Rose Garden Stormwater Improvements Project to Begin Fall 2019

News posted Sep. 05, 2019 - 6:00 am
Raleigh Rose garden

In late Fall 2019, the City of Raleigh will be initiating stormwater improvements construction in the Rose Garden. The project is currently in the later stages of design and permitting. Construction will continue into early Spring 2020.

During construction, a large section of the Rose Garden will be closed for public use. This will include the area between the Raleigh Little Theatre and the Rose Garden as well as the areas around the fountain and arbor. It is anticipated that other areas of the garden should remain open to the public, including the amphitheater and shelter area. The anticipated open area of the garden will be accessible via the amphitheater and stairs on Everett Avenue. Signs and construction fencing will demarcate areas closed for public use.

Project Details

The Rose Garden location is topographically located within a depression and is subject to stormwater flooding and wet soils. Stormwater issues affect the usability of the site and the health of the roses and other garden plants. To mitigate these concerns, the main part of the design is a planted, stormwater bioretention area that will redirect and absorb stormwater runoff while providing water quality benefits. The new planted bioretention area is designed to fit into the existing landscape surrounding the rose beds. Plants within the stormwater device will feature a mix of native, ornamental grasses and pollinator-friendly, flowering perennials and low shrubs. The design also includes a re-configuration and expansion of the existing stormwater drainage pipes and inlets while avoiding impacts to existing garden features such as the fountain, arbor, and shade trees.

Some of the underground stormwater infrastructure improvements will be within the area of the rose beds. To protect the roses from construction impacts, there will need to be a temporary removal of several existing rose beds. All roses will be held for re-planting. Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources gardening and horticulture staff will be removing roses in November 2019 under the professional oversight of Witherspoon Rose Culture, an expert rose installation and maintenance company located in Durham. The roses will be over-wintered in an off-site protected area and re-installed into new and improved beds in Spring 2020, immediately after site construction is complete. The beds will continue to be in the same configuration as the existing, historic garden layout.

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department and the Stormwater Management Department, Stormwater Quality Improvement Section are jointly funding the design and construction of this project.


  • Raleigh Rose Garden
  • 301 Pogue Street
  • Raleigh, NC 27607

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