Development Approvals

Last updated Mar. 19, 2018 - 3:13 pm

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001-18-MW411 N East Street Oakwood
006-18-MW912 Williamson DriveRothstein House
007-18-MW1108 Glenwood AvenueGlenwood-Brooklyn
008-18-MW225 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
009-18-MW405 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
010-18-MW200 E Martin St ROWMoore Square
011-18-MW1006 W Lenoir Street
Boylan Heights
012-18-MW101 Dupont Circle - Park
Boylan Heights
013-18-MW401 E Jones Street
016-17-MW513 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
017-18-MW324 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
018-18-MW218 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
019-18-MW304 N Person StreetOakwood
020-18-MWS Wilmington St mid-block crossing ROWMoore Square
021-18-MW1012 W Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
028-18-MW106 S Wilmington StMoore Square
029-18-MW520 Method RdSaint James African Methodist Episcopal Church
030-18-MW405 Polk StOakwood
031-18-MW3108 Hillmer DriveNathanial Crabtree Jones Jr House
BS-1-183000 Spring Forest Rd, New Head Quarters Strategic Connections
Approved 1-30-18
BS-2-18New Hope Rd, Maybrook Drive easementApproved 2-7-18
BS-9-188908 Midway West Rd, Dedication, Drainage and Easement PlatApproved 2-28-18
BS-10-18Grove Barton Rd & Pinecrest Rd, Jose and Carmen PropertyApproved 3-19-18
BS-11-184001 Capital Hills Dr/ Cheviot Lot 20Approved 3-7-18
BS-12-18Lead Mine Rd, Imperial Custom HomesApproved 3-7-18
EX-1-18Globe Rd, CIP Brier Creek Lot 1 & 2Approved 2-14-18
EX-2-185900 Forestville Rd, Exempt SubdivisionApproved 2-13-18
EX-3-182350 Capital Summit Ct, Cheviot New Lot2 and New Lot3Approved 3-6-18
R-1-18Brier Creek Parkway, Properties of BCRD HoldingsApproved 2-21-18
R-2-182717 Glenwood Av, Jackson Law Recombination
Approved 1-29-18
R-3-18Carolina Av, JC EDWARDS Residential RecombinationApproved 1-30-18
R-4-182320 Milburnie RdApproved 3-13-18
R-5-181419 Joe Louis AvApproved 2-6-18
R-6-18Farm Gate Rd, 2014 Sewer Line Rehab. ReplacementApproved 2-1-18
R-7-181423 Brooks Avenue, Lots 57, 58, & 59 RecombinationApproved 1-29-18
R-12-186808 Foxfire Pl, North Ridge Lot 54APProved 2-27-18
R-13-18Battery Dr, Battery HeightsApproved 3-1-18
R-15-18418 Yarmouth Rd, Budleigh Lakeview Lots 8 & 9Approved 3-13-18
R-17-185613 & 5615 Winthrop DrApproved 3-12-18
R-18-181234 Canterbury Rd, Sunset Hills Lot 92Approved 3-13-18


205-16-MW1024 Dorothea Drive Boylan Heights
007-17-MW549 N Blount Street (ROW) Multiple
008-18-MW15 E Martin StreetMoore Square
009-17-MW0 E Lane StreetOakwood
010-17-MW214 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
011-17-MW814 Oberlin RoadPlummer T Hall
012-17-MW4 N Blount StreetCapitol Square
013-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
014-17-MW701 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
015-17-MW513 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
016-17-MW218 S Blount StreetMoore Square
017-17-MW300 E Davie StreetPrince Hall
027-17-MW326 Pell StreetOakwood
028-17-MW314 E Cabarrus StreetPrince Hall
030-17-MW 610 Polk Street Oakwood
032-17-MW 1014 W Cabarrus Street Boylan Heights
039-17-MW604 N Blount StreetBlount Street
040-17-MW19-104 W Hargett StreetOdd Fellows Building
041-17-MW200 Elm StreetOakwood
044-17-MW404 Elm StreetOakwood
045-17-MW500 Polk StreetOakwood
046-17-MW910 W South StreetBoylan Heights
047-17-MW313 Polk StreetOakwood
048-17-MW206 New Bern PlaceCapitol Square
049-17-MW414 New Bern AvenueOakwood
050-17-MW1110 W Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
051-17-MW516 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
052-17-MW501 New Bern AvenueOakwood
053-17-MW218 Pace StreetBlount Street
054-17-MW121 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
055-17-MW520 N Blount StreetBlount Street
056-17-MW1024 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
057-17-MW411 N Blount StreetBlount Street
058-17-MW518 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
059-17-MW508 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
060-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
061-17-MW417 N Blount StreetBlount Street
062-17-MW535 N East Street
063-17-MW312 N Person StreetOakwood
074-17-MW524 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
075-17-MW311 E Cabarrus StreetPrince Hall
076-17-MW123 E Martin StreetMoore Square
077-17-MW417 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
078-17-MW502 E Franklin StreetOakwood
079-17-MW414 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
080-17-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
081-17-MW200 Edenton StreetCapitol Square
082-17-MW120 E Edenton StreetCapitol Square
083-17-MW502 E Franklin StOakwood
084-17-MW1002 Oberlin RoadJohn T and Mary Turner House
085-17-MW16 W Martin StreetCapital Club Building
086-17-MW324 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
087-17-MW519 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
092-17-MW222 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
093-17-MW216 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
094-17-MW106 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
095-17-MW219 E North StreetBlount Street
096-17-MW523 Elm StreetOakwood
097-17-MW1007 W South StreetBoylan Heights
099-17-MW421 N Blount StreetBlount Street
100-17-MW519 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
106-17-CA414-416 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
107-17-CA16 W Martin StreetCapital Club Building
108-17-CA613 Polk StreetOakwood
109-17-CA508 Cole StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
110-17-CA620 N East StreetOakwood
111-17-CA715 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
112-17-CA101 S Blount StreetMoore Square
113-17-MW708 St. Mary's StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
114-17-MW516 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
115-17-MW407 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
116-17-MW216 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
117-17-MW301 Pogue StreetRaleigh Little Theatre
118-17-MW218 E Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
119-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
120-17-MW215 Pace StreetBlount Street
121-17-MW720 N Bloodworth StOakwood
122-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
130-17-CA422 N Person StreetOakwood
131-17-CA324 E Davie StreetPrince Hall
132-17-CA321 S Blount StreetMoore Square
133-17-CA309 N Blount StreetHeck-Andrews House
134-17-CA422 E Jones StreetOakwood
135-17-CA311 E Lane StreetOakwood
136-17-MW233 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
141-17-MW415 N Boundary StreetOakwood
142-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
143-17-MW105 S Bloodworth StreetOakwood
144-17-MW417 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
145-17-MW506 N Boundary Street Oakwood
146-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
147-17-MW324 Pell StreetOakwood
148-17-MW227 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
149-17-MW500 N Boundary StreetOakwood
150-17-MW417 N Blount StreetBlount Street
154-17-MW306 Elm StreetOakwood
155-17-MW115 W Morgan StreetRaleigh Water Tower
156-17-MW105 E Martin StreetMoore Square
157-17-MW501 N Boundary StreetOakwood
158-17-MW704 N East StreetOakwood
159-17-MW119 E Hargett StreetRaleigh Furniture Building
160-17-MW519 E Jones StreetOakwood
161-17-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
162-17-MW708 McCulloch StreetBoylan Heights
163-17-MW15 E Peace StreetBlount Street
164-17-MW307 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
166-17-MW200 E Edenton StreetCapitol Square
167-17-MW616 N East Street Oakwood
168-17-MW502 Adams StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
169-17-MW312 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
170-17-MW1108 Glenwood AvenueGlenwood-Brooklyn
171-17-MW723 St. Mary's StreetBroughton High School
172-17-MW609 Leonidas CourtOakwood
173-17-MW712 Dorothea Drive Boylan Heights
178-17-MW317 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
179-17-MW414 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
180-17-MW723 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
181-17-MW525 N East StreetOakwood
182-17-MW209 Linden AvenueOakwood
183-17-MW709 Hinsdale StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
184-17-MW503 Polk StreetOakwood
185-17-MW311 E Lane StreetOakwood
186-17-MW723 St Mary's StreetBroughton High School
187-17-MW300 E Davie StreetPrince Hall
188-17-MW700 Devereaux StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
189-17-MWDupont Circle - ROW - ParkBoylan Heights
190-17-MW201 S Blount StreetMoore Square

