Rosengarten Greenway Trail and Stream Restoration

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Current Activity

We continue moving forward with the design of the trail and stream improvements. We've had some great discussions with neighborhood groups, homeowner associations, and at the Central CAC meeting, and look forward to several others as we move towards 60% design. This is a unique project, in terms of the many city departments involved, and the exciting amount of coordination and collaboration happening. The preliminary design is available for download under Maps and Plans. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your input!


The City of Raleigh is planning the Rosengarten Greenway and stream restoration project. This project will provide a multi-use trail connection from Cabarrus Street in the north to the Rocky Branch greenway trail at the intersection of South Saunders Street and Lake Wheeler Road. This trail plays an important role in linking the greenway system with downtown, Dix Park, the proposed Union Station, Boylan Heights, and many other downtown businesses and neighborhoods.

The trail construction will be completed in conjunction with a proposed stream restoration and enhancement project. Segments of the stream are buried along the corridor, therefore daylighting will be considered; as well as stream restoration, and/or enhancement of the stream throughout the corridor.


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
March 19, 2015Public Meeting


The area has a unique character and storied past with the Boylan Heights Historic Residential District located in the west and the historic 4th Ward Community to the east. Additionally, the greenway trail will provide a vital link between the proposed Raleigh Union Station multi-modal transit center, the downtown area, existing and proposed residential areas, as well as future park opportunities.

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