Stormwater Volunteering

Last updated Jan. 29, 2019 - 10:48 am

In 2018, City of Raleigh stormwater volunteers collected 20,300 pounds of trash from Raleigh's waterways. These efforts play a significant role in reducing water pollution to streams, lakes, and rivers in North Carolina.

You can help too! There are many opportunities to become a volunteer with the Stormwater Management Division, including Adopt-a-Stream and Foster-a-Stream programs; the Storm Drain Marking Program; and the Stream Monitoring Program. 

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Volunteers can now sign up online for the Stream Monitoring Program, Adopt-a-Stream Program, and Storm Drain Marking Program.

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Volunteers with trash bags

The Stormwater Management Division's Adopt-a-Stream Program allows volunteer groups to protect a stream in Raleigh by adopting it and keeping it clean! Stream clean up materials are provided.

Learn more about Adopt-a-Stream


group shot after cleaning up stream

The Foster-a-Stream program gives residents a chance to "drop-in" and help clean up Raleigh's streams. The Stormwater Management Division welcomes participation when residents are available. Stream clean up materials are provided. 

Learn more about Foster-a-Stream

Storm Drain Marking Program

Kids marking storm drains with label

Did you know that the catch basins and storm drains that run along Raleigh's curbs and gutters collect rainwater? It is important that only rain goes into these catch basins and storm drains to keep waterways clean. Help educate the community about stormwater management by participating in the Storm Drain Marking Program! Program materials are provided.

Learn more about Storm Drain Marking Program

Stream Monitoring Program

Stream Monitoring Workshop

Get "behind the scenes" to see what's really in Raleigh's streams and lakes. This program allows residents to test the water quality of neighborhood creeks and report results to Stormwater staff in order to track the health of Raleigh's waterways. Training workshops are available for new volunteers.

Learn more about Stream Monitoring Program

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