Block 2 Gallery's New Exhibition The Dune of Sense by Chris Vitiello

News posted Jun. 28, 2018 - 3:26 pm

Block 2 Gallery's New Exhibition The Dune of Sense by Chris Vitiello
Located at Market Plaza in downtown Raleigh
June 29 through Sept. 30
On view each evening at dusk and each First Friday

Accompanying Performances
Aug. 3 First Friday at dusk (approximately 8:15 p.m.)
September 15 SPARKcon at dusk

The Dune of Sense draws upon a corpus of aphorisms that have been accumulating across several projects over the last 15 months. In different performance installation contexts, Vitiello continuously writes one-line poems on dictionary pages and tears them out, often giving them to people who have offered him a word as a prompt. In this video, the activity of writing is reversed, producing an anxiety of reading as the text is unwritten by the writer’s hand. Over time, that anxiety becomes a proof of the importance of memory for the viewer. They must commit a poem to memory in order for the text to persist, becoming its carrier or book. This work serves as a reminder that language is a living thing that only has meaning through interaction and context. Meaning isn’t stored on the page; it’s stored in you.

In conjunction with the projection of this video, Vitiello will re-stage his interactive dictionary writing performance installation “The Language is Asleep” in Market Plaza. First performed as part of “This Is Not a Novel,” the performance was part of an immersive theater production by the Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern in Durham in March 2017 before taking it to ArtPrize that fall, where he wrote more than 12,000 one-line poems for festival goers over 28 consecutive 10-hour performance days. Recently, the performance has been reinstalled on a smaller scale for the overnight event “StoryCon” at the Duke Story Lab in April.

Raleigh Art’s Block2 Video Series is a visual platform for video, digital and new media artists. Viewed after dark, the changing videos aim to expand a viewer’s notion of what visual art is and introduce the community to new artists, ideas, and experimental mediums. Block2 is an extension of the Miriam Preston Block Gallery, which showcases changing exhibitions of local artists in the Raleigh Municipal Building.

The sculptural projection screen, titled “Sway”, was designed and fabricated by Raleigh public artists Matt McConnell. Cary-based AVCON, Inc., an audio-visual engineering/design firm provided the expertise and equipment for projecting large-scale imagery.

The Block2 Video Series aims to create an environment for visual splendor. We hope you will take a moment to look, listen and enjoy.

The Dune of Sense is presented by Raleigh Arts, a division of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. The City of Raleigh and the Office of Raleigh Arts gratefully acknowledge First Citizens Bank’s partnership and support of Block2.

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