City to Begin Shutting Off Non-Compliant Irrigation Systems

News posted Aug. 03, 2017 - 5:00 pm

To protect drinking water, the City of Raleigh’s Public Utilities Department (CORPUD) will shut off residential irrigation systems that are not compliant with City Code, beginning Aug. 7.

Thousands of Raleigh customers use irrigation systems to water lawns, garden, and fields. Those systems have important safety features to make sure water flows only one way: out. If irrigation water reverses (backflow), drinking water can be contaminated by common pesticides, herbicides, or pet excrement.

Over the past two years, CORPUD has been actively working with irrigation customers to bring their accounts into compliance by ensuring their irrigation system equipment is working properly and submitting the testing information to the City. In cases where testing requirements have not been met, CORPUD will begin the disconnection of non-compliant irrigation meters.

Shutoffs will begin Monday, Aug. 7, and continue for approximately two months.

Affected customers will see a bright yellow “Initial Disconnection of Irrigation Meter” notice on their front doors. Customers who no longer wish to use their irrigation systems are encouraged to call 919-996-3245 and request the irrigation service be stopped and the meter removed. There is no charge for stopping irrigation service. Disconnected customers who wish to keep their irrigation system operating by coming into compliance may also call 919-996-3245. These customers will be charged a $50 fee to restart their irrigation meter for testing purposes. They will then have 15 days to have their system tested and satisfactory results submitted to the City. For a list of certified backflow testers and other program requirements, please visit the Cross Connection Program; to call, dial 919-996-2747; or email the program at

For more information, contact

  • Whit Wheeler, Assistant Public Utilities Director, 919-632-7205
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