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Instructions and Information on Parking Meters

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In 2010 the City expanded metered parking throughout the Core Business District, Glenwood South and Hillsborough Street near NC State to promote much needed turnover of spaces for customers and visitors. Metered parking is in effect from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday except for City-observed holidays. Parking is enforced with the use of handheld computers that communicate with the pay stations which enable Field Agents to know when the purchased time for a space has expired.

The pay stations are powered by “green cell” batteries that are compliant with environmental safety standards and are classified by the U.S. government as non-hazardous for disposal.

Follow the steps below on how to properly procede when using metered parking.

Also watch a video describing the process or download instructions

Metered Parking Time Limits

Parking Meter Sign

Metered parking areas are identified by distinctive blue-colored signs posted along each block which indicate the maximum time limits.

Metered zones are comprised of 15-min, 30-min, 1-hour and 2-hour time limits.
The shorter time limits are provided for quick turnover for such businesses as banks, post offices, etc.

Remember the Space Number Where Parked

Numbered Parking Space

Once parked, you only need to remember the number of the space you are in. The numbers are clearly marked in the center of each space to avoid any confusion about the space number you are in.

Pay at More Than One Machine

Parking Zone Color

It is recommended that you pay at the nearest pay station to avoid getting an “expired meter” citation but for convenience you can also pay at any other machine in the same color zone.  
The zone color is identified by a decal along the top of each machine as well as at the bottom of the “Pay to Park” sign next to it.  You will usually find two pay stations on each side of the street in each block.  The rate for parking is $1 per hour.


Using the Keypad

Parking Meter Keypad

Using the key pad, begin by entering your 3-digit space number. The display will indicate if the time is expired or if there is any remaining time that you can add to. You can pay for as little or as much time as you need, up to the maximum allowed. Pay stations accept all U.S. coins except pennies. As you deposit your coins you will see the purchase time increase in increments on the display. Continue depositing coins until your desired time has been reached. You will be unable to purchase more time than the time zone allows.


Visa and MasterCard Accepted

Using a credit card to pay a parking meter

Credit card transactions (Visa and MasterCard only) are also accepted. After entering your space number, insert your credit card with the mag stripe face down and to the right. Do not pull the card out until prompted to do so by the display. This has been found to be one of the most common reasons when customers complain the machines are not working properly.

Remember, you must follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the next prompt to ensure that your credit card transaction has been completed and processed. If your transaction is successful, the screen will say "APPROVED".


Instructions for Handicapped Parking

Handicap Permit

As a convenience to our customers with a disability, the pay stations have been programmed to enable those with valid handicapped placards or license plates to purchase as much time as they may need over the designated time limit in one payment to avoid making return visits.

View Instruction Sheet

Receipts by Request Only

Pay stations do not issue receipts. If you need a receipt you may call the ParkLink office at 919-996-3996, which number is also displayed on the front of each machine, and provide the last four digits of your credit card number along with the space number parked. Purchases can be verified through real-time transaction logs and a receipt will be issued to you when you attend the office.

Early Morning Appointments (before 8:00 AM)

If you arrive for an early morning appointment the meters will allow you to pay in advance for the time you think you will need. The meters will not begin counting down time until 8 AM. If you think there is any danger of exceeding the time limit it is recommended that you park in a deck where there is no limit. Please be advised that repeat metering is not permitted.

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