Completed Stormwater Projects

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Take a look at the projects that have been completed by the Stormwater Management Division.

Alamance Drive

Type: Storm Drainage System

Completed: Spring 2017

Summary: The project addressed severe erosion at a private property on Alamance Drive and the City of Raleigh street right-of-way that was caused by the failure of a pipe and outfall. To fix this, an old metal pipe was repaired and the outlet of the drainage system was extended. Repairs ensure continued public safety in the area.

Beaverdam Creek Culverts - Cambridge Road

Type:  Storm Drainage System

Completed: Summer 2014

Summary: Replacement of the modified bridge/culvert crossing at Cambridge Road over the Southwest Prong of Beaverdam Creek at the relic dam structure for the original Lake Boone pond.

The primary goal of the project is to reduce flood risk to structures (homes) and roadways, replacement/upgrade of deteriorated culverts. Other objectives include repair/stabilization of existing stream banks.

Brecken Ridge Avenue Storm Drainage Improvements

Type: Drainage Improvements

Completed: December, 2012

Summary: This project was intended to reduce flooding that historically occurred at 7004 Brecken Ridge Avenue. It is located in the Mine Creek Watershed. An engineering study recommended improvements to the existing storm drainage system.

1827 Capital Blvd.

Type: Property Acquisition

Completed: Spring, 2013

Summary: The City of Raleigh has many flood-prone areas that experience rapidly rising waters during major rain events and the area located within the median of Capital Blvd. in this location is one such area. Stormwater Management partnered with the Trust for Public Land to acquire the property with the intention to remove the potential for property damage and to restore Pigeon House Creek to a more natural condition in the future.

Carolina Pines Dam Rehabilitation

Type: Dam Rehabilitation

Completed: Spring 2011

Summary: This dam was classified by the North Carolina Dam Safety Office as a small high-hazard dam if it failed. No problems had been experienced with the dam until Hurricane Fran in 1996 and again in June, 2006 due to Tropical Storm Alberto. The project protects downstream residents and structures from over-topping, causing potential failure of the dam and also brought it into compliance with North Carolina Dam Safety regulations.

Dixon Drive and Wimbleton Drive Culvert Repair

Summary:After careful consideration, the City decided to repair the culvert using in situ repair. The City has reached out to several firms that specialize in in situ repairs. Applied Polymerics, Inc was selected to stabilize the culvert.

The repair work on the culvert at the intersection of Dixon Dr. and Wimbleton Dr. was completed by Applied Polymerics, Inc. in April 2016.

Drewry Lane Culvert Repair

Type: Culvert Repair

Completed: Spring 2013

Summary: Provided emergency stabilization measures to allow the roadway to re-open for pedestrian and vehicular traffic and to design and construct a permanent upgraded stormwater conveyance system from upstream of Drewry Lane to Crabtree Creek.

East Martin Street-Phase I

Type: Drainage System Rehabilitation

Completed: August, 2016

Summary: Addressed the public drainage system failure at corner of E. Martin Street and Camden Street. Urgent repairs needed along E. Martin St. to intersection with Camden St (existing structure and pipe).

Edna Metz Wells Park Stream Enhancement

Type: Stream Enhancement

Completed: Winter 2010

Summary: This site was originally recommended for stabilization in a 2001 Water Quality Improvement Plan for Pigeon House Branch, notoriously known as Raleigh's most polluted stream. This project was just one part of a larger plan, which included the Fred Fletcher Park Water Garden and Wetland. Stabilization and enhancement of the stream banks helps in preventing further erosion and degradation of the stream, thereby reducing the amount of sediment released into the stream and restoring habitat and biological integrity of the stream.

Fire Station Rainwater Harvesting

Type: Water Quality Retrofit

Completed: 2010

Summary: The City of Raleigh's Stormwater Management Division has partnered with the City of Raleigh Fire Department to initiate a new effort to green several fire stations by installing rainwater harvesting systems and rain gardens. Cisterns will collect rainwater draining off existing rooftops at each facility so that it can be reused for outdoor water uses. The goal of this program is to replace this use of Wake County's drinking water supply with the harvested rainwater collected in the cisterns.

Five Points Drainage Improvements - Phase I & II

Type: Storm Drainage System

Completed: October 2015

Summary: The goal of this project is to reduce roadway flooding and stormwater over-topping the curb along Fairview Road. Improvements were separated into two phases. The first phase included milling Fairview Road between Glenwood Avenue and Myrtle Avenue in order to increase roadway gutter capacity and reduce ponding at the Five Points intersection. The second phase involved improvements to the drainage system along Fairview Road and Myrtle Avenue.

Fred Fletcher Park Water Garden and Wetland

Type: Water Quality Retrofit

Completed: Fall 2009

Summary: The Fred Fletcher Park Water Garden and Wetland includes an aesthetically pleasing garden with a variety of evergreen and perennial plant species; a new ecosystem for butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, ducks and other animal species; naturally filtering stormwater that flows into the water garden to clean the runoff before flowing downstream into Pigeon House Branch; and serves as an educational opportunity for neighboring schools and park patrons on the new habitat and the functions of the water garden. The Water Garden and Wetland was the recipient of the Natural Resource Conservation Award from the 2010 Raleigh Environmental Awards.

