Durant Nature Preserve Lower Dam Repairs

Last updated Nov. 07, 2019 - 11:26 am
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Lake & Dam Rehabilitation
  • $832,500
  • Stormwater Management (Lead)
  • Schnabel Engineering (Design)
  • D.H. Griffin Infrastructure, Inc. (Construction)
  • City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department

Current Activity

Posted Thursday, Nov. 7

Construction is complete! The lake is refilled with water and fish. We've removed all of the orange and black construction fences too. 

More information about park access


The condition of the dam at Durant Nature Preserve was evaluated by Schnabel Engineering to determine dam safety issues that need to be addressed, including the flow of water downstream of the dam and the stability of the dam's upstream slope. Upgrades will slow down the flow of water coming from the lake, protect the stream below the dam, and make the dam more stable.

This project is being completed in partnership with the Stormwater Management Division and Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department.


  • Wave Protection Install
  • Durant Nature Preserve


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
2014Preliminary evaluation of dam safety issues complete
Winter 2018Final project design complete
Fall 2018Construction begins
Winter 2019Construction complete (Lake refilled this summer/fall)


The goal of the project is to make sure the lower dam at Durant Nature Preserve meets current dam safety requirements.

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