that the community is making. While I regret leaving the opportunities that my current position offers, the scope and scale of the personal advancement opportunity in Dallas was impossible to ignore.”

The City of Dallas is undertaking some of the same initiatives and efforts as Raleigh has but on a bigger scale. Dallas’ Transportation Department will be looking for opportunities to consolidate staffing to better position it for the future, similar to Raleigh’s 2016 reorganization. Dallas is also investing in its transit, rail, street, bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Like the nearly $207 million Raleigh Transportation Bond, Dallas voters will consider a bond package totaling more than $1 billion in November. For further reference, Raleigh has an estimated population of 458,880 as compared to Dallas’ 1.32 million. Dallas’s total budget of over $3.1 billion provides service to nearly 385 square miles with over 13,000 full-time employees as compared to Raleigh’s $919 million total budget, 4,218 full-time employees and service to 144 square miles.

Raleigh City Manager Ruffin Hall congratulated Mr. Rogers on his new opportunity.

“We are disappointed that the City does not have the opportunity to benefit further from Michael’s leadership, but this is an undeniably significant career opportunity for him,” he said. “We have a talented workforce and I feel confident that we will be able to continue Mike’s vision of greater alignment with transportation investments to community priorities, including multi-modal transportation and the successful implementation of both the $206.7 million Transportation Bond and implementation of the Wake County Transit Plan under a new director.”

The City has begun the process to identify an interim Transportation director. Staff is also working to establish the search process for the next permanent director. Assistant City Manager Tansy Hayward will serve as interim director until a longer-term interim appointment can be made.

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