Invasive species removal at Dorothea Dix Park

News posted Aug. 08, 2018 - 1:30 pm

City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources is excited to announce a new tactic in our fight against invasive species. River Works, Inc., a local environmental engineering company, will be working to eradicate invasive plants at Dorothea Dix Park in August, weather permitting. The target area will be between the Rocky Branch Greenway trail and Western Blvd, between Boylan Ave and Hunt Dr. This project will be overseen by the Invasive Species Program Coordinator. The goal of this trial is to restore habitat and beautify the park prior to any development, while access is still available and we can work safely without impacting programs or park usage.

Invasive plants are alien species to our habitats. They have no natural enemies to check their population growth and are therefore able to outcompete our native plants which other species depend upon for survival. Additionally, their overabundance creates dark and unwelcoming spaces that foster safety and sightline issues. Invasive vine species can kill large trees, making them hazards for pedestrians, vehicles and powerlines. Some of the target species include princess tree, English ivy, wintercreeper and mimosa.

Restoration plantings are planned for the area and will follow the main length of the creek, providing native plants to thrive in this valuable wildlife corridor.

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