A New Temporary Traffic Shift for Mitchell Mill Road

[Alert]News posted Feb. 28, 2018 - 6:00 am

Traffic is scheduled to shift to the outside lanes along Mitchell Mill Road between Louisburg Road/401 and Forestville Road on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

With the implementation of this temporary traffic shift, there will be no left-hand turns from side streets along the corridor, except for Singleleaf Lane.

Mandrel Way, Neuse Crossing Drive, Round Oak Road, Pinkham Way, and Langdale Drive are right in right out only with u-turns available at Singleleaf Lane and Caliber Woods Drive.

The new traffic pattern will allow the City’s contractor (Rifenburg Construction) to start the installation of the new medians along the corridor. Milling operations are scheduled to begin along the medians on Monday, March 5.

The barrels that delineate the medians along the corridor must stay in place. The barrels cannot be moved to allow left turns into and out of streets or businesses. Moving safety devices along the corridor put commuters and work crews at risk of injury.

Once the medians are completed left-hand turns will be allowed from Neuse Crossing Drive.

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