White Oak Lake Reconstruction Project

Last updated Nov. 08, 2019 - 11:43 am
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  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Storm Drainage System / Dam Retrofit
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  • Stormwater Management (Lead)
  • Dewberry (Design)

Current Activity

Posted Friday, Nov. 8

Dewberry finished the first design plans earlier this year. Since then, there have been changes in the lake and the site's condition. For that reason, we are exploring options to re-design the project. We will be focusing on this moving forward and will keep you updated throughout the process.

We're coordinating with property owners to get required easements for the project. We cannot move forward until all property owners complete this process.

Then, we'll need to rebid the project for construction. Thank you for your patience.


White Oak Lake is a privately owned lake with a failing spillway. We are looking at options to get the dam up to current standards and to improve water quality in the watershed.


White Oak Lake


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Spring 2017Stormwater models finalized, 70 percent of the project design plan developed, and environmental permits submitted
Fall 2017Recommended design alternative presented
Late Fall 2018Private utility relocation, permitting complete
Winter 2019First project design complete
OngoingEasement acquisition; Exploring project re-design
TBDProject construction begins
TBDProject construction complete


This is the last part of a multi-phased project that will reduce flooding and improve water quality in the Simmons Branch watershed. Other projects included culvert improvements at Ravenwood Drive, Kaplan Drive, Lail Court, Swift Drive, and Pineview Drive.

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