Millbrook Exchange Park Stream Restoration

Last updated May 01, 2018 - 2:48 pm
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  • Stream Restoration
  • $300,000
  • North
  • Stormwater Management (Lead)
  • NCSU Stream Restoration Program
  • Clean Water Management Trust Fund

Current Activity

Posted Tuesday, May 1

This stream restoration project has been designed and environmental permit applications have been submitted to prepare for construction. The stream is being monitored by North Carolina State University's Stream Restoration Program during storm events for stormwater flow rate as well as sediment and pollutant concentrations. Studying the stream at this time will support and determine the project's effectiveness.


The purpose of this project is to restore a stream near Perry Creek to improve its function, and provide a better habitat for the aquatic life and plants located in the stream. The restoration will use a low-cost and unique design that includes fitting 11 small dams in the stream that will fill in with sediment (i.e. silt, sand, and gravel) over time and raise the stream bed. This restoration technique will reduce the amount of sediment downstream, transform the energy and flow of the stream, and prevent any further erosion to the stream bank.

The restoration is being designed and studied through North Carolina State University's Stream Restoration Program to evaluate the benefits of this low-cost method. After the small dams are built and the first major rain storms occur, North Carolina State University will determine if the design needs to be adjusted before completing construction.

The project is being supported through grant funding provided by the Clean Water Management Trust Fund.


  • Stream in Millbrook Exchange Park (Before Construction)
  • Stream in Millbrook Exchange Park (Before Construction)


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Spring 2018Project design and permitting/bid process complete
Summer 2018 Project construction begins
Fall 2018 Project construction complete (Monitoring will continue through 2020)


This unnamed stream flows to Perry Creek and passes through Millbrook Exchange Park. It receives stormwater runoff from a 167-acre largely developed drainage area.  As a result of erosion caused by stormwater runoff coming from the surrounding area, this stream’s bed has dropped several feet below its natural level, and the stream channel now is between 5-12 feet with vertical banks. This means the stream is lacking many key functions that preserve it and protect wildlife in the area. With the design, the stream bed will go from 12 feet deep to 3 feet deep (in some places along the stream). 

This stream is also unique because it only fills up with water during rainy seasons or heavy rain storms. For this reason, it may take several years for the stream bed to be completely repaired. 

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