NEW! Playing Out with the Elements at Walnut Creek Wetland Center

News posted May 25, 2017 - 4:09 pm

There is something primitive in how humans are drawn to the elements:

We are mystified by lightning, rainbows, waterfalls and leaves. For children especially, the elements are magnets, drawing them to experience and imagine. Each session will highlight one of the elements through a safe and engaging activity. Children should be dressed to be outdoors and to get messy or wet.

This free series of programs for 8-12year olds is designed to give them an opportunity to enjoy the elements, while working with a nature instructor facilitating the child’s own natural creativity and problem-solving. Sessions are limited to 10 people, and registration is required.

Boats (Barcode #203570, June 4) Kids will build their own boats out of natural and recycled materials, and will then float them down Little Rock Creek.

Bubble Wands (Barcode #203571, June 25) Using sticks, wire, duct tape and recycled materials, kids will create unique bubble wands and test them to see which ones make the best/biggest bubbles.

Forts (Barcode #203572, July 9) Using bamboo poles, rope, tarps, stakes, and mallets, kids will use their imaginations and problem-solving skills to create a fort they can play in.

Soil Painting (Barcode #203573, August 20) Using paint made by blending soil, water and school glue, kids will create art.

Coming in the Fall: Water Wall and Leaf Man!


  • Walnut Creek Wetland Center
  • 950 Peterson Street
  • Raleigh, NC 27610

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