Sidewalk Petition Program

Last updated Dec. 21, 2018 - 10:00 am

The Sidewalk Petition Program provides citizens an opportunity to initiate sidewalk construction to complete portions of the sidewalk network that have not been identified by the Pedestrian Program. It is primarily intended for streets in residential neighborhoods. Sidewalks along non-residential streets will be considered on a case by case basis. In most cases there are no costs for residential property owners.

Eligibility for Petition Program

In order for a street to be considered for the Sidewalk Petition Program it must meet the following criteria:

  • Be publicly maintained;
  • Be completely inside of the city limits;
  • Not eligible for the Pedestrian Program's sidewalk prioritization; and,
  • Have curb and gutter*.

* Streets without curb and gutter will be petitioned through the Street Improvement Petition Program.

Petition Process

To initiate a sidewalk petition, contact a member of the petition staff or use the Online Petition Request Form. Staff will review your request and discuss your options with you.

If a petition is warranted, staff will mail a letter, indicating that a sidewalk has been requested, to the abutting property owners on both sides of the street. The letter will include recommendations for placement and construction and a form that property owners will be requested to complete and return to the City. For the convenience of property owners there is also instructions for an online voting option.

A sidewalk will be considered for construction if 50 percent plus one of the ballots returned from the abutting property owners indicating that they are in favor of a sidewalk.

After the petition deadline has passed, staff will review the returned petition forms to determine if enough signatures were received. Property owners will be notified of the results. Successful petitions will be forwarded to the City Council for public hearing and authorization to construct.

Ranking and Project Authorization

If a petition is successful, staff will use the Sidewalk Petition Prioritization Ranking Criteria to rank it against other successful petitions. Periodically, depending on available funding, a list of the highest ranking sidewalk petition projects will be submitted to the City Council for construction authorization.

Construction Timeline

Once a sidewalk project has been authorized, the engineering staff will begin the design process.

Property owners will be invited to a public design meeting at which time they will be given the opportunity to provide input on the sidewalk's design.

Property owners will be notified prior to the start of construction.

After the project is complete, property owners will be sent a punch list letter so they may notify the city of any construction-related issues along their property.

How to Request Street or Sidewalk Improvements

Raleigh citizens may petition the City to install new sidewalks along residential streets that are located inside of the City limits.

Current Sidewalk Petitions

Project LocationStatusExpires
2018-18Valley Drive
From Rangecrest Road to Lynn Road
Feb. 4, 2019

Reynolds Road
From Lambeth Drive to Camelot Drive

Feb. 4, 2019

Lynwood Lane
From Reynolds Road to Lambeth Drive

Feb. 4, 2019

Latimer Road and Drexel Drive
From Compton Road to E. Rowan Street

Feb. 4, 2019

Lambeth Drive
From Latimer Road to Dartmouth Road

Feb. 4, 2019

Inglewood Lane
From Manchester Drive to Yadkin Drive

Jan. 31, 2019

Thorn Ridge Road
From Ray Road to Old Hundred Road

Unsuccessful 33 percent

Stewarts Glen Circle
From Stoney Run Drive to beginning of cul-de-sac on Stewarts Glen Circle

Unsuccessful 33 percent

Whittier Drive
From Killington Drive to Optimist Pool Entrance

Successful 70 percent
2018-09St Ledger Drive
From Ray Road to Mill Ridge Road

18 percent

2018-08River Birch Drive
From Lynn Road to St Ledger Drive

32 percent

2018-07Featherstone Drive
From Six Forks Road to Mourning Dove Road
59 percent


Fiesta Way
from Falls of Neuse Road to the existing sidewalk at 7417 Fiesta Way

63 percent

2018-05Three Bridges Circle
From River Birch Drive to River Birch Drive
41 percent

2018-04Sweetbriar Drive
From East Millbrook Road to Pinecroft Drive
36 percent

2018-03Pinecroft Drive
From Lakemont Drive to Latimer Road
23 percent


Valley Drive
From Sawmill Road to Rangecrest Road

59 percent

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