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Are you ready for summer camp? Online registration for 2019 Summer Camp starts March 4, 2019 and walk-in registration begins March 25, 2019.

Register now for 2018 Summer Camps!Registration for 2019 Summer Camps!

Summer Camp Brochure

Summer Camp Brochure
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Welcome to Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department’s 2019 summer camps. All camp offerings are included in this booklet to assist in summer planning. Raleigh Parks strives to offer diverse, goal-oriented, affordable, and enjoyable opportunities for youth of all ages and abilities. Age eligibility for each camp is determined by age as of Aug. 31, 2019. Please see each individual camp’s description for additional age requirements or limitation information. Please call the camp supervisor for age and program-related questions.

How do I register for summer camp?


  • Prepare for registration by browsing the 2019 Summer Camp brochure.
  • Take a looks at our options and decide which camps work best for your family. See "How to choose a camp" below for more information.
  • Be sure you know what camp locations you would like so you know what day(s) to register.
    Also be sure to look for other camp options in case your first choice camp is full.
    See our Location Schedule to determine your day for registration.
    Be sure you know what camp locations you would like so you know what day(s) to register.
  • Be sure to look for other camp options in case your first choice camp is full.
  • See our Location Schedule to determine your day for registration.
Monday, March 4Tuesday, March 5Wednesday, March 6Thursday, March 7Friday, March 8

Brier Creek




Lake Lynn


Abbotts Creek Community Center

Millbrook Exchange


Green Road

Hill Street

Lions Park

Marsh Creek


COR Museum

Glen Eden


Laurel Hills

Method Road

Mordecai Historic Park

Roberts Park

Saint Monica

Tarboro Road




Carolina Pines

John Chavis

Sgt. Courtney T. Johnson

Peach Road

Powell Drive

Ralph Campbell

Sanderford Road

Walnut Creek Wetland Center

Thomas Crowder Woodland Center

Walnut Terrace

Non-City Owned Sites

Abbotts Creek Elementary

Hilburn Academy

Pleasant Grove Elementary

Ravenscroft School

Underwood Elementary


Returning customers
If you have registered for any program or camp, you already have an account. Before beginning the registration process, you MUST login into your account. Go to RecLink, select Login, enter your Login ID and PIN. If you are unsure, select Forgot Login ID or PIN. If you do not have an email address associated with your account, contact RecLink Support, 919-996-2153, to obtain your Login and PIN. Be sure your account information is accurate.

New customers
Go to RecLink and select Create New Account.


Walk-in registration begins March 25, 2019. Register in person at the Recreation Business Office with the registration form here.

Registration Business Office
2401 Wade Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27607

Additional Registration Information

Registration Tips and Tricks

When it’s time to register

  • Be sure you know the location of your camp.
  • On your camp registration day(s), Login to Reclink by visiting and select Register on Reclink.
  • You MUST login before beginning the Summer Camp registration process.
    You MUST login in RecLink before beginning the Summer Camp registration process.
  • After you have successfully logged in, browse and select camps to add to your cart.
  • Select Go to Checkout to proceed with the registration process. You will receive your receipt and any additional required forms by email.

Important tips!

With many people excited to register campers, you may experience slower than usual processing times.

  • If you add an item to your cart, leave it in the cart and allow the transaction to be completed.
  • Do not close your browser or log out until registration is complete.
  • Once registration is complete, please log out of the system.

How to choose a camp

Step 1: Choose the proper age category.

  • Preschool – Typically for ages 3-5
  • Youth – Typically for ages 6-12
  • Teen – Typically for ages 12-17

Step 2: Choose the type of camp.

  • Traditional Summer Camps – provide campers with an experience incorporating a wide variety of activities that may include games, songs, and arts/crafts.
  • Specialty Summer Camps – provide campers with activities centered around a particular theme or focus.
  • Specialized Recreation Summer Camps – are specifically designed for individuals with developmental disabilities

Step 3: Read the camp description for your top choices.
Be sure to look for activities your camper will enjoy.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the camp require special skills?
  • Is the camp mostly indoors or outdoors?
  • Does the camp require a lot of physical activity or walking?
  • Does the camp include field trips or swimming?
  • Is the camp location convenient for you?
  • Do the camp hours accommodate your schedule?

Step 4: Visit the camp location to ensure that you and your camper are comfortable.

Parent Meetings

Camp Parent Meetings are a great place for you to have the opportunity to meet the staff who will be working with your camper this summer and to obtain important information about the camp’s operations. Please plan to attend the parent meeting(s) for your camper’s summer camps. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please use the contact information provided with the camp to obtain information that will be distributed at the meeting.

Camp Parent Meeting Schedule

Inclusion Services

Inclusion Services supports access to typical programs by offering reasonable and appropriate resources to participants with disabilities or medical conditions who register for those programs. Resources may include but are not limited to: gathering participant-specific information from parent/guardian/service provider; providing supportive materials; providing program or site-specific training; and/or providing additional staffing for the program. Participants who indicate a disability or medical condition AND request an accommodation will be contacted by Inclusion Services for follow-up. Additional forms may be requested for Inclusion Services to better understand the participant’s needs. Participants who indicate a disability or medical condition and do NOT request an accommodation will NOT be contacted by Inclusion Services. Participants requiring a more intensive level of support may consider having their own personal assistant attend the program. (Assistants, volunteers, therapists, or other providers are required to complete a background check and information forms before attending the program). To ensure that adequate resources are in place for the participant, registration should be received at least two weeks prior to the start date of the program. Please contact Inclusion Services at 919-996-2147 for more information or to request an accommodation.

Need Help?

Registration Questions
Recreation Business Office

RecLink Account Information

Financial Assistance

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