Public Art: Citizen-Initiated Projects

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*Artspace x Peregrine Projects x NRP Group: Blount Street Mural

On October 21, 2014, Raleigh City Council approved the process for the review and acceptance of citizen-initiated public art projects on City property or City rights-of-way. Developed by the Raleigh Arts Commission and the Public Art and Design Board, the process outlines steps that encourage the development of innovative creative art opportunities while also ensuring facilitation with affected City departments.

If you have a funded temporary or permanent public art project for consideration that will occur on City property or right-of-way, please fill out a request form and submit it to Jenn Hales. Once submitted, the request will be reviewed by City staff. Revisions or further information may be requested. Project approval comes from the Raleigh Arts Commission or the Public Art and Design Board, depending on the type of project. A presentation by the project organizers will be required.

Policy on citizen-initiated projects

Important Information

  • The approval process usually takes at least one to three months, excluding the time needed to secure any required permits, etc. prior to the project’s implementation. Plan on submitting your project several months in advance of its implementation.
  • Please be prepared to demonstrate how your project is funded.
  • Some projects may require permits or encroachment agreements.
  • Projects on private property do not require approval through this process.
  • Projects on state property do not fall under City purview and are subject to state regulations and process. Learn more about art in the right of way
  • Some projects may require a certificate of appropriateness if site is located in a historic district. Learn more about historic districts.

Image above - Project Organizers: Artspace with The NRP Group. Temporary mural project by Peregrine Projects. This was located at the northwest corner of S. Blount and E. Davie Streets, Raleigh. 2015.

The Dillon

Jaclyn Bowie, Lepidoptera

Project Partnership: Kane Realty Construction and CAM Raleigh

180’-long construction fence at The Dillon, W. Martin St. at S. Harrington St., features Jaclyn Bowie's flipbook-style panorama Lepidoptera, inspired by the E.B. Finn poem “Moth” and created with collected stills from an original stop motion animation piece. 2016.

Deco Raleigh

Jenn Hales Sidewalk Mural

Project Organizer: Deco Raleigh

Painted sidewalk mural by artist Jenn Hales on Salisbury Street outside Deco Raleigh. 2016.

Union Station Mural

Union Station Mural

Project Organizer: CAM Raleigh

A Note to My Ten-Year-Old Self - Temporary mural project by artist Bart Cusick. Located at 510 W. Martin Street, Raleigh. 2016.

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