Tree Impact Permit

A Tree Impact Permit is required for all trees impacted in City right of way and City owned or controlled property.

Last updated Aug. 25, 2017 - 10:07 am
Trees in the city right of way are protected and maintained by the city

Tree protection and replacement required through the permit process improves the sustainability of the urban forest and maintains clear and safe passage for vehicular and pedestrian traffic on City rights of way.

Remember, you can greatly reduce costs by protecting a tree at the beginning of a project rather than paying up to thousands of dollars for removal and replacement at the end of a project when an impacted tree becomes hazardous.

To obtain a Tree impact permit complete the Online Tree Impact Permit Request Form.

  1. A TIP Request Form must be submitted to the Urban Forestry Division a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the project.
  2. Permits shall be issued at the discretion of the Urban Forester.
  3. The fee for this permit is $100 payable to the City of Raleigh upon issuance.
Please note that a Right-of-Way Obstruction Permit will be required and must be issued prior to any activity in the public right-of-way. Please see the Right-of-Way Services page for further guidance and fees.
A Right-of-Way Obstruction Fee Estimator has been created to allow clients to perform an estimate of the cost of obstruction permits. Please note that this is only an estimator. The final fee will be determined after application submittal.

Activities requiring a permit include, but are not limited to:

  • Tree Trimming/Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Topping (prohibited)
  • Trenching, Grading, or Auguring within critical root zone. *
  • Use of heavy equipment or trucks within critical root zone. *
  • Storage of soil, stone, mulch, or supplies within the critical root zone.*
  • Hardscape repair (concrete, asphalt, stone)
  • Chemical Drift/runoff
  • Tree Planting (permit fee is waived)

*Critical Root Zone: A protected circular area to remain undisturbed around a tree with a radius equal to 1.25 feet per inch of tree DBH measured at 4.5 feet above grade with the tree trunk at the center of the circle. The main structural and functional portion of the root system.


Violation of any provision of the permit shall be grounds for one or both of the following actions by the City: Issuance of a stop-work order, issuance of a criminal misdemeanor citation. Each tree shall be considered a separate violation.

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