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Last updated Aug. 14, 2018 - 8:48 am
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Pullen Place Cafe

Pullen Place Cafe Staff

The staff at Pullen Place Cafe on weekday mornings truly brighten everyone’s day. They have a genuine and engaging positive encounter with every single person in line. They go above and beyond to ensure visitors to the park enjoy their time there and it is part of what we look forward to when we visit the park! -Lauren

Art4Fun Camp

Parks Praise Art4Fun

I can't stop raving about my son’s Art4Fun camp last week at Brentwood! I picked your camp simply because it was the closest. My son cannot sit still and I was really nervous about signing him up for an art camp. I didn’t have to worry! He absolutely loved your camp. Every inch of my house is now filled with projects he created at camp and the ones he worked on with his little sister when he would get home. He spent the entire weekend creating art from found objects and wants to go to art camp again because he is "an artist"! -Aimee

Worthdale Park

Roberts Park

I have two boys who attend summer camp at Worthdale. I wanted to express how pleased I am with the ENTIRE camp experience my boys are having. The staff are professional and polite, they smile and speak with manners, and even when redirecting the children, it is done in a positive coaching manner. The staff is a group of young people with a very demanding job. They smile in the evening after very long hot days, every evening I get a report on both my boys and no matter who is giving the report it is always in a professional manner with a smile. Thank You Worthdale sincerely! -Sybil


Parks Crew

Sally, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how absolutely WONDERFUL the grounds looked at ALL the pools for their openings these last 2 weekends!!! Your team/crews have really shown care and consideration in conversing with me on site and even reaching out to me for inquiries as to really prepare and maintain the pool grounds for that pristine aesthetic look for the citizens upon their arrival. -Laury

Roberts Park

Stephanie with Parks Praise Sign

My daughter has enjoyed Roberts Park for two years in a row and we love it! Stephanie greets us in the morning with a smiling face and is excited to get the day started. I love how all the staff interact with the children and the schedule is full of engaging and fun activities! - Keitra



I just want to let you know that I felt Luke Wallenbeck did an outstanding job of presenting information about the Biltmore Hills Project in a professional manner. I've been in at least 3 other meetings in which Luke presented on this same topic and his consistent professionalism in these environments is impressive.

Thanks Luke for your exceptional performance interacting with the community and sharing information on this project. -Alex

Mordecai Historic Park

Reggie with Parks Praise Sign

My nephew and I were recently visiting Raleigh, and had the opportunity to visit Mordecai Historic Park on January 19th. It was just a couple days after the snowy weather, and we were the only ones on the tour. The tour guide, Reggie, was excellent! Even my teenage nephew was impressed with the site and all of the information the tour guide offered. It was a great day and we enjoyed the park. Please pass our thanks to all of your team, and especially the tour guide. - Lisa

Pullen Aquatics Center

Tricia with Parks Praise Sign

I would like to be sure that you know what a wonderful staff you have at Pullen Aquatic Center, and that you know how much they are appreciated by those of us who use the pool. What really stands out is the "how can I help you?" attitude of everyone I have met. There are too many examples to write in an email. Whenever I thank the lifeguards for going "above and beyond" to help me, the answer is always "Of course, that's what we're here for." I think that, at Pullen, it begins with Tricia, who answered all of my questions the first time I phoned, and has helped me to find the best way to use the pools for my therapy. There is a very friendly interaction among the lifeguards, as well. They are always very cordial, while maintaining a professional focus when in the chair. I believe that such a positive atmosphere speaks volumes about management. - Dorothy

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