North Ridge Drainage Improvements Phases IV and V

Last updated Oct. 10, 2019 - 11:32 am
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Drainage System Improvement; Stream Restoration
  • $3.9 million
  • Stormwater Management (Lead)
  • Brown and Caldwell, Inc. (Design)
  • Carolina Civilworks, Inc. (Construction)

Current Activity

Posted Wednesday, Oct. 9

This project focuses on four main areas:

  • Lower Audubon Drive (drainage improvements)
  • Knights Way (drainage improvements)
  • Rainwood Lane (drainage improvements)
  • We'll also be repairing streams in this area

The construction bid for this project was awarded this summer. Private utility relocation will take place over the next few months. Construction is expected to start this fall - Carolina CivilWorks is working on a construction schedule. We will have more details shortly.

The Public Utilities Department is doing a waterline replacement in this neighborhood at the same time as this stormwater project. More details on the waterline replacement are available online.

Questions? Contact Barbara Moranta, PE, at 919-996-3976.


The goal of the project is to reduce street, yard, and structural flooding in the North Ridge community. The stormwater drainage system improvements will provide a 10-year level of service. This means that the street will not overtop with water in a storm event that has a one in 10 chance of occurring.

Project Map

Lower Audubon Drive

  • Replacing the 36-inch pipe under Audubon Drive with 42- and 54-inch pipes near 7708 Audubon Drive;
  • Installing double storm drains along Audubon Drive to increase the infrastructure's ability to handle stormwater flows; and,
  • Replacing the drainage outlet on Audubon Drive and connecting it the neighborhood stream to prevent erosion.

Knights Way

  • Replacing the 48-inch pipe under Knights Way with a box culvert that is five feet high and 10 feet wide near 1321 Knights Way and 7812 Blackwing Court; and,
  • Stormwater runoff will come out of the pipe near the back of the property at 7812 Blackwing Court.

Rainwood Lane

  • Installing 48- and 54-inch pipes near 1201 Rainwood Lane;
  • Installing a 4-foot by 4-foot box culvert system near 1208 Rainwood Lane;
  • Stormwater runoff will flow out of the storm drainage system near the back of the property at 1208 Rainwood Lane; and,
  • The new culverts will be added to the stormwater drainage system that's already in place so that the entire system can handle more stormwater flows during a rain storm.

Stream Stabilization

  • Restoring about 1,200 feet of stream between Rainwood Lane and Knights Way; and,
  • Restoring an additional 280 feet of stream downstream of Knights Way to accommodate the streams 10-year storm event flows in the North Ridge community.


  • Rainwood Lane
  • Audubon Drive
  • Knights Way
  • North Ridge Stream


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Winter 2019Project design completed
Summer 2019 Construction phase underway (construction bid, private utility relocation, and easement acquisition)
Fall 2019 Construction begins
Spring 2021Construction complete


This project is located along a stream near North Ridge Country Club Lake within the North Ridge community. It is located in the Perry Creek Watershed. A public meeting was held in December 2006 after residents reported ongoing flooding issues. The engineering study recommended improvements to the undersized storm drainage system.

Phases one through three have been completed.

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