Pullen Aquatic Center Renovation

Last updated Dec. 13, 2018 - 2:30 pm
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  • Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources (Lead)
  • Osterlund Architects, PLLC

Current Activity

During the removal of the Pullen Aquatic Center roof system, we found that the condition of the structure requires design and repair beyond what was anticipated. As a result, the facility will remain closed until Spring 2019. Staff are reviewing additional scope of work and an opening date will be announced as soon as possible.


Pullen Aquatic Center is the City of Raleigh's premier competitive aquatic venue. The facility hosts several large-scale swimming competitions annually.

The Pullen Aquatic Center Renovation project will include new roofing, skylight replacement, building envelope, and structural repair, replacement of natatorium lighting, diving board replacement, replacement of HVAC units, pool gutter system replacement and the addition of a natatorium dehumidification system.


Pullen Aquatic Center is a 39,400 square foot facility that was built in 1991. The facility is in need of an extensive renovation.

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