Walnut Creek Trail at Trailwood Drive

Last updated Jul. 02, 2019 - 11:23 am
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Greenway
  • $1.12 million
  • Southwest
  • Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources (Lead)

Current Activity

AECOM is currently designing a trail alignment that will connect the Walnut Creek Trail between Trailwood Drive and NC State University's Centennial Campus. This new trail connection will eliminate the need to utilize the sidewalk along Avent Ferry Road as the greenway connection. The new alignment is expected to follow along the existing sewer easement.


The Walnut Creek Trail currently intersects with Avent Ferry Road, at which point a sidewalk must be used to continue on the trail, along Avent Ferry Road, until the trail picks up again on Trailwood Drive. The Walnut Creek Greenway Trail at Trailwood Drive project will extend the Walnut Creek Trail from near its intersection with Avent Ferry Road to Trailwood Drive along the existing sewer easement. This extention will allow users to forgo using the sidewalk along Avent Ferry Road to remain on the Walnut Creek Trail in this area, providing a continuous 10-feet-wide asphalt trail along the entire corridor.


The Capital Area Greenway System was first adopted by City Council in 1976. This plan proposed a system of linear parks located primarily along rivers, streams, and creeks, and included the opportunity for an interconnected system of pedestrian trails across the region.

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