Traffic Engineering

Last updated Apr. 18, 2019 - 2:59 pm

The purpose of the Traffic Engineering Program is to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic through the oversight of traffic signals, traffic signs and markings, and the elimination of vision obstructions.

Traffic Engineering

The division utilizes four support sections and administers several supplemental programs including:

  • Vehicle accident analysis;
  • Intersection inventory;
  • Vision obstruction program; and,
  • School/pedestrian crossing inventory.

The Traffic Signals Section is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic signals within the City of Raleigh corporate limits. It also is responsible for oversight and operation of the city's Computerized Traffic Signals System which controls 500 traffic signals throughout Raleigh.

The Traffic Services Section is responsible for the installation of traffic control signs and pavement markings within the City of Raleigh corporate limits. In addition, the section installs and maintains street name signs at public and public/private street intersections. In addition, the section collects automated traffic count and speed information for use by city staff.

For more information, email Traffic Engineering or learn about Neighborhood Traffic Management, Streetlight Program or Safelight Program

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