SR-2-17Corporation Recreation Field/ 1751 Corporation Pkwy/ Recreation fieldNorthwest
SR-4-17Popeye's - Capital/ 3316 Capital Blvd./ RestaurantNortheast
SR-6-17Greenway Village/ 7500 Ramble Way/ RetailForestville
SR-8-17Nutri-Lawn/ 8825 Midway West Rd/ Industrial Mixed useNorthwest
SR-9-17400 H/ 400 Hillsborough St/ Mixed useNorth Central
SR-11-17State Employees Credit Union/ 7800 TW Alexander Dr/ OfficeNorthwest
SR-12-17Family Dollar/ 3110 Garner Rd/ RetailCentral
SR-13-17Parrish Manor Clubhouse/ 4191 Parrish Manor Dr/ ClubhouseSouth
SR-15-17Innovative Fabrication/ 1730 & 1718 Roundrock Dr/ Flex WarehouseNorth
SR-16-17Leith Auto Center Expansion/ 5800 Oak Forest Dr & 5603 Capital Blvd/ Warehouse and Inventory storageNorth
SR-17-17751 Raleigh Corporate Center/ 751 Raleigh Corporate Center/ Office BuildingWest
SR-18-17Lumley Road Hotel/ 10100 Lumley Rd/ HotelNorthwest
SR-19-17Sunnybrook Pointe Apartment/ 413 Sunnybrook Rd/ Multi-familySoutheast
SR-20-17Cathedral Parish Hall Gymnasium/ 2401 Crusader Dr./ Church GymSouthwest
SR-21-17 Guest House/ 420 S. Bloodworth St/ InnCentral
SR-22-17LIDL Grocery Store/ 4115 Buffaloe Rd/ Grocery StoreNortheast
SR-23-17The Aspens at Bedford Falls/ 11110 Falls of Neuse Rd/ Congregate CareNorth
SR-24-17Quarry Trace Apartments/ Rock Quarry Rd/ ApartmentsSoutheast
SR-26-17Jeffers Law Firm/ 918 New Bern Av/ OfficeSouth Central
SR-27-17The Reserve at North Hills/ 901 St Albans Dr/ Life Care CommunityMidtown
SR-28-17Homewood Banks Apartments/ 5510 Homewood Banks Dr and 3921 Stony Crest Rd/ ApartmentsNorthwest
SR-30-178908 Midway West Rd/ 8905 Midway West Rd/ Vehicle RestaurantNorthwest
SR-31-17Eagles at Poyner Place/ 8051 Target Side Dr/ RetailNortheast
SR-32-17Cardinal Outdoor Storage/ 4306 New Bern Av/ Limited Outdoor StorageSoutheast
SR-33-17Care First Animal Hospital/ 1216 Oberlin Rd/ Animal HospitalHillsborough
SR-34-17ALDI Sunrise Valley Place/ 2900 Sunrise Valley Place/ Aldi GroceryNortheast
SR-36-17Fourth Ward/ 722, 724 & 726 S. Saunders St, 606 & 608 Dorothea Dr/ Residential apartmentsCentral
SR-38-17Oberlin Condominium/ 904 Oberlin Rd/ Residential CondominiumsHillsborough
SR-39-17Krav Maga/ 731 W. Hargett St/ Indoor RecreationHillsborough
SR-40-17The Piedmont Raleigh Apartment/ 6100 Triangle Town Blvd/ Apartment ComplexNorthwest
SR-41-17Booker Park North/ 1901 Booker Dr/ Congregate Care Senior LivingNorth Central
SR-43-17Hillstone Cameron Village/ 305 Oberlin Rd/ ApartmentWade
SR-44-17Mellow Mushroom/ 9600 Brier Creek Pwky/ restaurantNorthwest
SR-45-17OReilly Auto / 6106 Corporate Ridge Rd/ retail salesWest
SR-46-17Wade Park V/ 5438 & 5440 Wake Park Blvd/ office and retailWest
SR-47-17South East YMCA/ WCPSS School E-46/ 1436 & 1440 Rock Quarry Rd/ YMCA and Public SchoolSouth
SR-48-17Tri-Lift NC, INC/ 4116 Virtuous St/ WarehouseWest
SR-51-17Longview Apartments/ 101 Poe Dr/ ApartmentsEast Raleigh
SR-53-17Drive Shack Raleigh/1021 Corporate Center Dr/ outdoor sports and entertainment facilityWest
SR-54-17Post Parkside at Wade, Apartments Phase III/ 1501 Corporate Center Dr/ ApartmentsWest
SR-55-17Sam's Xpress Car Wash/ 2224 Dixie Forest Rd/ Car WashNorth
SR-57-17North Hills East Gaddy/ 500 St. Albans Dr/ ApartmentsMidtown
SR-58-17Strategic Connections/ 3000 Spring Forest Rd/ Warehouse and OfficeNorth
SR-61-17Sam's Gas Canopy/ 2310 Dixie Forest Rd/ Vehicle Fuel SalesNorth
SR-62-172709 & 2717 Glenwood Av/ 2709 & 2717 Glenwood Av/ OfficeGlenwood
SR-63-17Jaguar Land Rover Raleigh/ Capital Hills Drive/ Automobile DealershipNorth
SR-65-17Duke Raleigh hospital New Inpatient Tower/ 3400 Wake Forest Rd/ InstitutionalAtlantic
SR-67-17Oak City Multi-Service Center/ 1430 S. Wilmington St/ service for the homelessSouthwest
SR-68-17800 St Marys St/ 800 St Marys St/ multi family residentialFive Points
SR-72-17Stone's Warehouse Commercial/ 419 South East St/ Mixed useSouth Central
SR-76-17Wilmington Street Partners/ 211 S. Wilmington St/ RestaurantCentral
SR-78-17Capital Boulevard Brewery/ 1380 Capital Blvd./ BreweryMordecai
SR-85-17The Standard/ 3101 Hillsborough St/ ApartmentsWade
SR-95-17Craft Bar/ 3 Glenwood Av/ BarHillsborough
SR-101-17Exchange II/ 9200 Bruckhaus St/ apartmentsNorthwest
S-1-17Two Glenwood Subdivision/ 607 W Morgan St/ Hotel and Parking DeckHillsborough
S-2-17Westridge Lot 13/ 2320 Windy Woods Dr/ single familyNorthwest
S-3-17East College Park Townhomes/ various addresses/ TownhomesNorth Central
S-4-17The Summit Church/ 3941 Capital Hills Dr/ Place of WorshipNorth
S-5-17 Pine Trace/ 169 Pineland Cir/ single family lots West
S-7-17North Ridge Subdivision/ 1124 Plateau La/ single family lotsNorth
S-10-17HFD-809 Glascock/ 809 Glascock St/ residentialEast Raleigh
S-11-17Gower Subdivision/ 6015 Jeffreys Grove School Rd/ single family residentialNorthwest
S-12-17East College Park Townhomes/ 1810 Oakwood Av./ TownhomesNorth Central
S-15-17Carson Subdivision/ 1700 Carson St/ single familyFive Points
S-17-17Hubrich Subdivision/ 420 Chapanoke Rd/ Self storage, TownhomesSouthwest
S-19-17Arlington Street/ 1809 Arlington Street/ single family residentialWade
S-18-17Lockwood/ 1019 Brighton Rd/ single familyEast Raleigh
S-20-17Westgate Park Phase 4/ 8890 Westgate Park Dr/ IndustrialNorthwest
S-21-17Southeast Raleigh YMCA/ 1436 & 1440 Rock Quarry Rd and 2003 S. State Street/ Mixed UseSouth
S-25-17Pinecrest Road/ 7512 & 7524 Pinecrest Rd/ single familyNorthwest
S-27-17Greshams Lake View/ 7521 Haymarket La/ single family lotsNorth
S-28-17FHD - 522 Edenton/ 522 Edenton St/ residentialNorth Central
S-29-175401 North Apartments/ 7740 Midtown Market Way/ apartmentsForestville
S-30-17Dixon Drive Subdivision/ 5206 & 5210 Dixon Dr/ residentialMidtown
S-31-171021 Corporate Center Drive /1021 Corporate Center Dr/ Golf entertainment facility and restaurantWest
S-33-172010 Pine Drive/ 2010 Pine Drive/ single familyFive Points
S-36-17Farrior Hills Block N/4322 Lambeth Dr/ single familyBig Branch
S-38-17Longview Apartments/ 101 Poe Dr/ apartmentsEast Raleigh
S-39-17Kent Road/ 1328 & 1330 Kent Rd/ single familyBig Branch
S-40-17West Street Townhomes, Phase II, 516 & 504 W. South St/ single familyCentral
S-41-17716 Donnelly Street/ 716 Donnelly St/ single familyEast Raleigh
S-42-171108 S. State Subdivision/ 1108 S. State St/ single familySouth Central
S-43-17Cameron Forest/ 2502 Mayview Rd/ single family lotsWade
S-44-17Poyner Place / 8050 Target Side Dr/ Commercial/Retail/DaycareNortheast
S-45-17102 N. Tarboro/ 102 N. Tarboro/ single family lotsNorth Central
S-46-17East II North Hills/ 500 & 600 St. Albans Dr./ Mixed Use-Office and residentialNorth Central
Dome Properties/ 518 cape Av/ townhomes Central
S-52-172000 Pine Drive/ 2000 Pine Drive/ single familyFive Points
S-54-17Arbutus Dr/ 4212 Arbutus Dr/ residentialNorthwest
S-55-17RHYS Park/ 1201 Manchester Dr/ single family lotsMidtown
S-56-17 4217 Lambeth Drive Estate/ 4217 Lambeth Dr/ single family Midtown
S-59-17Duraleigh Rd/ 4400 Duraleigh Rd/ residentialNorthwest
S-61-17FHD-703 E Jones/ 703 E Jones St/ residentialNorth Central
S-62-17 Edgemont Way/ 3315 Edgemont Dr/ single familyNorthwest
S-63-17Chamberlain Townhomes/ 216 Chamberlain St/ townhomesWade
S-64-17Greenshield Organic/7000 Cynrow Blvd/Distribution FacilityEast
S-67-17403 Columbia Drive/ 403 Columbia Drive/ single familyEast
S-69-17Mayview Road/ 2503 Mayview Rd/ residentialWade
S-75-17Brinkley Manor/ 5320 Forestville Rd/ single family homesNortheast
S-77-17Fairway View/ 7804 Hardwick Dr/ single family lotsNorth
S-79-17The Station at Raleigh/ 4101 & 4200 Trinity Rd/ Multi-familyWest
S-80-17908 New Bern/ 908 New Bern Av/ single familySouth Central
S-94-17Farrior Hills Estates/ 501 & 505 Ortega Rd/ single familyMidtown


