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The City of Raleigh's Roadway Design and Construction Division of Engineering Services handles the oversight of street, sidewalk, bridge, and various other types of public improvement projects throughout the City. The division also oversees the management of the City's street and sidewalk petition program and the assessment calculation and maintenance of assessment files.

Contact Information:
Roadway Design and Construction Manager: Kenneth W. Ritchie, PE, MPA
Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 W. Hargett St. - Fourth Floor
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Assessments & Petitions

The Assessments and Petitions Section work with project engineers and City staff to determine which properties will be affected by roadway and utility projects. They provide ownership lists to make sure the public is notified of upcoming projects, calculate estimated assessment fees, review as-built construction plans to calculate assessment fees, prepare assessment rolls, and work with CADD Services to prepare assessment maps for City Council.

Assessment Information
Assessment Policy
Recent & Upcoming Assessment Hearings

Street and sidewalk petitions require the section to work with project engineers to determine design options available. They prepare petition packets for petitioners to route to abutting property owners, determine if petitions meet City Council requirements and make recommendations to the city manager, in reference to possible petition projects.

Sidewalk Petitions
Street Petitions

Contact Information: Donetta Powell 919-996-4054

CADD Services

CADD Services staff provide the Roadway Design and Construction Division and its customers with a variety of services including (but not limited to) engineering automation, large-scale digital scanning, technical support, problem-solving, and training.

CADD Services works directly with project engineers and survey staff within Engineering Services to:

  • Produce standardized maps for street improvements, assessments, petitions, annexations, and right-of-way plats; and,
  • Manage Engineering Services map files (have been converted to digital format for improved efficiency).

All drawings and maps are produced in MicroStation V8i and GeoPak formats. AutoCAD, and ArcGIS software packages are also used by the CADD staff as needed for design purposes. All construction plans and drawings conform to either the City of Raleigh specifications or to the latest edition of the North Carolina Department of Transportation standard specifications for road and structures.

Contact Information: CADD Services Supervisor, Brian Alford 919-996-4099.

Contract Inspections

Contract Inspections provides inspection services for construction within public rights of way for City-funded projects. Our field inspectors work with project engineers and contractors to assure conformance with the approved plans and specifications for streets, water and sewer mains, storm drainage systems, sidewalks, and driveways.

Contact Information: Contract Inspections Supervisor, David Brannan 919-996-6823.


Roadway staff performs design work and/or manages private consultants design work in conjunction with the City's Capital Improvement Program. These projects include street, sidewalk, bridge, streetscape, and various other types of public improvement projects. Staff also performs design work on Street, Sidewalk, and Major Streetscape Petition Projects that have been approved by City Council.

Street and Sidewalk Projects
Street Projects
Sidewalk Projects

Contact Information:

Capital Improvement Projects - Sylvester Percival, Engineering Supervisor, 919-996-4053

Neighborhood Street and Sidewalk Petition Projects - Brennon Fuqua, Engineering Supervisor, 919-996-4172

Survey Services

The Survey Services Section provides land surveying support for all City of Raleigh departments. The Survey Section provides the following services:

  • Topographic surveys;
  • Boundary surveys;
  • Construction staking on City capital improvement projects;
  • Right-of-way determination and location;
  • Annexation maps and annexation review; and,
  • Review of legal descriptions associated with sales of property or rights-of-way.

This internal support group is prohibited by City of Raleigh policy from performing private surveys.

Contact Information: Surveying Supervisor, A. F. Felton 919-996-4118.

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