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Pullen and Sertoma Arts Centers offer beginning, intermediate and advanced classes and workshops for adults in visual, performing and healing arts along with visual and performing classes and summer camps for preschool, youth and teens. Classes take place year-round and are open to all ages and abilities.

The Centers provide a nurturing creative atmosphere in beautiful park settings for novices and professionals alike, with skilled arts instructors, specialized equipment, large studio spaces and classrooms, and an art exhibit Gallery Program. Open Studio Time enables qualified studio cardholders to work on their art and use studio equipment and amenities in a non-instructional environment. While each Center has its own specialized studio areas, both offer fundamental studio classes in painting, drawing and pottery from beginner to advanced levels as well as youth summer arts camps with an emphasis on visual and theater arts.

Join us for Pop-up Studios at Walnut Creek Wetlands Center in January and February!

Pop-up Studios

Pop-up Studios

What would you make if an arts center moved into your neighborhood for two months? Would you paint with your best friend? Would you learn how to make a book with your neighbor? Would you stop by to use an easel for an hour or to use a sewing machine to fi nish a project that’s been hanging out in your imagination for a while?

We invite you to join us and create your answer!

Pop-up Studios are coming to Walnut Creek Wetland Center in January and February and Laurel Hills Community Center in March and April. Register for a free class and live your Creative Life!

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Find the right pop-up studio for you!

Programming is scheduled by participant’s age group:

We’re popping up at Walnut Creek Wetland Center from January 7 - February 21 and at Laurel Hills Community Center from March 4 - April 29.

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Pop-up Studio flyer

Pullen Arts Center

Pullen Arts Center

Phone: 919-996-6126
Address: 105 Pullen Rd, 27607
Director: Eliza Kiser
Assistant Director: Betty McKim
Front Desk: Email

Learn more about Pullen Arts Center

Sertoma Arts Center

Sertoma Arts Center

Phone: 919-996-2329
Address: 1400 W Millbrook Rd, 27612
Director: Julia Meder
Assistant Director: Kendal Draper
Front Desk: Email

Learn more about Sertoma Arts Center

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