403 Elm Street
605/607 N. East StreetOakwood
003-16-MW605 Elm StreetOakwood
006-16-MW211 E. South StreetPrince Hall
009-16-MW5 W. Hargett StreetRaleigh Banking & Trust
010-16-MW3200 Hillsborough StreetWilmont Apartments
011-16-MW414 New Bern AvenueOakwood
014-16-MW218 S. Blount StreetMoore Square
015-16-MW600 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
016-16-MW600 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
017-16-MW524 E. Jones StreetOakwood
018-16-MW207 Fayetteville StreetRoyster Confectioners
019-16-MW105 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
020-16-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
021-16-MW508 S. Person StreetPrince Hall
022-16-MW1012 W. Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
023-16-MW4028 Carya DriveOak View
024-16-MW5 W. Hargett StreetRaleigh Banking Building
025-16-MW404 Elm StreetOakwood
032-16-MW410-101 Tucker StreetPine State Creamery
033-16-MW524 N. East StreetOakwood
034-16-MW516 Elm StreetOakwood
035-16-MW406 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
036-16-MW701 N. East StreetOakwood
037-16-MW420 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
038-16-MW514 E. Lane StreetOakwood
039-16-MW608 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
040-16-MW515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
041-16-MW7 W. Hargett StreetRaleigh Building
042-16-MW407 New Bern AvenueOakwood
043-16-MW218 S. Blount StreetMoore Square
044-16-MW307 Polk StreetOakwood
045-16-MW136 E. Morgan StreetMoore Square
046-16-MW500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
047-16-MW218 Elm StreetOakwood
048-16-MW215 E. Lane StreetBlount Street
049-16-MW15 N. McDowell StreetCapitol Square
050-16-MW605 N. East StreetOakwood
051-16-MW205 Wolfe, 308 Parham, 200 E. Martin,
305-307 S. Blount Street
Moore Square
052-16-MW921 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
062-16-MW516 Euclid StreetOakwood
063-16-MW408 Polk StreetOakwood
064-16-MW326 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
065-16-MW703 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
066-16-MW130 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
067-16-MW608 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
068-16-MW316 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
069-16-MW301 Pogue StreetRaleigh Little Theatre
070-16-MW500 N Boundary StreetOakwood
079-16-MW914 W South StreetBoylan Heights
080-16-MW407 N East StreetOakwood
081-16-MW1804 Hillsborough StreetCaviness Street
082-16-MW217 Linden AvenueOakwood
083-16-MW323 Pace StreetOakwood
084-16-MW 407 Polk StreetOakwood
085-16-MW 409 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
086-16-MW 420 Elm StreetOakwood
087-16-MW414 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
088-16-MW523 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
099-16-MW503 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
100-16-MW316 N Boundary StreetOakwood
101-16-MW409 Polk StreetOakwood
102-16-MW705 N East StreetOakwood
103-16-MW111 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
104-16-MW 501 Oakwood Avenue Oakwood
105-16-MW407 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
106-16-MW319 Polk StreetOakwood
107-16-MW805 W South StreetBoylan Heights
108-16-MW102 N East StreetOakwood
109-16-MW1114 W Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
110-16-MW604 N Blount StreetBlount Street
114-16-MW213 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
115-16-MW 511 Adams StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
116-16-MW7 W Hargett StreetRaleigh Banking & Trust
117-16-MW611 Polk StreetOakwood
122-16-MWMultiple in Right-of-WayPrince Hall, Moore Square, Capitol Square
123-16-MW916 W South StreetBoylan Heights
124-16-MW521 Polk StreetOakwood
125-16-MW505 W Jones StreetRaleigh Electric Company
602 E Lane StreetOakwood
135-16-MW505 N Boundary StreetOakwood
136-16-MW19 E Martin StreetMoore Square
137-16-MW11 N Blount StreetCapitol Square
138-16-MW530 N Blount StreetBlount Street
140-16-MW604 Leonidas CourtOakwood
141-16-MW639 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
142-16-MW518 S Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
150-16-MW712 Dorothea Drive Boylan Heights
151-16-MW639 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
152-16-MW227 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
153-16-MW501 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
154-16-MW409 E Jones StreetOakwood
156-16-MW311 N Boundary StreetOakwood
157-16-MW608 N Boundary StreetOakwood
158-16-MW105 N Bloodworth StreetOakwood
159-16-MW512 N East StreetOakwood
160-16-MW616 N East StreetOakwood
161-16-MW218 N East StreetOakwood
139-16-MW914 N Boylan AveGlenwood-Brooklyn
167-16-MW11 S Blount StreetCapitol Square
168-16-MW422 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
169-16-MW420 S Bloodworth StreetPrince Hall
177-16-MW716 St. Mary's Street - ROWGlenwood-Brooklyn
178-16-MW519 S Wilmington Street - ROWPrince Hall
179-16-MW219 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
180-16-MW401 N Person StreetOakwood
181-16-MW514 Cole StreetGlenwood-Brooklyn
182-16-MW707 N East StreetOakwood
183-16-MW1101 Haynes StreetPilot-Crompton Mill
184-16-MW218 S Blount StreetMoore Square
185-16-MW311 E Lane StreetOakwood
186-16-MW201 S Blount StreetMoore Square
187-16-MW914 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
192-16-MW15 E Peace StreetBlount Street
193-16-MW223 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
194-16-MW219 E North StreetBlount Street
195-16-MW416 E Edenton StreetOakwood
196-16-MW409 E Jones StreetOakwood
197-16-MW704 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
198-16-MW422 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
199-16-MW614 Polk StreetOakwood
200-16-MW516 N Person StreetOakwood
201-16-MW611 N Boundary StreetOakwood
202-16-MW237 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
203-16-MW1014 W Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
204-16-MW225 S Wilmington StreetMoore Square
206-16-MW314 E Cabarrus StreetPrince Hall
207-16-MW518 N Person StreetOakwood

