Police Chief Issues Statement on Shooting

[Alert]News posted Feb. 29, 2016 - 4:10 pm

Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown issued the following statement about today’s officer-involved shooting in the vicinity of the intersection of Bragg and East streets:

“This is a sad day, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.

Shortly after noon today a Raleigh Police Department officer engaged in a foot pursuit in the vicinity of Bragg and East streets while trying to detain an adult male suspect who was wanted for a felony drug charge. During the course of the pursuit, the suspect was shot and killed by the officer.

Initially, it is known that a firearm was located in close proximity to the deceased suspect. That weapon, along with all other elements available at the scene will be processed.

Obviously, the multiple follow-up investigations that are customary in a situation such as this are still in their early stages. As always, these investigations will be conducted thoroughly and will follow the available facts and the evidence wherever they lead. The SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) will conduct the criminal investigation concerning the officer-involved shooting, and its finding will be presented directly to the Wake County District Attorney. The RPD’s Internal Affairs Unit will conduct an administrative investigation that will focus on departmental policy matters.

Additional information about the incident will be provided as promptly as possible, and I will provide a written report outlining the initial findings to the city manager within five working days.

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in today’s incident. I ask everyone to be patient while the follow-up investigations are conducted to determine the facts about what happened today. Again, we ask for your prayers for the families, for our police department and for our community.”

For more information, contact

  • Jim Sughrue, Police Information Manager, 919-996-1200
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