Stream Repairs in Raleigh Protect the Environment

News posted Apr. 13, 2018 - 6:00 am
Brentwood Today Stream Stabilization

Raleigh Stormwater is completing stream stabilization/repair projects this summer to help improve streams at Millbrook Exchange Park and in the Brentwood Today (pictured right) neighborhood.

Why Stream Repairs Matter

Stream repairs can provide several benefits, like improving water quality and stream health and protecting properties from issues caused by unstable streams. Repairs are designed to allow a stream to flow as naturally as possible while reducing streambank erosion and harmful flooding. Also, a stream that is stable leads to less water pollution and limits impacts to wildlife.

How Does It Work?

Many techniques are used to repair streams. The stream at Millbrook Exchange Park is being done with a unique and low-cost design that includes placing small rock structures in the stream that will naturally fill in with sediment (i.e. sand and gravel) over time. This will gradually raise the stream bed to a more natural, functional level while reducing the amount of sediment moving downstream, transforming the energy of the stream, and reducing future stream erosion.

Part of the stream along Greywood Drive in the Brentwood Today neighborhood is being restored by regrading, or leveling the soil in the stream, and reshaping the stream channel. The design also includes installing features that mimic natural stream conditions. This will make the stream healthier and more capable of handling stormwater flows when it rains.

Streams Repairs in Your Neighborhood

The City of Raleigh can help you repair streams in your neighborhood with a couple different solutions. For large stormwater infrastructure projects, please contact Raleigh Stormwater at 919-996-3940. Your stream restoration will be chosen and prioritized based on severity and available funding. For projects addressing streambank erosion that effects your home, other structures on your property, and public streets, please ask about the Drainage Assistance Program at 919-996-3779.

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