SP-11-16Wake Forest Mixed Use/ 2912 Wake Forest Rd/Shopping CenterAtlantic
SP-12-16Ridgewood Shopping Center/ 3514 Wade Av/ Retail and OfficeGlenwood
Family Dollar/ 3601, 3605 & 3609 Amber La and 1730 Trawick Rd/ RetailNortheast
SP-14-16Rolls Royce & Maserati Building/ 5601 Capital Blvd/ Use Automobile DealershipNorth
SR-1-16Trinity Baptist Classroom Addition/4815 Six Forks Rd/ Classroom additionMidtown
SR-2-16New Hope Center/3810 & 3814 Bland Rd, 4106 Wake Forest Rd/ Office BuildingAtlantic
SR-4-16Litchford Road Apartments/ Litchford Rd, Johnsdale Rd. & Sylvia Dean St/ Residential Mixed Use 3 StoriesNorth
SR-5-16CVS Store/ 2411 Landmark Dr/ PharmacyNorthwest
Treeo Senior Living/ 5501 Departure Dr/ Congregate Care facilityNorth
SR-7-16The Oberlin Condominiums/904 Oberlin Rd/ Residential CondominiumsHillsborough
SR-8-16The Cottages at Filmore/ 1307 & 1315 Filmore St/ Single and attached homesFive Points
Flex Lab Building/ 1001 William Moore Dr/ Biomed Office and labWest
SR-10-16Wade Park IV/ 5444, 5438 Wade Park Blvd. and 1531 Christina La./ Office buildingWest
SR-11-16Taco Bell/ 6300 Battle Bridge Rd/ RestaurantSoutheast
SR-15-16Legacy at Brier Creek/ 7791 TW Alexander Dr/ OfficeNorthwest
SR-16-16540 Commercial Park Lot 2/ 3300 Ruritania St/ Flex CommercialNorth
SR-18-16NB5/ 527 and 529 New Bern Av. and part of 531 New Bern Av./ Residential CondominiumsNorth Central
SR-19-16The Lift/ 539 New Bern Av. and part of 531 New Bern Av./ Residential CondominiumsNorth Central
SR-20-16The Cardinal/ 711 &713 N. West St/ Bar and LoungeNorth Central
SR-21-16La Esquina Latina/ 1615 South Saunders St/ Office BuildingSouthwest
SR-22-16Hillsborough Street Apartment/ 1505 Hillsborough St/ ApartmentsHillsborough
SR-24-16JSF Glenwood/7700 Glenwood Av/ Self-service storageNorthwest
SR-25-16 616 Glenwood Av/616 Glenwood Avenue/ Bar/NightclubHillsborough
SR-26-16109 Park Avenue Apartments/ 105 & 109 Park Avenue, 106 & 108 Ashe Avenue/ ApartmentsHillsborough
SR-28-16Triangle Surgical Center Addition/ 7921 ACC Blvd/ Medical OfficeNorthwest
SR-29-16Atlantic Place/ 5621 Atlantic Av, 2339 & 2309 Spring Forest Rd/ Commercial RetailNorth
SR-30-16Animal Hospital and Office Flex Building/ 8504 Darton Way/ Animal Hospital/Flex buildingForestville
SR-32-16National Pawn/ 3906 & 3920 New Bern Av/ RetailNorth Central
SR-33-16Divine Gospel International/ 1600 Bethal Rd/ Religious InstitutionSoutheast
SR-34-16707 N. West St/ 707 N. West Street/ OfficeMordecai
SR-35-16Carolinas IT Building Expansion/ 1600 Hillsborough St/ OfficeHillsborough
SR-36-16928 Chaney Road/ 928 Chaney Rd/ Duplex-ResidentialWest
SR-37-16The Villages at Washington Terrace/ 2001 Booker Dr., 2030 Booker Dr. and 1810 Baker Grove Way/ ApartmentsNorth Central
SR-38-16Westgate Park Drive Lot 2/ 8801 Westgate Park Dr/ Flex BuildingNorthwest
SR-39-16Harvest Bible Chapel North Raleigh/ 2817 Spring Forest Rd/ Office and ChurchNorth
SR-41-17Harvest Plaza Center Storage/ 8904 Harvest Oak Dr/ Self-service storageNorth
SR-42-16West South Street Self Storage Center/4101 West South St/ Self-storageCentral
SR-43-16BCRD Holdings, LLC/ 9650 Brier Creek Pkwy/ RestaurantNorthwest
SR-45-16One Glenwood/ 605 and 609 Hillsborough St., 606 and 608 W. Morgan St./ Mixed Use Office and RetailHillsborough
SR-46-16Williams Grove Baptist Church/ 735 Rock Quarry Rd/ ChurchSouth Central
SR-47-16Ridgestone Apartments/ 11031 Raven Ridge Rd/ ApartmentsNorth
SR-49-163607 Marcom St/ 3607 Marcom St/ Duplex residenceWest
SR-50-16Brier Creek Apartments/ 10701 Globe Rd/ ApartmentsNorthwest
SR-51-16620 Wade/ 620 Wade Av/ Residential CondominiumsFive Points
SR-54-16Wattech Auto Service/ 1211 Corporation PKWY/ Auto ServiceSoutheast
SR-53-16Smokey Hollow/ 435 Wes Peace St/ Multi-family residential & retailNorth Central
SR-57-16910 Chaney Road Duplex/ 910 Chaney Rd/ Duplex-residentialWest
SR-60-16Poyner Village Parkway Office Building/ 5921 Poyner Village PKWY/ Office BuildingNortheast
SR-63-165401 North Apartments/ 7740 Midtown Market Av/ ApartmentsForestville
SR-64-16Shail Apartments/ 2531 Lineberry Dr/ ApartmentsSouthwest
SR-65-16Neurorestorative Group Home/ 4411 ST. James Church Rd/ Supportive Housing ResidenceNortheast
SR-66-16Boylan Flats Apartments/ 615 N. Boylan AV/ ApartmentHillsborough
SR-67-16Oberlin Road Office Building/ 1019 Oberlin Rd/ Office BuildingWade
SR-68-16Precious Lambs Early Learning Center/ 1100 Newton Rd/ Church PreschoolNorth
SR-69-16Atlantic Tire Service/ 13700 Falls of Neuse Rd/ Auto Tire ServiceNorth
SR-70-16Strickland Road Medical Building/ 13271 Strickland Rd/ medical buildingNorthwest
SR-72-165821 Retail/ 5821 Poyner Village PKWY/ RetailNortheast
SR-73-167811 Retail/ 7811 Middle Poyner Dr/ RetailNortheast
SR-74-167810 Retail/ 7810 Target Circle Dr/ RetailNortheast
SR-76-16Washington Terrace Child Care Center/2001 Booker Dr/ DaycareNorth Central
SR-77-16Providence Baptist Church/ 6339 Glenwood Ave./ ChurchNorthwest
SR-78-16113 Chamberlain/113 Chamberlain/ ApartmentsWade
SR-79-16102 Logan/ 102 Logan/ ApartmentWade
SR-80-16Amber Spring/ 5000 Spring Forest Rd/ ApartmentsNortheast
SR-81-16Leesville Road Market Place/ 9501 Leesville Rd/ RetailNorthwest
SR-82-161600 Cross Link Rd/ 1600 Cross Link Rd/ OfficeSouth
SR-84-16The Summit Church/ 3941 Capital Hills Dr/ ChurchNorth
SR-85-16611 West South/ 601,607,609,611,615 & 615 W South St and 712 S. Saunders St/ residential
SR-86-16Live Green/ 5001 Old Poole Rd/ Office and WarehouseSoutheast
SR-87-16Trailwood Apartments/ 1820 & 1824 Trailwood DR/ ApartmentsWest
SR-89-16TOURtech/ 1723 Roundrock Dr/ Light IndustrialNorth
SR-90-16522 S Harrington St/ 522 S. Harrington St/ Mixed useCentral
SR-91-16Homebanc/ 4509 Creedmoor Rd/ Office and CommercialNorthwest
SR-92-16301 Hillsborough/ 301 & 327 Hillsborough St/ Mixed useHillsborough
SR-96-16Ajinomoto Office Building Addition/ 4105 Poole Rd/ OfficeSoutheast
SR-97-16HQ 319 S. West Street Redevelopment/ 319 S. West St/ OfficeCentral
SR-98-16Holly Hill Hospital/ 201 Michael J Smith Lane/ Behavioral health hospitalSoutheast
SR-101-16North Hills East Tract D/ 4200 Six Forks/ Residential, Hotel, Retail and OfficeMidtown
SR-103-16502 W. Lenoir St/ 502 W. Lenoir St/ RestaurantCentral
SR-104-165401 North-Amenity/ 0 Beckom St/ CommercialForestville
SR-105-16City of Raleigh Fire Station # 14/ 3510,3504 & 3500 Harden Rd/ Fire StationNorthwest
SR-107-16Duplex at Milburnie Rd/ 2759 Milburnie Rd./ duplex
1114 N. State Street Subdivision/ 1114 N. State Street/ Detached HomesEast Raleigh
S-3-16Brinley Manor Subdivision/ 5320 Forestville Rd/Single Family HomesNortheast
S-4-16Wake Forest Mixed Use/ 2912 Wake Forest Rd/ Mixed Use- Retail and HotelAtlantic
S-5-16Englehardt Preserve/ 7201 Englehardt Drive/ Single Family SubdivisionNorthwest
S-6-16301 Powell Drive/ 301 Powell Drive/ ResidentialWest
S-7-16Stephen's Ridge/ 1301 Spring Forest Rd/ SubdivisionNorth
S-8-161117 South Person Street Subdivision/ 1117 South Person Street/ Single Family HousingCentral
S-9-16New Briar Patch Subdivision/ 1201 Briar Patch La/ Single FamilyNorth
S-12-16Stone's Warehouse Subdivision/ 500 E. Davis St, 419 S. East St, and 400 Chavis Way/ Mixed Use- Retail, Restaurant and TownhomesSouth Central
S-13-16 Hargett Place/ 125, 127 S. Bloodworth St, 116, 120 S. East St/ TownhomesCentral
S-14-16Waterview Townes at Buffaloe Rd/ 3612 Buffaloe Rd & 3601 Durwood La/ TownhomesNortheast
S-15-16Lucille Haley Subdivision/ 4430 Laurel Hills Rd/ ResidentialNorthwest
S-16-16Chaney Street Subdivision/ 910 Chaney St/ ResidentialWest
S-17-16Trinity Heights/ 5721, 573 and 5801 Trinity Rd/ TownhomesWest
S-18-16Washington Terrace/ 2001 Booker Dr, 2030 Booker Dr and 1810 Bakers Grove Way/ ApartmentsNorth Central
S-21-16Dixon Temple Subdivision/ 5313 Dixon Dr/ Single family residentialMidtown
S-22-16Hardwick Bend Subdivision/ 7900 Hardwick Dr/ Single family residentialNorth
S-23-16416 Lake Boone Trl/ 416 Lake Boone Trl/ Detached HomesNorth
S-24-16Creedmoor Preserve/ 8029 Creedmoor Rd & 8131 Creedmoor Rd/ ResidentialNorthwest
S-27-16Morning Ridge Subdivision/ 3001 Morningside Dr/ single familyNorthwest
S-28-16Pony Hedge Subdivision/ 1400 Hedgelawn Way/ single familyNorth
S-29-16Craig and Nancy Adams Subdivision/ 3517 Chaucer Place/ single familyMidtown
S-31-16Oberry Subdivision/ 2802 Oberry St/ single familyWade
S-32-16Kipawa Street Subdivision/ 2112 Kipawa St/ single familyGlenwood
S-33-16North Bluff 1/ Ridge Brook La/ single familySouthwest
S-34-16Fountain Subdivision/ 3509 Chaucer Place/ single familyMidtown
S-35-162213 Alexander Road Subdivision/ 2213 Alexander Rd/ single familyFive Points
S-36-16North Ridge/ 7200 Grist Mill Rd/ single familyNorth
S-37-16Windy Woods Drive Subdivision/ 2332 Windy Woods Dr/ residentialNorthwest
S-38-16 Sampson Street Subdivision/ 4308 Union St/ ResidentialMidtown
S-39-16Centennial Park Phase II/ 848 Lake Raleigh Rd/ TownhomesSouthwest
S-40-16Smokey Hollow Subdivision/ 600 North West St/ Mixed use multi-family residential & retailNorth Central
S-41-16Forest Hills Lot 6/ 810 Chamberlain St./ 1 single family and 1 duplexWade
S-42-16Inona Place/ 6000 & 6001 Inona Place/ TownhomesWest
S-44-16Currin Property/ 102 N. East St/ vacantNorth Central
S-45-16Huntley Subdivision/ 2617, 2707 & 2901 Shady Grove Rd/ Single familyNorthwest
S-48-16Barcroft Point/ 1213 Barcroft Place/ single familyNorth
S-49-16Randolph Drive/ 3018 Randolph Dr/ single family dwellingsGlenwood
S-50-16Idlewild Lot 2/ 319 Seawell Av/ residentialNorth Central
S-52-16Hilton Hotel/ 3415 Wake Forest Rd/ hotel, medical and office buildingMidtown
S-53-16Eva Mae Subdivision/ 1510 &1514 Eva Mae Dr/ duplex lotsSoutheast
S-54-16Manchester Drive Subdivision/ 622 & 642 Manchester Dr/ single familyMidtown
S-55-16Trinity Baptist Church/ 4815 Six Forks Rd/ ChurchMidtown
S-56-16Sunnybrook Pointe/ 3304 Pine Grove Rd, 413,417, 423,423A & 503 Sunnybrook Rd/ subdivisionSoutheast
S-57-16Method Oaks Subdivision/ 900 & 904 Method Rd/ residentialWest
S-58-16RHYS Corner/ 628 Macon Place/ two single family lotsMidtown
S-59-161519 Carson Street Subdivision/ 1519 Carson St/ single familyFive Points
S-60-16 RevisedCountry Club Granville Expansion/402 Forsyth St/ two single family lotsGlenwood
S-61-16North Hills East Subdivision/ 4000 Front at North Hills St/ Mixed UseMidtown
S-62-17Bloodworth Street Subdivision/ 923 S. Bloodworth St/ 3 single family lotsCentral
S-63-16Droessler Subdivision/ 1016 Gregg St./ ResidentialSouth Central
S-64-16RHYD Corner Subdivision/ 615 Sampson St & 4408 Pitt St/ single family lotsMidtown
S-65-16The New American House/1000 & 1100 Trailwood Dr/ ResidentialWest
S-66-16North Bluff - 2/ Ridge Brook Lane/ single familySoutheast
S-68-16Cannae Subdivision/ 409 & 411 Glascock St/ residentialMordecai
S-69-16Blue Ridge Road lots/ 3451 Blue Ridge Rd/ single family lotsNorthwest
S-70-16Spring Forest Subdivision/ 1709 Spring Forest Rd/ single family residentialNorth
S-71-16Carriage Hills Subdivision/ 3509 Carriage Dr/ residentialNorthwest
S-72-16705 E. Lenoir Street/ 705 E. Lenoir Street/ residentialSouth Central
S-73-16Lots 21 & 22 Addition to Idlewild/ 210 & 212 N. State Street/ single family residentialNorth Central
S-74-16Farrior Hills Bluff L3/ 114 Reynolds Rd/ residentialMidtown
S-76-169301 Leesville Rd Subdivision/ 9301 Leesville Rd/ OfficeNorthwest
S-77-16Cottages at Oban/ 4317, 4505 Tryon Rd & 2301 Dover Farm Rd/ single familyWest
S-80-16Crestview Road Subdivision/ 114 & 118 Crestview Rd/ ResidentialMidtown
S-81-16Terry Street/ 4806 Terry Street/ single familyMidtown
S-82-16Hay Corner Subdivision/ 7725 Harps Mill Rd/ two single family lotsNorth