Greystone Dam

Type: Dam Rehabilitation

Completed: May 2011

Summary: The Greystone Lake Dam was classified as a "small, high-hazard dam" by the North Carolina Dam Safety Office. The dam and spillway did not meet requirements set by the Dam Safety Office. The construction of this project was to bring the dam into compliance with current standards and reduce the risk to downstream structures and roads from over-topping or failure of the dam.

Grove Park Apartments

Completed project

Type: Property Acquisition/Flood Mitigation

Completed: September, 2014

Summary:The City received a grant award from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for acquisition and demolition of four multi-family structures at the Grove Park Apartment Complex on Noble Road. These structures were located in the 100-year floodplain and have flooded repetitively in the past. No future development is permitted for this site.

Harps Mill Road and Haymarket Lane - Phase I

Type: Drainage System Upgrade

Completed: Summer 2011

Summary: Construction of the improvements to the undersized drainage system along Harps Mill Road and Haymarket Lane was to serve as the major drainage system outfall for the northern drainage tributary of the North Ridge Community, more than 300 acres of land. A history of structural and street flooding events in the area resulted in improvements to the storm drainage system. The goal of the project was to reduce structural flooding and provide Harps Mill Road, Haymarket Lane and Ravenhurst Drive with a 10-year level of service. This means that the streets will not over-top in the storm event of a magnitude expected to be equaled or exceeded once on average in a 10-year period.

Harps Mill Road, Haymarket Lane, Favorwood Court Phase II and III

Type: Drainage System Upgrade

Completed: April 2014

Summary: Construction for new drainage infrastructure and existing undersized piping is complete, connecting previous upgrades from the Harps Mill Road, Haymarket Lane Phase I improvements to the new system along Haymarket Lane and upstream to Favorwood Court and bringing completion to stormwater improvements in this area. This project reduces street and structural flooding in 10 and 25-year storm events for properties along Ravenhurst Drive, Haymarket Lane, Favorwood Court and Harps Mill Road. As part of the Phase II and III improvements, new 96-inch piping, a 5x8 box culvert and 60-inch piping from Haymarket to Harps Mill Road were installed, along with associated yard drains, street catch basins and new sanitary sewer pipe replacement.

Hillsborough & Park West

Type: Drainage System Upgrade

Completed: January 2016

Summary: In 2012 a temporary repair made by the City of Raleigh Street Maintenance Division to this section of the storm drainage system due to pipe separation and sinkhole. This project will permanently repair that fix and provide for future project alignment and improvement of the remaining

Industrial Drive

Project Area

Type: Storm drainage system

Completed: August, 2016

Summary: Upgrading of culvert for crossing of Industrial drive including replacement of 24” CMP with three 24” RCP with new headwall within existing channel , addition of drainage structures in the roadway and upgrade of channel at both inlet and outlet of new crossing. Project also include new drainage structure at entrance to business on west side of street with outlet pipe into channel.

Milner Inn

Completed Project

Type: FEMA Flood Mitigation Grant

Completed: May, 2015

Summary: The City of Raleigh received a grant award from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for acquisition and demolition of the five structures located at 1817 Capital Blvd. These structures, (Milner Inn), were located in the 100-year floodplain and have flooded repetitively in the past.

North Boundary - East Street

Type: Storm Drainage System

Completed: August, 2016

Summary: The project consisted of repairing the existing drainage system between manhole on N. East Street and outlet on private property to the northeast, including replacement of failing endwall . The City utilized a design-build approach in the bidding process.

North Hills Drive Culvert Repair

Type: Drainage System Upgrade and Stream Enhancement

Completed: December, 2012

Summary: Located adjacent to the Shelley Lake Greenway Trail off of North Hills Drive, this project included the removal and replacement of an existing and failing stormwater headwall and section of 72-inch reinforced concrete pipe with new. In addition to the structural repairs, the existing embankment slope was lessened and replanted to provide a safer, more stable fill slope adjacent to the road. Lastly, stream enhancement techniques included riprap stabilization, gabion wall reinforcement, live staking and riparian buffer revegetation plantings and channel realignment to limit erosion along the stream banks and greenway trail and to promote a healthier, more stable outlet.

Old Deer Trail

Type: Stream Stabilization

Completed: December 2013

Summary: Stream stabilization of this undeveloped City parcel located along the Old Deer Trail. The project involved fine grading in 361 feet of the stream channel, installation of seven rock grade control vanes and two stacked boulder walls. Improving overall water quality, wildlife habitat and community aesthetics of this parcel adjacent to the future Honeycutt Greenway Trail.

