Bus Stop Removal Program

News posted May 05, 2015 - 6:00 am | updated Jul 21, 2016
Bus Stop Removal Sign Example

GoRaleigh (formerly Capital Area Transit) began a stop removal program in October 2014. The purpose of the program is to help make the existing transit system more efficient, better for customers, and more sustainable. In addition to looking at how the system can grow over time, we want to focus on improving the customer experience and improving on time performance of our routes. GoRaleigh will add, remove, or relocate bus stops, as necessary, to make service more efficient and provide consistent spacing of bus stops. As part of the plan, The Raleigh Transit Authority began to evaluate the GoRaleigh stops in the entire system in October 2014. The Raleigh Transit Authority reviews all plans, makes suggestions for changes or additions, and approves all plans prior to any signs being posted on stops for removal.

Stops being recommended for removal will have a sign posted for a minimum of two weeks with contact information for transit staff and the next closest stop location. Our customers may then provide feedback and receive additional information on the process used to make the system more efficient. If a citizen has a special need or request, it will be taken into consideration prior to the stop being removed. If needed, the stop may be retained based on citizen input.

The stop removal program will help keep buses on time, while saving fuel and maintenance expenses. The Raleigh Transit Authority will survey each route and determine adequate placing of each stop. Reviews have been completed of the following routes:

  • 1 Capital
  • 2 Falls of Neuse
  • 3 Glascock
  • 4 Rex Hospital
  • 5 Biltmore Hills
  • 7L Carolina Pines
  • 8 Six Forks
  • 10 Longview
  • 11 Avent Ferry
  • 12 Method
  • 13 Chavis Heights
  • 15 Wake Med
  • 15L Trawick
  • 22 State Street
  • 24L N Crosstown
  • 25L Triangle Town Center

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