001-15-MW1100 W. Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
002-15-MW704 N. East StreetOakwood
003-15-MW219 E. Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
007-15-MW3056 Granville DriveFadum House
008-15-MW415 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
009-15-MW326 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
010-15-MW207 Fayetteville StreetRoyster Building
011-15-MW500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
012-15-MW118 S. Person StreetMoore Square
013-15-MW219 E. Lenoir StreetPrince Hall
014-15-MW519 Euclid StreetOakwood
015-15-MW10 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
016-15-MW515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
017-15-MW605 Polk StreetOakwood
019-15-MW500 Polk StreetOakwood
020-15-MW225 E. South StreetPrince Hall
021-15-MW318 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
022-15-MW227 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
023-15-MW500 Block John Haywood WayBlount Street
024-15-MW4028 Carya DriveOak View
025-15-MW525 E. Lane StreetOakwood
026-15-MW538 E. Jones StreetOakwood
027-15-MW216 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
028-15-MW630 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
032-15-MW325 Polk StreetOakwood
034-15-MW623 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
035-15-MW414 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
036-15-MW213 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
037-15-MW717 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
038-15-MW510 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
039-15-MW408 N. Person StreetOakwood
041-15-MW705 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
042-15-MW600 Leonidas CourtOakwood
043-15-MW322 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
044-15-MW218 N. East StreetOakwood
049-15-MW218 N. East StreetOakwood
050-15-MW505 Jefferson StreetGlenwood Fire Station
051-15-MW520 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
052-15-MW615 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
053-15-MW409 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
054-15-MW529 N. East StreetOakwood
057-15-MW420 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
064-15-MW511 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
065-15-MW6 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
066-15-MW109 N. East StreetOakwood
067-15-MW409 E. Jones StreetOakwood
068-15-MW511 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
069-15-MW515 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
070-15-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
071-15-MW414 Glenwood AvenuePine State Creamery
072-15-MW708 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
073-15-MW409 E. Jones StreetOakwood
074-15-MW1 Mimosa StreetMordecai Historic Park
075-15-MW118 N. East StreetOakwood
076-15-MW717 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
077-15-MW607 N. East StreetOakwood
078-15-MW136 E. Morgan StreetMoore Square
079-15-MW219 E. South StreetPrince Hall
080-15-MW313 Polk StreetOakwood
081-15-MW602 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
090-15-MW515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
091-15-MW316 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
092-15-MW402 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
093-15-MW610 Polk StreetOakwood
094-15-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
095-15-MW500 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
096-15-MW525 E. Lane StreetOakwood
097-15-MW101 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
099-15-MW518 E. Lane StreetOakwood
100-15-MW408 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
104-15-MW548 E. Jones StreetOakwood
105-15-MW535 N. East StreetOakwood
106-15-MW401 E. Jones StreetOakwood
107-15-MW225 Linden AvenueOakwood
108-15-MW1020 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
109-15-MW817 Hillsborough StreetBoylan Apartments
110-15-MW917 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
111-15-MW415-421 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
112-15-MW120 E. Edenton StreetCapitol Square
113-15-MW600 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
114-15-MW207 Linden AvenueOakwood
115-15-MW701 N. East StreetOakwood
116-15-MW1020 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
119-15-MW223 Elm StreetOakwood
120-15-MW525 E. Lane StreetOakwood
126-15-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
127-15-MW319 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
129-15-MW1111 Haynes StreetPilot-Crompton Mill
130-15-MW323 Pace StreetOakwood
134-15-MW425 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
135-15-MW500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
136-15-MW519 E. Jones StreetOakwood
137-15-MW208 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
138-15-MW510 Polk StreetOakwood
139-15-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
140-15-MW109 N. East StreetOakwood
141-15-MW547 E. Jones StreetOakwood
142-15-MW211 E. South StreetPrince Hall
143-15-MW717 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
144-15-MW217 E. South StreetPrince Hall
154-15-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
156-15-MW215 Wolfe StreetMoore Square
157-15-MW213 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
158-15-MW521 Watauga StreetOakwood
159-15-MW120 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
160-15-MW611 N. East StreetOakwood
161-15-MW422 N. Person StreetOakwood
163-15-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
164-15-MW912 Williamson DrivePhilip Rothstein House
170-15-MW520 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
171-15-MW515 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
172-15-MW536 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
173-15-MW500 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
174-15-MW206 Linde AvenueOakwood
181-15-MW409 E. Jones StreetOakwood
182-15-MW516 N. Person StreetOakwood
183-15-MW723 Saint Mary's StreetBroughton High School
184-15-MW225 E. South StreetPrince Hall
185-15-MWBloodworth Street Right-of-WayOakwood
GH 2-15Sycamore Run Apartments/ 4629 Old Poole Rd/ ApartmentsSoutheast
Corporate Center Apartments/ 1229 Nowell Rd/ Multi-family Apartments
GH-4-15 Wakefield Commons Apartments/ Common Oaks Dr/ ApartmentsNorth
SP-3-15Magnolia Grove Apartments/ 4720 Louisburg Rd/ Apartments
SP-9-15Crabtree Commons Lot 3/ 4600 Crabtree Valley Av/ Retail
SP-11-15Whiskey Kitchen/ 201 West Martin St/ Eating Establishment, Bar & Lounge
SP-21-15 Christ Episcopal Building Expansion/ 120 E. Edenton St/ Kitchen and Public Space
North Central
SP-25-15309 N. Dawson St/ 309 N. Dawson St/ Restaurant and Event Space
North Central
SP-32-15Dock 1053/ 1053 East Whitaker Mill Rd/ Mixed use retail center
East Raleigh
SP-35-15Poole Rd & South New Hope Rd/ 4401 Poole Rd/ Commercial
SP-38-15Sheetz Hwy 401/ 6970 Perry Creek Rd, & 7501, 75011 Ramble Way/ Convenience StoreForestville
SP-42-15ATEB Headquarters Expansion/ 11125 Forest Pines Dr/ Office
SP-44-15Charter Square North Tower/ 501 Fayetteville St/ Residential w/ ground floor Retail and OfficeCentral
SP-46-15Auto Body Shop/ 4451 Bullock Farm Rd/ Retail Sales - highway
SP-49-15Valvoline Instant Oil Change/ 8315 Falls of Neuse Rd/ Automotive Service
SP-53-15Greyhound Apartments/ 314 W. Jones, 208 N. Harrington St & 328 W. Jones/ Apartments
North Central
SP-55-1511 N. West Parking Lot/ 11 N. West St/ Parking Lot
North Central
SP-66-15Triangle Springs/ 10901 World Trade Blvd/ Institutional/HospitalNorthwest
SP-72-15 Handee Hugo's #98/ 9910 Sellona St/ Gas Station
SP-73-15Drum & Draught/ 623 Hillsborough St/ Tavern
SP-79-15MGP Retail Grocery Store/ 4308 Wake Forest Rd, 4400 Old Wake Forest Rd, 1603 Ronald Dr/ Grocery StoreAtlantic
SR-1-15Alexander Place Apartments/ 7651 ACC Blvd. / ApartmentsNorthwest
SR-2-15NC Student Rentals LLC/ 4109 Reavis Rd/ Rental ApartmentsWest
SR-3-15 Evans Place/ 129 Pineland Circle/ Two duplex attached homes West
SR-4-15200 East Apartments/ 200 E. Six Forks Rd/ ApartmentsMidtown
SR-5-15The Bluff at Walnut Creek/ 1920 & 1930 S. New Hope Rd/ ApartmentsSoutheast
SR-6-15Hillsborough Development/ 2304 Hillsborough St/ Mixed Use ResidentialWade
SR-7-15Studio 1912/ 1912 Hillsborough St/ Mixed Use ResidentialWade
SR-8-15Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal M.I./ 2331 New Bern Av/ ResidentialEast
SR-9-15Villages at Lake Boone Trail Phase 1/ 2412 Landmark Dr/ Multi Family ResidentialNorthwest
SR-11-15Skyland Ridge/ 7850 Brier Creek Parkway/ Medical Office, Retail and RestaurantNorthwest
SR-12-15E-40 Elementary School/ 210 North Rogers La/ Elementary SchoolSoutheast
SR-13-15Panera @ Village at Lake Boone/ Landmark Dr/ RestaurantNorthwest
SR-16-15Buffaloe New Hope Commercial Development/ 3606 N. Hope Rd & 4100 Buffaloe Rd/ Commercial-RetailNortheast
SR-17-15Brooks Elementary/ 700 Northbrook Dr/ Elementary SchoolMidtown
SR-18-15Bluestone Apartments/ Fox Rd/ Residential ApartmentsNortheast
SR-19-15Childrens Lighthouse/13401 Leesville Church Rd/ Day Care CenterNorthwest
SR-20-15Olive Park Retail Center/9444 falls of Neuse Rd/ Commercial Retail CenterNorth
SR-21-15Dillon/ block of S. West, S. Harrington, W. Hargett and W. Martin St/ Mixed use Office, retail & ResidentialCentral
SR-22-15Soul Reapers Worship Center/ 3520 Forestville Rd/ Religious InstitutionForestville
SR-23-15Stone's Warehouse/500 East Davie St, 419 South East St, 400 Chavis Way/ Mixed Use-Retail, Food Production, Restaurant and TownhousesSouth Central
S-1-151416 Ridge Road Subdivision/ 1416 Ridge Rd/ Single Family
S-2-15Lumley Road Development/ 9621 Lumley Rd/ Warehouse/Storage
S-3-15Longleaf Estates/ 2628 Forestville Rd/ Single family
S-4-15 The Oasis/ 5520 Louisburg Rd/ Single family
S-5-15North Grove/ 1600 W. Millbrook Rd/ Single family
S-7-15 Pineland Circle/ 101 Pineland Circle/ Single family
S-8-15Lots 8 & 8R D.L. Jordan Subdivision/ 3339 Cheswick Dr/ Residential
S-9-15 Starview Lot 49 Subdivision/ 2124 Kipawa St/ Single family
S-10-15Whitaker Mill Subdivision/ 124 E. Whitaker Mill and 1629 Sunrise/ single family
Five Points
S-11-15Tryon Road Townes/ 2828 Tryon Rd/ Townhouses
S-12-15Poole & New Hope Road Development/ 4401 Poole Rd/ Commercial
S-13-15Howard Place Subdivision/ 3528 Catalano Dr/ Residential
S-14-15Chestnut Hills Lot 13/ 721 Manchester Dr/ Single family
S-15-15Lockwood Subdivision Lots 294 & 294R/ 904 Culppeper La/ Residential
S-16-15Boulevard 39A & 39B/ 4106 Reavis Rd/ ResidentialWest
S-17-15Gordon Street Subdivision/ 2701 Gordon St/ Single family
S-18-15Farrior Hills Lot 5/ 4217 Lambeth Dr/ Single family
S-19-15Skyway Towers Subdivision/ 2920 Kidd Rd/ Wireless Telecommunication facility
S-20-15Barmettler Street Lot 5 Subdivision/ 2818 Barmettler St/ Single family
S-21-15Mills Street Townhomes/ 1039 Mills St/ Townhouses
Five Points
S-23-15Suncrest Village Phase 4/ 3901 Suncrest Village La/ Single family
S-24-15Haymarket Village Lot 42/ 7912 Hardwick Dr/ Single family
S-25-152322 Wade/ 2322 Wade Av/ Single family
S-27-15Westlake at Country Trail III/ 8215 Leesville Rd/ Residential SubdivisionNorthwest
S-28-15New Road/ 615 New Rd/ Single family
Five Points
S-29-15Alliance Medical Ministry/ 101 Donald Ross Dr/ Medical Ministry
S-30-15 Edwards Subdivision/ 412 & 408 Heather Dr/ Single family
S-31-15Mills Street/ 733 & 727 Mills St/ Single family
Five Points
S-32-15Caraleigh Commons Subdivision/ 649 & 501 Maywood Av/ Mixed Residential
S-33-15Jill Maurer/ 6612 Rest Haven Dr/ Single family
S-34-15Husband Subdivision/ 111 Plainview Av/ ResidentialEast Raleigh
S-36-15Pineland Forest/ 124 & 128 Pineland Circle/ Single family

