Biltmore Hills Park Improvements and Southeast Raleigh Tennis Center

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Current Activity

The upgrades to the community center are in the design phase with a target construction date of this fall.

The tennis center aspect of the project evolved as we sought a location that aligned with the communities needs and minimized impacts on existing park elements. A concept study including public feedback from a Nov. 16 open house resulted in a final plan for the full program.

The community prioritized the construction of new courts first, followed by a tennis building, parking lot, and lastly, improving the existing courts. Early schematic design indicates that the cost of the full program exceeds the project budget requiring a phased approach. Phase One plans will include four new tennis courts. If funding allows, additional courts will be constructed. Each of these documents are available on the project website.


Planned improvements to Biltmore Hills Community Park include upgrades to the existing community center, as well as a tennis center expansion called the Southeast Raleigh Tennis Center. The community center upgrades include the installation of a heating and air condtioning sytem for the gym, ADA improvements, and enhancements to the front entry and reception area.

Recognizing the lack of tennis courts in Southeast Raleigh, local tennis enthusiasts began advocating for expanded tennis opportunities to promote local, state and regional play. These efforts led the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultral Resources Department to study potential opportunities that utilized City-owned property. On April 17, 2012 the Raleigh City Council approved the Southeast Raleigh Tennis Center Project. The original location for the project became unsuitable.

Biltmore Hills Community Park was selected to keep the effort advancing based on the established tennis program at the park which includes our long standing support of the Ebony Racquet Club. The core mission of the tennis center expansion is to provide the continually expanding City of Raleigh tennis community with additional space for city league play, drop-in play and instructional opportunities with the potential to be a destination location for tournament play.

A building with approximately 1,000 square feet of office space will be planned for tennis related programming and operation, as well as adding eight new tennis courts to the existing eight court complex. The Office of Raleigh Arts is coordinating the inclusion of public art into the project and allocated $40,000 as part of the One percent for Public Art Program.

Expansion Plan


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
March 2017HagerSmith Design, PA under contract
Summer 2017Public Engagement
September 2017Concept Study Phase
November 16, 2017Public Review of Concept Study Phase
December 2017Complete Concept Study
December 2017 – January 2019 Schematic Design
August 2018Public Meeting Schematic Design Presentation
September 2018-December 2018Community Center Construction
September 2018 PRGAB Schematic Design Presentation
October 2018 City Council Schematic Design Presentation
Spring 2019 - Winter 2019Final Design and Permitting
Spring 2019- Spring 2020 Bidding and Construction


The City of Raleigh has a great reputation in the sports tourism industry for actively supporting regional tennis tournaments. However, despite the continuing popularity and growth in the sport of tennis, the City had been unable to build new tennis courts for more than 15 years. A group of local tennis enthusiasts began advocating for expanded tennis facilities in Southeast Raleigh. These efforts lead the City to study the needs of the tennis community, and which city-owned properties and funding sources that could best accommodate these needs. After nearly three months of deliberation and public hearings, City Council approved the southeast tennis center project on April 17, 2012 as part of the two-thirds bond package.

Biltmore Hills Park was eventually chosen as the preferred location for the new tennis center project. Biltmore Hills is a 38.48 acre park located at 2615 Fitzgerald Drive, Raleigh and originally developed in 1964. The 15,500 square foot Community Center houses a gymnasium, weight room, two meeting rooms, warming kitchen, restrooms, offices and storage. Other existing park amenities include a playground, 8 tennis courts, 2 full size basketball courts, a comfort station, shelter, softball field, and outdoor pool facilities.

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