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The City of Raleigh's Transportation Department consolidates transportation and related infrastructure. From planning transportation projects, system operation, and infrastructure maintenance, the department works to to optimize service delivery and position the City for ongoing growth. Services provided by the department include transportation planning, traffic engineering, transportation field services, parking operations, GoRaleigh transit services, and highway maintenance.

Contact Information

Michael Moore, Director of Transportation


222 West Hargett Street, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27601

News and Events

  • GoRaleigh wants to hear from you! We want your input on the Wake Transit Plan. Visit here for the public meeting schedule.
  • New Wilmington Street Crosswalk Safety Enhancements!
  • Raleigh Department of Transportation Completes Second Pass of Seasonal Leaf Collection. Visit here for more information.
  • Office of Transportation Planning

    The primary goal of the City of Raleigh's Office of Transportation Planning is to create a seamless and efficient multimodal transportation system. The City's transportation plan provides an integrated, multimodal approach with a goal of providing universal accessibility for all residents, employers, and services. Transportation is more than the movement of goods and services - it is the movement of people with a variety of mode choices. It is important to us to ensure those choices and to lay the framework for a quality system that moves people safely, efficiently, and enjoyably throughout the City.

    Learn more about the Office of Transportation Planning

    Parking Management

    ParkLink Logo

    919-996-3996 | E-mail

    Parking Management responsibilities include:

    • The administration of the City off-street parking program under contract;
    • Supervision of the on-street parking program;
    • Responsible for processing requests for the placement and removal of parking signage;
    • Responsible for the maintenance and repair of City parking facilities; and,
    • Oversee the allocation of parking space Inventory in City parking facilities.
    Learn more about Parking Management

    Public Transportation

    A GoRaleigh Bus

    The Transit program administers the City of Raleigh's public transportation system:

    GoRaleigh has been publicly supported since 1975, when the City purchased the bus fleet from Raleigh City Coach Lines.

    Raleigh's citizens have had access to public transportation since Christmas Day in 1886, when the first transit trip on the City's brand new streetcar line was taken. Buses replaced the trolley lines in 1933.

    For more information, contact David Eatman

    GoRaleigh Access

    GoRaleigh Access Bus

    The City of Raleigh provides transportation services for people with disabilities. The GoRaleigh Access program helps ensure an outstanding quality of life for everyone in the City of Raleigh, and enables eligible persons to access public transportation.

    Hearing or Speech Impaired: If your hearing or speech is impaired and you use TTY (Teletypewriter Service), please call North Carolina Relay at 800-735-2962 and request a connection to GoRaleigh Access, 919-996-3459.

    Learn more about GoRaleigh Access

    Traffic Engineering

    Street sign repair

    919-996-4039 | Fax 919-996-7640 | email

    The purpose of the Traffic Engineering Program is to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic through the oversight of traffic signals, traffic signs and markings, and the elimination of vision obstructions.

    For more information, contact Jed Niffenegger or learn about Neighborhood Traffic Management, Streetlight Program or Safelight Program

    Learn more about Traffic Engineering

    Transportation Field Services

    A pothole repair in progress

    919-996-6446 | Fax 919-831-6760 | email
    The Transportation Field Services Division provides oversight, inspection, and maintenance for 2,350 lane miles of City and State highway and infrastructure systems.

    Learn more about Transportation Field Services

    Frequently Called Numbers

    Telephone Fax / Other
    GoRaleigh Access 919-996-3452 919-996-7640
    GoRaleigh Access Tickets 919-996-3200
    GoRaleigh (Bus Schedules & Information) 919-485-7433
    GoRaleigh (Business Office) 919-996-3900
    Drainage Complaints (Streets) 919-996-6446 Notify Via Email
    Drainage Complaints (Private Property) 919-996-3940 Notify Via Email
    Graffiti Hotline 919-996-6001 Notify Via Email
    NC Department of Motor Vehicles 919-715-7000
    NC Department of Transportation 919-733-2520
    ParkLink (Parking Violations) 919-996-3996
    Parking Deck Maintenance (S. Wilmington St) 919-865-0547 919-831-6188
    Potholes 919-996-6446 Notify Via Email
    Schedule a Infrastructure Engineering Inspection 919-996-6446
    Traffic Control Center 919-996-3020 919-996-7641
    Traffic Operations - Signal Shop 919-996-6020 919-831-6765
    Traffic Operations - Signs / Markings Shop 919-996-6608 919-831-6765
    Transit 919-996-3040 919-996-7640
    Transportation Operations919-996-3030
    Trees (Traffic Hazard) 919-996-6608

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