Code Compliance Seminars

Last updated Jul. 11, 2016 - 1:08 pm

As part of our efforts for better code enforcement through education, the Office of the Fire Marshal is pleased to invite you to our free Code Compliance Seminars. The seminar will be held on a regular basis and locations will vary throughout the city. As we move though the year, we will explore code issues in a variety of occupancies. Be sure to check the calendar to find out what occupancy will be next.

This seminar will be comprised of several components. You will receive training in how to prepare for a fire inspection, be apprised of common code violations, and receive training that you can take back to your centers to train your staff as required by Chapter 4 of the North Carolina Fire Code. We also plan to provide for a question and answer session so that you can be ready when a Deputy Fire Marshal schedules your inspection. These seminars will provide you with proven code compliance information to pass the inspection the first time.

In addition to our education efforts with code compliance, the Raleigh Fire Department will also be developing community based educational events. Our community based educational events will be held in locations around the city to make it easy for you to get the safety information you need. These events will provide the community with proven fire safety information in an atmosphere that should be fun for all. Again, be sure to check the calendar for an event near you.

Dates of Seminars are listed below please select the Date(s) you would like to register on.

June 15th -Code Compliance for Apartments workshop at Keeter Training Center

August 17th - Code Compliance for Highrises workshop -9am-noon at Keeter Training Center, Downstairs Classroom

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