Sunflower Fields at Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant

News posted Jul. 10, 2017 - 5:35 pm

In the southeastern corner of Wake County are a series of rolling fields that look somewhat out of place. Nestled among the corn, soybeans, and hay fields near the Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility along the greenway are acres of sunflowers. When they flowers bloom, an explosion of amber and gold produces not only a spectacular visual attraction, but a beneficial yield that helps the City on several levels.

The fields serve as an application site for biosolids from the treatment facility. The stabilized biosolids are applied to the fields as a fertilizer. These crops serve as a means of uptake for plant from the nutrient rich treatment plant byproducts. The sunflower crop is harvested and the seeds are used to produce biodiesel.

These fields are beautiful to look at and serve as a great backdrop to greenway travelers. However, the fields should not be mistaken as an area open to the public. These fields serve as land application sites for biosolids and while the organic fertilizer is safe and stable, it is not intended for public access. These fields could also serve as habitat for animals, reptiles and insects that could be harmful to individuals.

We encourage all those interested in viewing these fields to do so from the safety of the greenway and do not cross the fences into the fields. We also request the public park in designated greenway parking lots and not alongside these public roadways. This roadside parking is dangerous to viewers and automobile drivers.

For more information, contact

  • Marla Dalton, Environmental Reuse Coordinator, 919-996-3672
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