Singleton Place/ 9701 Forum Dr/ Detached homes

S-38-15Jade/ 109 E. Aycock St., 1702 Bickett Blvd/ Single family
Five Points
S-39-15North Ridge Lot 31/ 1300 Hedgelawn Way/ Single family
S-40-15Oakwood Townes/ 705 N. Boundary St/ Residential
S-41-15Bacarra II/ 6300 Canary Falls La/ Multi-family Apartments
S-42-15Chestnut Hills, Lot 14/ 1121 Wimbleton Dr/ Residential
S-43-15North Hills Lot 27/ 5229 Coronado Dr/ Single family
S-44-15Bolick Park/ 5005 & 5007 Western Blvd/ Single familyWest
S-45-15French Drive Subdivision/ 1929 French Dr/ Residential
S-46-15Brier Creek Mini Storage/ 7620 ACC Blvd/ Mini storage
S-47-15Catalano Place/ 3513 Catalano Dr/ Residential
S-48-15Medway Drive/ 2462 Medway Dr/ Single familyFive Points
S-49-15Idlewoood Village/ 3401 Idlewood Village Dr/ Residential
S-50-15Dairyland Subdivision/ 3337 Thomas Rd/ Residential
S-51-15Mayview Road Subdivision/ 2709 Mayview Rd/ Single family
S-53-1512000 Leesville Rd/ 12008, 12004, 12000 and 11904 Leesville Rd/ Residential SubdivisionNorthwest
S-54-15Apsan Estates/ 4114 Westwood Pl/ Single family
S-56-15Lathan Subdivision/Northwood Dr/Single familyMidtown
S-57-15West Street Townhomes/612, 614, 616 & 618 S. West St/ Mixed Use-TownhomesCentral
S-58-15Fairview Section of Budleigh/ 2632 Fairview Rd/ Single familyWade
S-59-15Phelps Road/ 513 Phelps Av & 2632 Bedford Av/ Single familyWade
S-60-15Camley Hills/ 3804, 3806, 3808 & 3810 Noremac Dr/ Detached HomesNorthwest
S-61-15Reavis Road Subdivision/ 4200 Reavis Rd/ Single family
S-62-15 Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 9/ 600 Virginia Av/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-63-15 Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 42/719 Virginia Av/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-68-15Shawood Drive Subdivision/ 5809 Shawood Dr/ Single family
S-64-15Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 16/ 715 Sasser St/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-65-15Oakdale at Mordecai Lot 18/ 719 Sasser St/ SubdivisionMordecai
S-66-15Longleaf Estates Phases 7 & 8/ 2628 Forestville Rd & 0 Canyon Dr/Single family detached HousingRametta
S-67-15Fleming Property/ 304 North Person St and 311 East lane St/ single familyNorth Central
S-69-15Skyland Ridge/ 7850 Brier Creek Pkwy/ Medical Office, Retail and Residential
S-70-15Jean Drive/ 6515 & 6519 Jean Dr/ Single family SubdivisionNorth
S-72-15Sycamore Run Apts./ 4629 Old Poole Rd / Group HousingSoutheast
S-73-15Laurel Hills Lot 3-A/4226 Arbutus Dr/ Single Family lotsNorthwest
S-75-15Nowell Property/ 145 Pineland Circle/ ResidentialWest
S-76-15Legacy at Brier Creek/ 7751 Brier Creek Parkway/ OfficeNorthwest
S-77-15Raleigh Dairyland/ 3312 Thomas Rd/ Single FamilyGlenwood
S-78-15Providence Creek/ 7001 Leesville Rd/ Single FamilyNorthwest
S-79-15City Walk/ 6000 Oak Forest Dr/ ResidentialNorth
S-80-15Marilyn Drive/ 1009 Marilyn Dr/ Single Family ResidentialGlenwood
S-81-155501 Departure Drive/ 5501 Departure Dr/ Congregate Care FacilityNorth


AAD-1-14Emerson GlenSouthwest
405 Polk Street
002-14-MW4028 Carya DriveOak View
007-14-MW914 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
008-14-MW516 Euclid StreetOakwood
009-14-MW606 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
010-14-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
011-14-MW605 Elm StreetOakwood
018-14-MW404 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
019-14-MW15 E. Martin StreetMoore Square
020-14-MW513 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
021-14-MW515 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
022-14-MW315 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
023-14-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
024-14-MW519 E. Lane StreetOakwood
025-14-MW253 S. Salisbury StreetMahler Building
026-14-MW516 Euclid StreetOakwood
027-14-MW3108 Hillmer DriveCrabtree Jones House
030-14-MW702 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
031-14-MW917 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
032-14-MW520 Method RoadSt. James AME Church
033-14-MW225 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
034-14-MW620 W. Cabarrus StreetBoylan Heights
035-14-MW611 Polk StreetOakwood
036-14-MW701 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
037-14-MW412 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
038-14-MW525 Euclid StreetOakwood
039-14-MW112 S. Salisbury StreetCapitol Square
040-14-MW520 S. Person StreetPrince Hall
041-14-MW309 Bloodworth Street
046-14-MW131 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
047-14-MW425 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
048-14-MW125 N. Harrington StreetCP&L Car Barn & Garage
049-14-MW218 N. East StreetOakwood
050-14-MW516 Polk StreetOakwood
051-14-MW415 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
052-14-MW515 N. Blount StreetLewis-Smith House
053-14-MW525 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
054-14-MW1114 W. Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
055-14-MW112 S. Salisbury StreetCapitol Square
056-14-MW120 W. Hargett StreetCapitol Square
057-14-MW609 Polk StreetOakwood
058-14-MW639 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
063-14-MW410 Morson StreetOakwood
064-14-MW410 Morson StreetOakwood
065-14-MW400 Kinsey StreetBoylan Heights
066-14-MW704 N. East StreetOakwood
067-14-MW204 E. Franklin StreetOakwood
068-14-MW527 Euclid StreetOakwood
069-14-MW519 Polk StreetOakwood
070-14-MW521 N. East StreetOakwood
071-14-MW125 N. Harrington StreetCP&L Car Barn & Garage
072-14-MW323 Pace StreetOakwood
073-14-MW118 S. Person StreetTabernacle Baptist Church
074-14-MW115 W. Morgan StreetRaleigh Water Tower
075-14-MW504 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
076-14-MW542 E. Jones StreetOakwood
082-14-MW403 Elm StreetOakwood
083-14-MW324 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
084-14-MW15 E. Martin StreetMoore Square
085-14-MW505 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
086-14-MW16 N. East StreetOakwood
087-14-MW206 New Bern PlaceCapitol Square
088-14-MW543 E. Jones StreetOakwood
089-14-MW519 E. Lane StreetOakwood
090-14-MW731 S. Boylan AvenueBoylan Heights
091-14-MW217 Linden AvenueOakwood
092-14-MW306 Pell StreetOakwood
093-14-MW30 Watauga Club DriveHolladay Hall
094-14-MW501 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
095-14-MW405 N. East StreetOakwood
096-14-MW106 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
097-14-MW3108 Hillmer DriveCrabtree Jones House
098-14-MW315 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
099-14-MW518 Elm StreetOakwood
100-14-MW15 N. Tarboro RoadSt. Monicas School
101-14-MW605 Elm StreetOakwood
109-14-MW311 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
110-14-MW605 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
111-14-MW549 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
112-14-MW916 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
113-14-MW610 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
114-14-MW634 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
115-14-MW400 Fayetteville StreetSir Walter Hotel
117-14-MW413 Watauga StreetOakwood
118-14-MW605 Elm StreetOakwood
120-14-MW407 Polk StreetOakwood
128-14-MW322 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
129-14-MW322 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
130-14-MW322 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
131-14-MW407 Polk StreetOakwood
132-14-MWVarious StreetsBlount St. HODs, Capitol Sq., Oakwood, & Prince Hall
133-14-MW1100 Wake Forest RoadMary Elizabeth Hospital
134-14-MW205 Wolfe StreetMoore Square
135-14-MW609/611 N. East StreetOakwood
136-14-MW528 Elm StreetOakwood
137-14-MWMultiple IntersectionsBoylan Heights
147-14-MW301 N. Blount Street
Blount Street
148-14-MW1535 Caraleigh Mills
Caraleigh Mills
149-14-MW513 Florence StreetBoylan Heights
150-14-MW214 New Bern PlaceCapitol Square
151-14-MW409 Polk StreetOakwood
153-14-MW217 E. South StreetPrince Hall
154-14-MW324 E. Davie StreetPrince Hall
155-14-MW800 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
156-14-MW314 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
157-14-MW315 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
158-14-MW1026 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
159-14-MW805 Lenoir StreetBoylan Heights
160-14-MW235 Salisbury StreetCarolina Trust Building
164-14-MW1101 Haynes StreetPilot Mills
165-14-MW420 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
166-14-MW404 E. Edenton StreetOakwood
167-14-MW621 Polk StreetOakwood
168-14-MW1101 Pender StreetO'Rorke Catholic Cemetery
169-14-MW625 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
170-14-MW103 N. East StreetOakwood
171-14-MW821 Runnymede Road
Matsumoto House
177-14-MW214 E. Martin Street
Moore Square
178-14-MW131 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
179-14-MW504 E. Jones StreetOakwood
180-14-MW319 Polk StreetOakwood
181-14-MW910 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
182-14-MW218 & 220 S. Blount Street
Moore Square
183-14-MW110 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
184-14-MW612 Polk Street
185-14-MW409 Oakwood AvenueOakwood
186-14-MW507 N. East Street
187-14-MW413 New Bern AvenueOakwood
188-14-MW708 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
195-14-MW401 E. Whitaker Mill RoadWake County Home
196-14-MW606 E. Lane StreetOakwood
197-14-MW218 and 220 S. Blount StreetMoore Square
GH-1-14Calvary TraceAtlantic
GH-2-14Greenway Village Phase IIGlenwood
SP-8-14Rex Hospital Heart and Vascular TowerNorthwest
SP-14-143515 GlenwoodGlenwood
SP-17-14McNeil PointeFive Points
SP-19-141301 HillsboroughHillsborough
SP-20-14Taverna AgoraNorth Central
SP-21-142811 Hillsborough StreetWade
SP-29-14Wake Health Services BuildingSouth Central
SP-36-14Raleigh Union Station Phase 1Central
SP-50-141300 St. Mary's CondominiumsFive Points
SP-41-14Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh CathedralSouthwest
SP-48-14Union Bank at Strickland RoadNorth
SP-51-14 Holiday Inn Express Brier CreekNorthwest
SP-55-143515 GlenwoodGlenwood
SP-59-14Residence InnCentral
SP-61-14Local Federal Credit UnionAtlantic
SP-62-14Hyatt HouseNorthwest
SP-66-14Overture at CrabtreeNorthwest
MP-1-14Caraleigh CommonsSouthwest
SR-1-14North Raleigh Methodist Parking Lot
SR-3-14All Saints Anglican ChurchWest
SR-4-14Green ElementaryMidtown
SR-5-14Iglesia Nuevo RanacerSouth
SR-6-14Henderson Street Parking LotWade
SR-8-14Boulevard Park Subdivision Lot 1-AWest
SR-9-14Athens Drive High School New StadiumWest
SR-10-14Hillsborough LoftsUniversity
SR-11-14Emerson GlenSouthwest
SR-12-14Friendly Drive Residential Mixed UseWade
SR-13-14E-36 Elementary SchoolNortheast
SR-14-14Bacarra IIWest
SR-15-145908 Six Forks RdNorth
S-1-14Powell Property Lot 1 & 2West
S-2-14Southlight SubdivisionSouth
S-3-14Wade Park OfficeWest
S-4-14Westlake at Country Trail II SubdivisionNorthwest
S-5-14Prescott PlaceNorth
S-6-14Pleasant PointNorthwest
S-7-14Western Park SubdivisionWest
S-8-14Hi Mount SubdivisionFive Points
S-10-14Country Club Crest SubdivisionGlenwood

