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Located on the first and second floors of the Raleigh Municipal Building, The Block Gallery offers five to six exhibitions each year featuring works by artists who live or work in Chatham, Durham, Johnston, Orange, or Wake County. Exhibitions are scheduled through a call for artists, juried by a selection panel of visual arts professionals, Raleigh Arts Commissioners, and City staff.

Location and Hours

222 West Hargett Street
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
(open until 7 p.m. on opening reception nights)

Current Exhibit

Celluloids and Light Voids Art Exhibition

Celluloids and Light Voids
Warren Hicks and Tama Hochbaum

Oct. 4, 2019 – Jan. 10, 2020
Artist Reception: December 6, 2019, 6 – 8 PM

“ In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. ” — Alfred Stieglitz

Photography has long been a rapidly evolving medium with the introduction of new technologies, making it even easier to capture an image. Very few artists continue to produce images using tintypes, wet plate negatives or for that matter even rolled film. The introduction of the cell phone camera jettisoned these past image methods to art appreciation lectures and the history books for the most part. These compact mobile devices provide a viable instant image capture with the possibilities of multiples at a time. Long gone is the stress of waiting to learn if you got that perfect shot or waving the Polaroid in a futile effort to speed up the developing time. Both artists of Celluloids and Light Voids utilize their cell phone cameras for convenience and inspiration.

Warren Hicks’ approach to photography is related to his painting practice, taking on abstracted forms with particular attention to shadow, space, and geometry. Speaking specifically to this series, The Shadow Knows , Hicks states, “I positioned the camera directly above the object to obscure its defining characteristics, only revealing them via their shadow. Shadows can often be more interesting than the objects that cast them.”

Tama Hochbaum uses snippets of dancers to portray fragments of memory and time, and more precisely the passage of time. She shares, “Whether it be the piece I consider to be my first work as an artist, a composite family portrait/landscape etching that I produced in college, or the pieces included in this exhibition, my Silver Screen: Dancers, or the images I worked on this morning, time passing has been the notion that haunts me, the idea that obsesses.” Both Hicks and Hochbaum use cues from a common language in their works by abstracting or breaking an image down to a more simplistic form. Each requires the viewer to be inquisitive and spend a bit more time with the photograph discovering the magic in the mundane.


The Block Gallery was designed to serve as one of the City's premier exhibition spaces. Managed by the Office of Raleigh Arts, the gallery has introduced nearly 200 artists to area residents and visitors since its inception in 1984. Dedicated in 2006 to honor community leader Miriam Preston Block, its marble walls and impressive staircase provide an ideal setting for art.

In accordance with the mission "to connect local artists to community through ongoing exhibitions and public outreach," the Block Gallery fosters great artists and great art.

Exhibited Artists



Andie Freeman
Kaidy Lewis
Telvin Wallace


Georges Le Chevallier
Peg Gignoux
Becky Joye
Elizabeth Matheson
Barbara Tyroler


Rodney Boles
Ashlynn Browning
Kiki Farish
Leatha Koefler
Chieko Murasugi
Frank Myers
Erin Oliver
Mary Starke
Mary Carter Taub
Ely Urbanski


Tedd Anderson
Adam Bellefeuil
Luke Miller Buchanan
Rachel Campbell
Caitlin Cary
David Eichenberger
Sherry di Filippo
Raymond Goodman
Harriet Hoover
Amy Hoppe
Ann Marie Kennedy
Sean Kernick
Cayce Lee
Peter Marin
Jennifer Partridge
Shelley Smith
Wendy Collin Sorin
Tracy Spencer Stonestreet
Derek Toomes


Denee’ Black
Jaclyn Bowie
Brandon Cordrey
Melinda Fine
Arron Foster
Brian Gonzales
Scott Hazard
Shannon Johnstone
Judy Jones
Anna Kenar
Jon Kolkin
Susan Martin
Jennifer Page
Brandon Sanderson
Rodica Simon
Felicia van Bork
Erik Waterkotte


Ryan Cummings
Gabrielle Duggan
Ross Ford
Titus Brooks Heagins
Becky Joye
Joyce Watkins King
Mary Kircher
Gracelee Lawrence
Cindy Morefield
Nora Phillips
Stacy Bloom Rexrode
Michael Schwalbe
Meg Stein
Sarah West


Marty Baird
Nancy Baker
Susan Brabeau
Luke Miller Buchanan
Jason Craighead
Jessica Dupuis
Kiki Farrish
Amy Friend
Richard Garrison
Heather Gordon
Julie Anne Greenberg
Greg Kemp
Ann Marie Kennedy
Gretchen Morrissey
Kenneth Eugene Peters
Anna Podris
Holden Richards
Shaun Richards
Kristianne Ripple
Ann Roth
Ginny Runge
Carol Joy Shannon
Mary Storms
Anthony Ulinski
Sally VanGorder
Jimmy Williams


Susan Brabeau
Teddy Devereux
Gerri Fernandez
Ron Flory
Adam Hajnos
Lucartha Kohler
Janine LeBlanc
Lydia Anne McCarthy
Chance Murray
Keith Norval
Christina Preher
Ellie Reinhold
Ian Sands
Julian Thomas
Nathan Wellman
Mia Yoon


Daniel Allegrucci
Nancy Baker
Wolf Bolz
Marina Bosetti
Jenny Eggleston
Kiki Farrish
Heather Gordon
Greg Kemp
Ann Marie Kennedy
Soni Martin
Susan Martin
Steve McClure
Gretchen Morrissey
Teresa Pigeon
Ann Roth
Brandon Sanderson
Aditya Shringarpure
Mike Sonnichen
Christopher Williams
Jimmy Williams


Jason Arthurs
Kathy Brancato
Gabriella Corter
Gene Furr
Brian Gonzales
Mary Shannon Johnstone
Judy Jones
Mary Kay Kennedy
Eduardo Lapetina
Georges Le Chevallier
Maureen McGregor
Tricia McKellar
Julie Niskanen
Alison Overton
Kenneth Eugene Peters
Anna Podris
Kristianne Ripple
Mikel Robinson
Garrett Scales
Kristan Five Skinner
Susan Soper
Bill Wallace

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