Raleigh’s New Transportation Director Returns to N.C. Roots

News posted Feb. 09, 2018 - 12:55 pm

The City of Raleigh has selected the next director of its Department of Transportation. Michael Moore will begin his new duties effective March 19. He has served as the Transportation director for the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, since 2009. He has also served the City of Cincinnati in other leadership roles and capacities since 1994.

Mr. Moore brings a unique skill set to his new position with the City of Raleigh. In addition to his experience in transportation, he is a licensed architect.

“I am thrilled that the City has been able to attract a new leader with such a successful career and who already has demonstrated a great commitment to our community and organization,” City Manager Ruffin Hall said. “Michael’s unique experience as an architect will continue to reinforce a people-centered, multi-modal perspective in our Transportation Department.”

Mr. Moore is a graduate of the School of Design at North Carolina State University and is originally from Elon, N.C. He has family in the Raleigh area, visits frequently, and has watched the city’s growth and development. He has experience in planning capital projects, such as introducing Cincinnati’s streetcar system and overseeing its coordination with other City departments, the state of Ohio and private developers. This experience positions Mr. Moore well for some of the immediate challenges that Raleigh faces.

“While I have been lucky to have the leadership opportunities that I have enjoyed in Cincinnati, North Carolina has always been home,” Mr. Moore said. “I am excited about the opportunity to bring my experience to the challenges and opportunities in Raleigh”

Mr. Moore’s salary with the City of Raleigh will be $147,000.

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