Robertson Subdivision

S-12-14Capital Center Business ParkWest
S-14-14Darton Way Subdivision/ 8402 Darton Way/ SubdivisionForestville
S-15-14The Reserve at BrookhavenNorthwest
S-16-14Catholic Cathedral SubdivisionSouthwest
S-17-14Wyndcrest Compact Development SubdivisionNorthwest
S-18-145401 North Lots 15-17Forestville
S-19-14Greenway Village SubdivisionGlenwood
S-20-14Pinebrook HillsNorthwest
S-21-14Holden Ridge SubdivisionForestville
S-22-14Courtland SubdivisionNorthwest
S-23-14Club Drive SubdivisionNorthwest
S-24-14Chestnut Hills Lot 60North
S-25-14Rhino SubdivisionGlenwood
S-26-14Bryan J. Benton Family TrustWade
S-27-14Gabriel's BendNorthwest
S-28-14Haywood Oaks SubdivisionNorthwest
S-29-14Lot 40 HaymarketNorth
S-31-14Lambeth Drive SubdivisionMidtown
S-33-14Gresham PlaceNorth
S-32-14Gresham Park SubdivisionNorth
S-34-14Fairfield Inn Suites HotelNorthwest
S-35-14Albright Road SubdivisionNorthwest
S-36-14Ebenezer Park Lots 11 & 12Northwest
S-37-143405 Ocotea Street SubdivisionGlenwood
S-38-14Callahan SubdivisionNorth
S-39-14Dillard Property SubdivisionNorthwest
S-40-14Allure HomesGlenwood
S-41-14Harris Crossing SubdivisionForestville
S-42-14310 Seawell AvenueNorth Central
S-43-14Betty S. Smith SubdivisionNortheast
S-44-14JF-1 SubdivisionWest
S-45-14Evan TownesWest
S-46-14Chestnut Hills Lot 59Midtown
S-47-14 Country Trails EstatesNorthwest
S-48-14Townes at CheswickMidtown
S-49-14Brookhaven EstatesNorthwest
S-50-14The Village of Lake Boone TrailNorthwest
S-51-14DMI Storage SubdivisionNorth
S-53-145401 North Lots 20Forestville
S-54-14Hines SubdivisionMidtown
S-56-14Eden LaneWade
S-57-14Fairfax Section III Lots 1 & 2North

Inwood Baptist Church Subdivision

S-59-14 Raleigh Beach Road SubdivisionNortheast
S-60-14Chestnut Hills Lots 53 & 54Midtown
S-61-14Breedlove Subdivision Lot 12Five Points
S-62-14Reserve at Grayson

Oxford Park Lot 80

Five Points
S-64-14Empowerment PlaceSouthwest


138-13-MW919 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
139-13-MW309 Linden AvenueOakwood
140-13-MW504 N. East StreetOakwood
141-13-MW215 N. East StreetOakwood
148-13-MW106 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
149-13-MW3015 Wake Forest RoadCrabtree Jones House
150-13-MW226 E. Martin StreetMoore Square
151-13-MW709 Dorothea DriveBoylan Heights
152-13-MW1100 Wake Forest RoadMary Elizabeth Hospital
153-13-MW1021 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
154-13-MW917 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
155-13-MW318 Cutler StreetBoylan Heights
156-13-MW414 N. East StreetOakwood
160-13-MW15 E. Peace StreetBlount Street
162-13-MW206 E. Peace StreetBlount Street
165-13-MW323 Pace StreetOakwood
166-13-MW520 N. East Street
167-13-MW525 E. Lane Street
168-13-MW602 Oakwood Avenue
169-13-MW516 Euclid Street
170-13-MW702 N. Blount Street
Blount Street
171-13-MW821 Runnymede Road
Matsumoto House
172-13-MW524 E. Jones StreetOakwood
173-13-MW523 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
174-13-MW601 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
175-13-MW516 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
176-13-MW606 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
178-13-MW702 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
186-13-MW504 N. East StreetOakwood
187-13-MW504 E. Jones StreetOakwood
188-13-MW212 Linden AvenueOakwood
189-13-MW516 N. Boundary StreetOakwood
196-13-MW911 W. South StreetBoylan Heights
197-13-MW3210 Hillsborough StreetRaleigh Nehi Bottling Co.
198-13-MW113 S. Wilmington StreetMoore Square
199-13-MW533 N. Bloodworth StreetOakwood
200-13-MW500 & 510 N. Blount StreetBlount Street
North Shore Condominiums Southwest
GH-2-13Casper ParkWest
GH-4-13Windy Hill ApartmentsNorth
GH-6-13Greenway Village at Lake BooneGlenwood/Northwest
GH-7-13Park Place ApartmentsForestville
GH-9-13Meridian at Sutton SquareNorth
GH-13-13The Avenues IIAtlantic
Dairy Land Lots 20 & 21 Recombination
IR-2-13 Cain & Burlington Infill Wade
IR-3-13Lakeview RidgeGlenwood

No cases at this time
SP-1-13 Family Dollar Mitchell Mill Road Forestville
SP-7-13The Pointe at CreedmoorNorthwest
SP-12-13WakeMed North Healthplex AdditionNorth
SP-13-13Family Dollar at Lake WheelerSouthwest
SP-14-13Tryon SquareWest
SP-15-13Edison OfficeCentral
SP-18-13 Dillon Supply Warehouse
Redevelopment Phase 2
SP-19-13Teen CenterNorth Central
SP-20-13The LincolnCentral
SP-21-13 Charter Square Central
SP-24-13Glennwood Place ApartmentsGlenwood
SP-30-13Our Lady of LourdesFive Points
SP-32-13Bell View HotelWade
SP-33-13Holly Hill Inpatient HospitalSoutheast
SP-37-13Sunnybrook Road Apartments Phase IIEast & Southeast
SP-41-13Glenlake Office Building VNorthwest
SP-42-13Sunshine Office BuildingNorth
SP-45-13616 OberlinHillsborough
SP-46-132600 GlenwoodGlennwood
SP-47-13M-8 Middle SchoolNorthwest
SP-49-13West Apartments IINorth Central
SP-51-13Walgreens - Leesville RoadNorthwest
SP-53-13State Auto Care and Used TiresCentral
SP-55-13Enterprise Car SalesNorthwest
SP-56-13Walgreens - Perry CreekForestville
SP-60-13Hibernia Beer GardenHillsborough
SP-62-13Rex Hospital Parking DeckNorthwest
SP-64-13McClatchy Interactive AdditionCentral
SR-2-13Rare Oberlin Investments Medical Office BuildingWade
SR-3-13Lake Johnson CenterWest
SR-4-13Duraleigh OfficesNorthwest

No cases at this time
S-2-13 Wakefield Lot M North
S-3-13 Old Oak Commons Northwest
S-4-13Purrington EastNorthwest
S-5-13 Purrington West Northwest
S-6-13Terrebon EstatesNorthwest
F. R. Andrews Subdivision
S-8-13Westlake at Country Trail
S-9-13 Dorothea Commons Central
S-10-13Duke Energy Spring Forest RdNorth
S-11-13Essex at Glen EdenNorthwest
S-12-13 Wimberley Subdivision North Central
S-14-13 Brewer Street Infill Five Points
S-15-13 The Grove at Fallon Park Five Points
S-16-13 Peace Street Townes North Central
S-17-13Wade Avenue Townhomes
S-18-13 Vanderbilt Homes Midtown
S-19-13Cunningham Infill Subdivision
Six Forks
S-20-13Henry J. Cromartie Property Subdivision
North Central
S-22-13Oakwood Avenue & North State StreetNorth Central
S-23-13Brier Creek Market Subdivision
S-24-13Worth Street SubdivisionCentral
S-25-13Stonehenge Manor SubdivisionNorthwest
S-26-13Charles Westbrook Subdivision
S-27-13The 10 at South PersonCentral
S-28-13Waters Infill Subdivision
S-29-13Triangle Town Center SubdivisionNortheast
S-30-13McDonalds - Wake Forest Road SubdivisionAtlantic
S-31-13Neuse Ridge Phase IVSoutheast
S-32-13Bernard StreetFive Points
S-34-13Kilgore Avenue SubdivisionWade
S-35-13Landings at Neuse Crossing SubdivisionNortheast
S-38-13Old Lead Mine Road SubdivisionNorth
S-39-13Jordan PropertyWade
S-40-13Paces ForestNorth
S-41-13Towers Street Dodd Street/ 920, 922 and 924 Tower St/ residentialWade
S-44-13Campus North SubdivisionNorth
S-45-13Westgate Road SubdivisionNorthwest
S-46-13Bellewood Forest SubdivisionGlenwood
S-47-13Neuse River EstatesNortheast
S-48-13Thornton Commons Forestville
S-50-13Highland Creek Subdivision - Phase 10 RevisionNortheast
S-51-13Joseph S. Hogan & John Daly SubdivisionGlenwood
S-52-13Atlantic Avenue SubdivisionAtlantic
S-53-13Hampton Road Subdivision Lots 122 & 123Glenwood
S-54-13Chestnut Hills Subdivision Lot 36North
S-56-13Linden Avenue SubdivisionNorth Central
S-57-13Cambridge Road SubdivisionWade
S-58-13The SaintHillsborough
S-59-13Northridge Lot 23 SubdivisionNorth
S-61-13Blueberry Drive SubdivisionNorthwest


Case # Name CAC
GH-1-12 Bainbridge Six Forks
GH-2-12 Clairmont at Capital Northeast
GH-3-12 The Avenues Atlantic
GH-4-12Jones Grant ApartmentsMidtown
GH-5-12Crabtree CommonsNorthwest
GH-6-12 Brighton Pointe Apartments Forestville
GH-7-12 Bacarra West
GH-9-12 Maystone at Wakefield North
IR-2-12 Red Hawk Contracting Lots 105 & 106
MP-1-12 Crabtree Village Master Plan
MP-2-12Stanhope Center AmendmentWade

Glenwood Ave. - T.W. Alexander Dr. Amendment

SP-3-12 Whale-n Convenience Store
SP-6-12 Wake Technical Community College Parking Lot G Northeast
SP-9-12 513 West Peace Street Hillsborough
SP-11-12 Passage Homes Coleman Street South Central
SP-12-12 Carmax - Raleigh Northeast
SP-13-12 Sheetz at Dixie Forest North
SP-16-12 Skyhouse Apartments Central
SP-18-12 Sheetz at Millbrook Atlantic
SP-22-12 2604 Hillsborough Street Wade
SP-26-12 Waffle House Dixie Forest North
SP-29-12Sunnybrook Road Gas StationSouth
SP-30-12 Southbridge Fellowship Church Northwest
SP-32-12 Dillon Supply Warehouse Redevelopment Central
SP-38-12Hayes Barton Family Life Center AdditionFive Points
SP-40-12 Mattress Firm at Wake Forest Road Midtown
SP-41-12 Learning Services Southeast
SP-44-12 Family Dollar Store Rock Quarry Road South
SP-45-12 BB&T Litchford Road North
SP-48-12The L Building Mixed Use DevelopmentCentral
SP-57-12 Link Apartments at Glenwood South North Central
SU-3-12 American Tower Corporation
North Central
SU-4-12The Raleigh Times BarCentral
S-1-12 Idlewild Avenue Subdivision North Cental
S-2-12 Woodfield Marshall Park Townhomes Northwest
S-3-12 Lot 65 North Raleigh Meadows Townhomes North
S-4-12 First Assembly of God Northwest
S-5-12 3009 Skycrest Drive Subdivision Northeast
S-6-12 Wakefield Plantation Club Villas Revision North
S-7-12 Sunnybrook Road Apartments East
S-8-12 Renaissance Park Phases 8, 9, 10, and 11 Southwest
S-11-12 Falls Glen Phase 4 - Cluster Unit Development North
S-12-12 T.W. Alexander Place Amendment Northwest
S-13-12 Brookhaven Place Subdivision Northwest
S-14-12 1009 Gardner Street Wade
S-15-12 River Run Phases 4 & 5 North
S-16-12The Gower Center at BattlebridgeSoutheast
S-17-12 Weiser Garner, LLC Southwest
S-18-12 Center 205 West
S-19-12 208 Bladen Street South Central
S-20-12Sanctuary ParkNorthwest
S-21-12 Ramblewood Lantern
Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4 Revisions
S-22-12 East Jones & Heck Street Subdivision North Central
S-23-12 Sir Walter Estates Subdivision North
S-24-125401 North Phases 2-9Northeast
S-26-12 Shelley Road Lot 28 Block C Subdivision Midtown
S-28-12 Oakwood North East
S-29-12 Brighton Pointe Forestville
S-30-12 Fairfax Hills Park Subdivision North
S-31-12 Pleasant Grove Park Subdivision Northwest
S-33-12 Wimbledon North
S-34-12 Chamber Court Infill Subdivision Wade
S-35-12 West Millbrook Road Subdivision North


