Traffic Alert: Sections of Person Street Closed Due to Gas Leak

[Alert]News posted Nov. 16, 2017 - 9:00 am

Updated: 1:52 p.m.:

Southbound Blount Street is now closed between Polk and Peace streets due to the gas line break. Motorists are advised to turn right onto Peace Street, left on Wilmington, and take a side street back to Blount until normal traffic flow can be restored.

The information immediately below was distributed at 1:33 p.m.:

Person Street is temporarily closed between Polk Street and Peace Street due to a gas line break. PSNC and the Raleigh Fire Department are on-scene attending to the situation. Motorists are advised to use a side street and travel along Bloodworth Street to get beyond the street closure until normal traffic flow can be restored.

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