Hurricane Flooding in Wilmington Forces Some New Hanover County 911 Staffers to Field Emergency Calls From Raleigh-Wake ECC

News posted Sep. 14, 2018 - 1:30 pm
New Hanover County 911 worker

During times of natural or manmade disasters or dangers, government agencies band together to provide mutual assistance to one another to keep vital services operating. Hurricane Florence is no exception.

The Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is providing a helping hand to its colleagues in New Hanover, where Florence made landfall near Wilmington. Because of widespread flooding, the backup 911 center in New Hanover County is out of commission. As a result, 19 staff members from that center traveled to Raleigh Thursday to work out of the Raleigh-Wake ECC.

“They wanted to ensure emergency communications for their county would remain operational throughout Hurricane Florence,” said Dominick Nutter, director of the Raleigh-Wake ECC.

The New Hanover County 911 staffers working in Raleigh are handling overflow calls from their primary 911 center. They also are on standby to field emergency calls if the primary center is knocked out of commission because of the hurricane.

The New Hanover County operations at Raleigh-Wake ECC are not impacting local 911 services. The Raleigh facility can handle both operations. This joint effort was coordinated by New Hanover County 911, NC 911 Board, AT&T, Motorola, and the State of North Carolina Emergency Operations Center.

So far, the New Hanover County 911 employees have handled 18 emergency calls from the Raleigh-Wake ECC.

“Our efforts are dedicated to ensure the safety of all citizens across the great state of North Carolina,” Mr. Nutter said. “The Raleigh-Wake ECC has the capability to support any agency across North Carolina at their time of need.”

NOTE: Photo is of New Hanover County 911 staffer working out of the Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center.

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