Lenoir & South Street Two-Way Conversion

Last updated Oct. 23, 2018 - 8:45 am
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Street Improvement Project
  • 5.5 Million
  • Roadway Design and Construction (Lead)
  • Design Consultant - Kimley-Horn & Associates
  • Construction Contractor - Moffat Pipe, Inc.

Current Activity

Posted Monday, Oct. 20

The project is complete.


The project will convert the remaining one-way sections of Lenoir and South Streets to two-way operation with one lane per direction and left turn lanes where needed.

Street Improvements will include:

  • Removal of unnecessary traffic signals;
  • Improved bicycle and pedestrian amenities;
  • Upgraded underground infrastructure; and,
  • Small sections of landscaped median will be provided on South Street between West Street and Dawson Street.


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
November 4, 2013Public Meeting - 25% Design Plans
May 15, 2014Public Meeting - 65% Design Plans
June 17, 2014Public Hearing
November 11, 2015Complete Right of Way and Easement Acquisition
March 2, 2015Advertised for Construction Contract
June 29, 2015Second Advertisement for Construction Contract
October 20, 2015Award Construction Contract
March 28, 2016Construction Phase Begins
August, 2017Project Completion


The purpose of the project is to improve navigation and accessibility of this section of downtown, improve bicycle and pedestrian amenities, and reduce unnecessary delay for roadway users by removing unneeded traffic signals.

Portions of Lenoir Street and South Street between South Saunders Street and East Street were previously converted to two-way operation. The remaining sections are primarily composed of one-way two-lane sections. The project will convert these remaining sections to two-way operation with one lane per direction and left turn lanes where needed.

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