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The Engineering Services Department's Stormwater Management Division manages the planning, design, and construction of stormwater infrastructure and water quality projects to ensure the health of local waterways and the safety of Raleigh's residents. Many of the projects, which are funded by the stormwater utility fee, are state and federally mandated, which requires the City of Raleigh to reduce water pollution of Raleigh's waterways and address critical flooding and erosion issues that impact streets and private properties. Stormwater Management also regulates processes for soil erosion, floodplain areas, stormwater control devices, and watershed protection related to new development.

The core mission of Stormwater Management is to preserve and protect life, support healthy natural resources, and complement sustainable growth within the Raleigh community.


Citizen Assistance - We Are Here To Help

Stormwater Main Line: 919-996-3940 or by email.

Answers to Common Stormwater Questions

Report Drainage & Flooding Issues

Protecting Streams from Water Pollution

Check our list of specific contacts to better assist you:

Private Property Drainage Issues
Report Drainage & Flood Issues
Street Related Drainage Issues

Transportation Field Services Division
Illegal Discharge
Capital Stormwater ProjectsVeronica High, PE
Floodplain InquiriesBen Brown, PE
Dam Safety919-996-4174
Stormwater Fee Inquiries919-996-3778
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Rates and Fees

The Business Services section manages all inquiries related to:

Fee Related Forms & Publications

To view your property: IMAPS

Contact us by phone: 919-996-3778 or email.

For additional information visit the Stormwater FAQ page.

Kelly Daniel, Stormwater Business Services Manager

Stormwater Planning

Stormwater planning addresses watershed needs throughout the city to reduce flooding risks, improve the condition of stormwater infrastructure, and enhance the quality of local waterways. Through comprehensive planning, stormwater initiatives are identified, prioritized, and used to create projects and programs that benefit Raleigh’s watersheds and the stormwater runoff that drains to creeks, streams, and rivers. These efforts help preserve Raleigh’s natural resources and improve the quality of life of Raleigh residents.

Learn more about stormwater planning

Scott Bryant, PE, Stormwater Administrator - Planning & Business Operations

Development, Permits and Stormwater Inspections

Stormwater Development reviews plans for all development and performs inspections based on permit type. This group responds to inquiries from citizens, property owners, realtors, lenders, contractors, developers, and Home Owner’s Associations regarding whether a property is affected by an environmental regulation or has been impacted by sediment or stormwater. This group was created to systematically review plans, approve permits, and conduct inspections throughout the life of a project, as well as, ensure proper maintenance and function of permanent stormwater devices after the completion of a project.

Stormwater engineers review plans for all development within the City of Raleigh and performs inspections based on permit type.

Plan reviews are done on the following:

  • Preliminary subdivision and site plans;
  • Infrastructure construction plans;
  • Recorded maps;
  • Plans submitted for permit issuance; and,
  • As-built plans and certifications.

More information on obtaining permits can be found in the City's Development Services Guide.

Ben Brown, PE - Development, Permits & Stormwater Inspections Manager

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The stormwater infrastructure improvement program includes the design and construction of infrastructure projects including upgrading or replacing drainage systems, improvements to existing lakes, stream restoration and water quality improvements, and planning studies.

Additional resources

Veronica High, PE: Stormwater Administrator - Infrastructure Projects

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Stormwater Quality

The Stormwater Management Quality Improvement Section goal is to improve surface water quality in streams and lakes throughout Raleigh. In Raleigh, more than 20 different major streams connect to Walnut Creek or Crabtree Creek and in turn flow into the Neuse River.

Raleigh Rainwater Rewards

Outreach and Education
Stormwater runoff is one of the leading causes of water pollution, not only in North Carolina, but also across the nation. Many residents in Raleigh are unaware that storm drains carry runoff directly to the nearest stream or lake instead of connecting to a treatment plant to get cleaned first.

Stormwater Monitoring

  • Neuse River Basin Stormwater Program
  • Stream Flood Monitoring
  • Stormwater and Stream Monitoring

Kevin Boyer, PE: Stormwater Quality Program Manager

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