Case # Name CAC
University Village at 2505
GH-2-11 Water Garden Village Northwest
GH-4-11 Spring Forest Road Apartments Northeast
GH-5-11 The Retreat at Raleigh West
GH-6-11 The Greens at Centennial Campus Southwest
GH-7-11 The Village at Town Center Apartments Northeast

No cases at this time
MP-1-11 Dorothea Commons Central
MP-2-11 Brier Creek Town Center II Northwest
North Blount Street Block 2 Tract A
North Central
First Presbyterian Church
SP-6-11 Rex Hospital Plan Northwest
SP-14-11 600 St. Marys Hillsborough
SP-15-11 West Morgan Apartments Hillsborough
SP-21-11 McDonalds at Falls Pointe North
SP-23-11 425 N. Boylan Hillsborough
SP-24-11Abbott's Creek ElementaryNorth
SP-25-11Cameron Place CondominiumsHillsborough
SP-26-11 ACC Auto Sales Southwest
SP-29-11 First Assembly of God Northwest
SP-31-11 Cardinal Gibbons High School Expansion West
SP-34-11 Seaboard Market Place Mordecai
SP-35-11 Carolina Ale House - Glenwood South Hillsborough
SP-36-11 West Apartments North Central
SP-37-11 North Carolina Rate Bureau
SP-38-11 Poyner Place Retail Northeast
SP-40-11 Auto Zone - Louisburg Road Northeast
SP-43-11 Stanhope Center II Wade
SP-52-11 603 Glenwood Avenue Hillsborough
SP-54-11 St. Augustine's College Stadium & Parking North Central
SP-58-11 Subdivision Woodfield Blue Ridge Apartments
SP-64-11The GramercyHillsborough
SP-67-11 Edison Apartments Central
SP-68-11 Watts Chapel Baptist Church Parking West
SP-69-11 Glenwood Vintage I Five Points
SP-70-11 Glenwood Vintage II Five Points
SP-72-11 401 Oberlin Road Wade
SP-74-11 Macon Pond Parking Expansion Northwest
Saint Augustine's - George Williams Stadium
North Central
S-1-11Water Garden Subdivision / ClusterNorthwest
Markets at Rock Quarry Lot 1 Subdivision
S-3-11 Blount Street Lot 8 Block 3 North Central
S-5-11 The Retreat at Raleigh West
S-6-11Progress EnergyNortheast
S-8-11 York Family Properties Northeast
S-9-11 Charleston Oaks at North Ridge North
S-12-11 John & Nancy Proctor Six Forks
S-13-11 Grey's Landing North
S-14-11 Glenlake Gardens Revision Northwest
S-16-11 Crabtree Commons Northwest
S-17-11 The Village at Town Center Northeast
S-18-11 Subdivision Halifax Park Subdivision
S-19-11 Jacobs Subdivision Lots 1 & 2 East
S-20-11 Dell Webb Infrastructure Improvements Northwest
S-21-11 Ramblewood Lantern Midtown
S-22-11 Abbotts Creek Park
Elementary School Subdivision
S-24-11 Chestnut Hills Lot 21 & 22 Midtown


Case # Name CAC
GH-1-10 Oberlin Ridge Condominiums Lot 2
GH-2-10 Beachwood Apartments, Phase III Resubmittal Southeast
GH-3-10 The Jamison at Brier Creek Northwest
GH-4-10 University Suites at NCSU Southwest
GH-5-10 The Crest at Brier Creek Northwest
GH-6-10 Clairmont at Brier Creek Northwest
GH-7-10 Brier Creek III Apartments Northwest
Edwards Property
MP-1-10 5401 North Northeast
SP-15-10 Costal Federal Credit Union ATM Addition Northwest
SP-16-10 Golden Corral- Capital Boulevard Northeast
SP-17-10 University Towers- Amendment Wade
SP-21-10 Cheviot Assemblage Lots 6 & 7 Northeast
SP-24-10 Thales Academy- Fox Road Northeast
SP-25-10 Deepjava Central
SP-28-10 SECU- Salisbury Street Office Revision North Central
SP-31-10 Wake Medical Office Building East
SP-32-10 New Bern Crossing Hotel East
SP-34-10 Hollyridge Apartments Northwest
SP-35-10 Nationwide Mutual Parking Lot Expansion Northwest
SP-36-10 Lowe's Fuel Canopy Northwest
SP-43-10 The Lynden Centre Six Forks
SP-47-10 Oberlin Rd and Clark Av Hillsborough
SP-48-10 Raleigh Orthopaedic Northwest
SP-55-10 Wal-Mart Expansion - Townridge Shopping Center Northwest
SP-56-10 Hampton Inn Glenwood South Hillsborough
SP-60-10 Crabtree Place Northwest
SP-62-10 Bank of North Carolina Falls of Neuse
SU-2-10 Mosaic Wine ET Lounge Hillsborough
SU-3-10 Cross Link Road Telecommunication Tower Facility South
SU-4-10 Bu Ku Central
SU-5-10 Triangle Broadcast Associates Southwest
SU-6-10 Carolina Ale House- Brier Creek Northwest
SU-8-10 Busy Bee Cafe
Arbor Chase Phase III
S-2-10 Coastal Federal Credit Union Subdivision Northwest
S-3-10 Glen Lake South Subdivision Phase 3 (Townhome Revision) Northwest
S-4-10 Cherry Ridge Revision Southwest
S-5-10 Shops of New Hope Northeast
S-6-10 Regency at Brier Creek Lots 1 & 2 Northwest
S-8-10 Cobblestone Court Subdivision Glenwood
S-10-10 Inside Wade Townhomes West
S-11-10 University Towers Subdivision Wade
S-12-10 Belmont Hall Resubmittal Northeast
S-13-10 Thales Academy- Fox Road Northeast
S-14-10 Regency ay Brier Creek- Lots 1, 2, & 200 Northwest
S-16-10 Glenwood-Taylor Tract Northwest
S-18-10 Shopes at Battle Bridge- Lot 3 Subdivision Southeast
S-19-10 Potenza Subdivision North Central
S-20-10 The Weiser Companies Southwest
S-21-10 SDC Subdivision Falls of Neuse
S-23-10 Cherry Ridge Subdivision West
S-24-10 Hollyridge Subdivision Northwest
S-27-10 Rex Property (2nd Revision)
S-28-10 Subdivision - Walnut Terrace Redevelopment
S-29-10Centennial Park TownhomesSouthwest
S-30-10 Mt. Herman Road Subdivision Northwest
S-31-10 Seville at Brier Creek Northwest
S-33-10 McDonalds at Falls Pointe North
S-36-10 Cameron Village Block 1 and 2 Subdivision Hillsborough
S-37-10 Edwards Townhomes Lot 2 West
S-38-10 Edwards Townhomes Lot 3 West
S-39-10 Edwards Townhomes Lot 4 West


Case # Name CAC
GH-1-09 The Cyprus of Raleigh - Revision North
GH-3-09 Beachwood Apartments - Phase 2 Northeast
IR-1-09 Hosseini Property Lots 1 & 3 South Central
SP-2-09 NC Licensing Board General Contractors Northwest
SP-4-09 Burt Drive Apartments West
SP-5-09 The Park at Lake Boone Northwest
SP-12-09 Noir Bar and Lounge Hillsborough
SP-14-09 Leith Mercedes Benz Expansion Northeast
SP-15-09 NC Real Estate Commission - Addition Falls of Neuse
SP-16-09 North Raleigh Christian Academy Addition Northeast
SP-25-09 Wake Tech Health Sciences Building 2 and off-site Parking East
SP-32-09 State Employees Credit Union - Salisbury Street North Central
SP-33-09 Beth Meyer Synagogue North
SP-38-09 Robertson Hill Apartments East
SP-39-09 Market at Colonnade North
SP-43-09 Lot 5 Cheviot Assemblage Northeast
SP-44-09 Wingate Inn West
SP-48-09 Contemporary Art Museum Central
SP-48-09 Contemporary Art Museum- Revision Central
SP-52-09 527 Haywood Street South Central
SP-54-09 301 Hillsborough Street Parking Lot Central
SP-56-09 BB&T North Hills Falls of Neuse
SP-67-09 School of Communication Arts North
SP-68-09 Boylan Pearce Building Central
SP-71-09 The Salvation Army Type A Shelter East
SP-72-09 Churchill LLC Wade
SP-74-09_CC E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant Solar System North
SP-74-09_CR E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant Solar System North
SP-81-09_CC Harrington Street Substation Central
S-1-09 Corporate Center Plaza Phase 2 West
S-5-09 Unity Subdivision Northwest
S-7-09 Pine Knoll Townhomes lots 1 & 2 Northeast
S-8-09 2728 Capital Northeast
S-10-09 Rogers Farm North Revision Southeast
S-10-09R Rogers Farm North Revision 2 Southeast
S-11-09 Cartier Drive Subdivision Wade
S-12-09 Cranbrook Road Subdivision Six Forks
S-13-09 Lots 1 & 2 Winters Property Five Points
S-18-09_CC East Glendower Place Resubmittal Northwest
S-19-09 Kent Road Subdivision West
S-20-09R Wadford Road Properties Northeast
S-22-09 Schauder Subdivision West
S-26-09 Wakefield Park Lot 4 Northeast
S-31-09 East Glendower Place Lots 1-6 Northwest
S-32-09 Olde Tower Subdivision North
S-34-09_R Stonehenge Park Subdivision Northwest
S-36-09 Barwell Cedar Grove Subdivision Southeast
S-37-09 Lakeside Subdivision West
S-39-09 Ramblewood III Six Forks


Case # Name CAC
The Haywood (Revision)

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