Smaller Site Development to Require Stormwater Evaluation Beginning November 27

News posted Nov. 02, 2016 - 2:00 pm

The Raleigh City Council on Nov. 1 approved an amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to incorporate stormwater regulation standards for smaller sites undergoing development or redevelopment that were previously exempt. With this revision, development of previously exempt lots less than one acre used for single family/duplex dwelling or less than half an acre used for any other purpose that exceed new impervious area limits are required to provide an evaluation to determine how development will impact stormwater downstream and identify the need for stormwater management. The policy change will take effect on Sunday, Nov. 27.

“The amended ordinance proactively ensures new and renovated development sites, that were previously exempt from stormwater requirements, limit their impact on receiving streams and other stormwater infrastructure in the area,” said Benjamin Brown, stormwater development manager for the City of Raleigh.

Part 10 A Section 9.2.2.A of the UDO will require these smaller sites to follow the impervious limits, created per zoning district, when under construction. Limits can be exceeded if development allows for stormwater volume to be controlled onsite or if an analysis demonstrates that the exceeding impervious area does not impact downstream water flow. Lots that have an established stormwater master plan are not affected.

“Lifting the exemption for smaller development furthers the City’s ongoing efforts to implement stormwater industry standards that will keep waterways healthy and reduce flooding as Raleigh experiences continued growth,” said Blair Hinkle, stormwater program manager for the City of Raleigh. “We will continue to improve this regulation in order to ensure that its intent is achieved while remaining mindful of the concerns of residents and the development community.”

The City Council’s approval includes additional study on how to further enhance these regulations from an environmental and public health standpoint.

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  • Blair Hinkle, Stormwater Program Manager
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