Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve

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  • Carved out by the meandering of the Neuse River, Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve sits on a U-shaped piece of land in northeastern Wake County with exceptional natural and cultural resources. The Preserve is a jewel along the Neuse River; a place of great natural beauty, abundant wildlife and rich heritage.
  • There is no running water on site so be sure to bring your own.


  • 919-870-2871
  • Information Kiosk
  • Farmhouse


  • Park Manager Amy Eckberg
  • Assistant Park Manager Jason Kiser
  • Surrounded on three sides by the Neuse River, Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve consists of primarily undeveloped pastures and woodland areas. The upland fields have been farmed as crops or used as pasture for generations. The floodplain forests adjacent to the Neuse River are designated by the State of North Carolina as a Significant Natural Heritage Area due to the presence of bottomland hardwood forests, wetlands, and a system of natural river levees. The most recent use for the land prior to the City’s 1994 purchase was as a farmhouse and horse pasture. With the help of a grant, the farmhouse has been renovated for nature education, temporary office space, and future use for expansion of interpretive information.

  • Box Turtle
  • Grasshopper
  • Bluebird

Preserve Rules

  • Keep pets on a leash at all times. Pets can cause harm to plants, wildlife and people.
  • Pick up after your pet. We provide dog waste bags in the parking area.
  • Park only in designated parking spots.
  • Stay on trail. Bicycles are not allowed on natural surface trail within the park.
  • Operating motorized equipment/toys and organized team play on field are not allowed.
  • Do not collect or remove plants or animals of any kind.
  • Alcoholic beverages, smoking, geocaching, hunting, off road vehicles and personal grills are prohibited.
  • Any commercial film or photography productions taking place in a City of Raleigh Park/Preserve require a film permit. To apply for one, please contact Kathryn Gebhardt at 919-996-4510.
  • All City of Raleigh ordinances apply


  • Greenway Sign
  • Bunny on Trail
  • Trail
  • A natural surface trail runs along the wood line of the preserve for approximately .5 miles.
  • A paved connector trail leads to the Neuse River section of the greenway from the Preserve’s restroom building.


Solar panel on top of building
  • Horseshoe Farms’ rich natural and cultural resources as well as public input led to the concept of a nature preserve which guided the overall planning principal with the intent to preserve the existing character of the property and minimize the environmental impacts to the site. The Preserve was developed using sustainable practices and was selected by the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) to participate in a new program testing the nation’s first rating system for green landscape design, construction and maintenance. Sustainable features such minimizing site disturbance, eliminating the need to be connected to public utilities, implementing the City's first compost restroom facility, providing on-site stormwater management, protecting wetlands and riparian buffers, using native plants, regional materials, permeable pavement and solar lighting are employed at Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve. We are pleased to have earned SITES certification at a two star rating.
  • View more information on the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

Shelters (1)

  • First come first serve basis – small groups and sharing of space encouraged
  • 6 tables (1 ADA accessible)
  • Individual grills are not permitted
  • No electricity
  • Limited trash receptacles – support sustainable practices with reusable utensils and containers; take trash home.
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