Recycling in Raleigh

Curbside, Textile Recycling and more!

Last updated Jan. 17, 2018 - 2:55 pm

Raleigh recycling options are expanding! Beginning Feb. 20, Simple Recycling will provide a new, easy, and free curbside collection service.

Raleigh single-family residential solid waste customers will be able to conveniently recycle unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories by using the bright orange bags provided by Simple Recycling. The bags will be picked up on the same day the City collects your other recycling. Estimates are that only 15 percent of textiles are recycled, sending 85 percent of textiles as waste to landfills.

The City of Raleigh encourages those who donate items to charity to continue doing so. The purpose of this pilot program is to provide a convenient curbside option for recycling textiles and household items.

Multi-Family Recycling (Apartments/Condos)

* 96 Gallon Rolling Cart  And Igloo Style Recycling Containers

The City of Raleigh makes it easy for residents living in apartments, condominiums and townhouses to participate in the Raleigh Recycling program by providing collection centers in convenient locations in multi-family communities. Depending on availability, communities will receive either "igloo*" style recycling containers that measure 54-inches-deep by 71-inches-wide by 48-inches-high or 96 gallon rolling carts. Additionally, complex managers will receive educational materials that can be shared with their residents. Best of all - there are no additional fees for the service!

While we love hearing from residents, we must speak directly with the complex manager about their interest in joining Raleigh's recycling program. If no recycling facilities exist at your apartment community, speak with your complex manager and ask them to contact us. Communities must be within the city limits of Raleigh.

To join the program, complex managers should email the following information to our Education Specialist:

  • Complex Name
  • Address
  • Property Manager/HOA President Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Number of Units in Complex
  • How is Garbage Collected? dumpster/compactor or carts
  • Preference for Recycling Container? Igloo or Carts

We can't guarantee you will get your recycling container preference. One igloo typically serves 25 units, while one cart serves 10 units. Service is provided weekly. We will be happy to explain how easily multi-family residents can recycle right in their own complex.

Please note that multi-family communities are responsible for providing their own collection and recycling of corrugated cardboard. This can be accomplished using a private hauler with an onsite cardboard dumpster or maintenance staff may collected it and take it to one of the City's Recycling Drop Off Centers at no charge.

Recycling Block Leaders

We always need more help in encouraging participation in our recycling programs, bringing awareness to the importance of waste reduction, teaching others how to compost at home and staffing tables at festivals and events.

Our Raleigh Recycling Block Leader group is a loose group allowing you to decide your level of time commitment. Once you sign up and join the Recycling Block Leader email distribution list you can to do as little as forward emails to your neighbors and friends, on up to making your neighborhood your own "project" and distributing information and containers we provide.

Interested? Contact our Environmental Coordinator.

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