Raleigh Partners With Waze Connected Citizens Program

News posted May 04, 2016 - 2:00 pm

The City of Raleigh is pleased to partner with Waze, the free navigation app designed to share publicly-available traffic information. Raleigh is one of seven municipalities in the southeastern United States to join a data-sharing partnership with Waze. Raleigh is sharing data about special events and full road closures from right-of-way permits.

The Waze Connected Citizens Program launched in October of 2014 with 10 initial partners, including the Florida Department of Transportation. In just 18 months, Waze reached agreements with nine partners in the southeast alone, including Johns Creek, Ga., the City of Charlotte; City of Raleigh; City of Atlanta; Bartow County, Ga., West Jackson, Ga.; City of Miami Beach; and the City of Tampa, Fla.

“For years, the City of Raleigh made data available for download or through our online applications,” said Beth C. Stagner, business applications director for the City of Raleigh. “The Waze partnership elevates the sharing to a new level by making critical transportation data available through a platform people already use daily.”

“As our first partner in Raleigh, the City’s Information Technology Department will contribute critical data to the Waze app, which is key for hyper-local citizen support,” said Paige Fitzgerald, connected citizens program manager at Waze. “We’ve reached the milestone of nine southeast U.S. partners thanks to the open, innovative attitudes of these municipal leaders. Partners gain access to even more creative solutions and support with every organization that joins Connected Citizens, and we’re excited to foster these relationships to drive further impact in the region.”

Download the free Waze app for iOS or Android.

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