Pullen Road Green Street Demonstration

Type: Green Street (Water Quality Retrofit)

Completed: June 2012

Summary: The City of Raleigh's Stormwater Management Division and Urban Design Center partnered with North Carolina State University's Landscape Architecture Department to design and build a green street demonstration project within the right-of-way on Pullen Road, between North Carolina State University and Pullen Park. The design showcases a stormwater bioretention rain garden device installed within an existing no-parking zone on Pullen Road. Stormwater drainage will flow from the street into the stormwater device, filter through vegetation and soil and then drain out through a pipe connected to existing stormwater infrastructure located below Pullen Road.

Ravenwood Drive Culvert Replacement

Type:  Drainage System

Completed: Summer 2015

Summary: The project consisted of the replacement of the culvert under Ravenwood Drive with a new precast 3-barrel culvert with endwalls, replacement and improvements to existing public utilities and sediment removal from the stream adjacent to the culvert.

Roanoke Park Neighborhood Drainage

Type:  Drainage System Upgrade

Completed: May 2011

Summary:  The Roanoke Park Neighborhood is one of the older neighborhoods in the city of Raleigh.  As with many of Raleigh's older neighborhoods, the existing storm drainage infrastructure was not adequate to meet current City of Raleigh standards.  The intersection of West Aycock Street and Dare Street had been particularly prone to flooding in intense rainfall events due to undersized catch basins and pipes. This project lessened the flooding at this intersection.

Simmons Branch Culvert Improvements Ph 1

Type:  Drainage System Upgrade

Completed:  December 2013

Summary: Phase 1 projects involved culvert replacements at the intersections of Swift Drive and Octavia Street, Lail Court and Swift Drive, and along Kaplan Drive in the vicinity of Kaplan Park. The project included increasing the culvert capacity and stream channel stabilization along Simmons Branch with the goal of reducing road and property flooding in the project area.

Smallwood Park Stream Enhancement

Type: Stream Enhancement

Completed: Fall 2010

Summary: Impairment of the Smallwood Park Stream was the result of runoff from impervious surfaces associated with the urban development in the watershed, straightening, hardening and other man made modifications of the stream and pollution from years past as well as today. This project included the use of boulder structures along the stream bank and concrete structures within the stream channel, combined with a landscaping plan to permanently stabilize the stream and prevent further erosion.

Upper Longview Lake Preservation

Type: Lake System Improvements and Preservation

Completed:  December 2013

Summary:  Project focused on stabilization of the stream banks by reshaping them and using plants to reduce nutrients in the water.  Removal of sediment from the lake helping to improve the quality of the water.  Safety issues near the bleachers at the Enloe High School athletic field were also addressed by the installation of an engineered rock wall.

Walnut Creek Watershed Master Planning

Type: Watershed Master Planning

Completed: Summer, 2012

Summary: Watershed studies help the City identify the most cost effective and beneficial stormwater management capital improvement projects to reduce flooding to structures and public streets, as well as improve surface water quality. This study identified 117 potential stormwater capital improvement projects totaling more than $36 million throughout the basin, including drainage infrastructure improvement projects, flood control projects and stream stabilization/restoration projects.

Winthrop Drive Bridge Rehabilitation

Type:  Bridge Rehabilitation

Completed:  Summer 2013

Summary:  This bridge rehabilitation project, located in the Crabtree Creek Watershed, was required due to structural deficiencies for the bridge superstructure identified by City staff and engineers during a routine inspection.  To protect the public, the City proactively closed the bridge to vehicular traffic until it could be properly and safely rehabilitated.  The project included removal and replacement of the entire bridge superstructure.

Woodlea Drive Property Acquisition

Property Demolition

Type:  Acquisition and Demolition

Completed:  Summer 2012

Summary:  The City received a grant award from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for acquisition and demolition of two single family structures at 3602 and 3604 Woodlea Drive. These structures were located in the 100-year floodplain of Marsh Creek and had flooded repetitively in the past. The project was funded by FEMA and by State Emergency Management. This project will mitigate historically flooded structures and restrict any new structures from being placed on the affected lots.

Yorkshire Downs Stormwater Drainage Improvements

Type: Drainage improvement

Completed: Summer, 2012

Summary: Located in the Crabtree Creek Watershed, it is one of the largest stormwater improvement projects that the Stormwater Management Division planned, designed, and constructed. A history of frequent structural and street flooding events along Yorgate Drive resulted in improvements that now have a 25-year level of service. Replacement and upgrading of potable water and sanitary sewer utility lines, and roadway improvements were also done as part of this project.

2011 Tornado Debris removal from Neuse Buffer Streams

Type: Drainage System Debris Removal

Completed: July 2012

Summary: The City conducted an inventory of downed trees impacting natural stream flows along the path of the April tornadoes. Most impacted streams are on privately owned land and while assistance was available to clear debris off of buildings and streets, little help was available to remove trees and other debris obstructing streams. The goal of this project was to remove fallen trees from targeted streams to reduce the possibility of present and future flooding.

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